General Hospital Friday July 25th, 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Friday 7/25/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

At GH, Amy teases Bobbie about being dressed up for her meeting with Tony. She thinks Tony's dumping Carly. Alan tells them he's glad to be going home for the day and gives Amy strict orders not to bother him unless it's an emergency. He runs into Ned, Monica, and Emily who are there to see Jason. Alan jokes around with them, especially Emily. He suggests to her that they go out together to have fun. Ned and Monica look worried. They both suggest going with them. Alan tells them bluntly that they're "not invited". Emily goes to leave Jason a note. Alan warns Ned and Monica to keep their mouths shut. They object anyway, claiming that they are just trying to protect Emily. Alan blasts them for "keeping secrets" and says he's not going to make the same mistakes he did with Jason and AJ with Emily. They back off. Alan and Emily leave. Monica once again tells Ned that she thinks Alan knows something.

AJ tells Jason that Keesha got drunk and how annoyed he is at Carly for saying something she shouldn't have. Robin comes in to tell Jason that his family wants to see him. He looks for a way out. She asks him if he'll just vanish when he hears from Sonny, or will he let her know? Jason expresses his anger about everyone bothering him at the hospital. She says she's "just scared". He assures her he won't disappear. Mac comes in and Jason asks if he "found Sonny". Mac tells them about Jax flying down to Florida. Jason worries that Jax will mess things up for Sonny. Monica brings Jason Emily's note. Robin and Mac leave to get food. Jason is not in a good mood. He reads Emily's note, with Monica's help (with the handwriting). They discuss Emily's mental health. Later, Jason tries to phone Sonny again but still gets no answer. Jason question Monica about why Emily is always lying (he can tell). He lets her know that Emily is ready to spill the beans to someone. He gets a phone call so she leaves. She tells Ned about what he said. They decide to go search for Alan and Emily before it's too late. Meanwhile, Jason tells someone on the phone to go get Jax out of Sonny's hair. He tells the person he'll see them later, but, "I'll come to you". The doctor tells Jason that he can leave the hospital soon but then he'll need to rest at home. Jason looks very annoyed. Robin suggests that she can help take care of Jason at Jake's. He gets dressed. He tells her that he has to go because Jax is being followed by the cops. She gets angry and says, "I can't do this anymore".

Alan and Emily have lunch at the Outback and joke around. He puts on his bear routine. At the mention of Monica's name, Emily looks glum. Alan questions her about problems they might be having. He urges her to open up to him. She blurts out, "Don't let them take her!" He questions her some more. In tears, she says, "She killed Dr. Dorman". Monica and Ned walk in right then.

Carly and Tony hang out at the apartment. He plans to tell Bobbie about the baby. Carly gets dressed up. She wonders how Bobbie will react to the news. She invites herself along to the meeting with Bobbie, but Tony says he should tell Bobbie by himself. She looks hurt; he explains why she can't go. They part warmly but she's stil upset. She decides to go after all and follow him, but she gets stopped at the door by AJ, who barges in. She acts defensive. He keeps at her about what she said to Keesha. She yells at him and then leaves.

Tony meets Bobbie at the Outback. They chat about Lucas and other family members. Carly sneaks in and see them. She feels sick so she runs to the ladie's room to throw up. Tony tells Bobbie he wants to ask something. He asks if she can be happy for him about things. She says she is happy that he has someone but not that it's Carly. The waitress asks Bobbie to go to the ladies' room to help the sick woman there. Just then, AJ walks in. Tony says hi to him and explains what's going on. Meanwhile, Bobbie asks the woman in the stall if she's okay. Carly, not looking, walks out saying, "Yeah, just pregnant".

Brenda asks the motel clerk to recommend a bar in town. He mentions one. Sonny tells Brenda that there are 35 bars that have similar names to the one they're looking for. They don't see the little origami animal on the floor. Brenda starts to doubt what they're doing there. They discuss their alternatives, which look bleak. Sonny finds the origami so they know that the Tin Man knows they're there. Sonny figures out the animal theme...Zebra bar, Tiger Key, origami animals...she looks up the Zoo Bar in the yellow pages so they run out.

Meanwhile, the Tin Man visits a bar that has a bartender named Ricky. He shows Ricky the newspaper with pictures of Sonny and Brenda and tells him to keep an eye out for them. Tin Man phones the man listening to opera and tells him that he's getting company soon. Later, Sonny and Brenda show up at the Zoo Bar where Ricky works. They order some beers. The Tin Man brings them the beer and welcomes them to The Zoo.