General Hospital Update Thursday 7/24/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Jax rests while V. admires the stars and keeps the signal fire going. He gets up and notices she's drawing something in the sand. It's a picture of them on the beach. He admires her talent. She thinks he's teasing her but he's serious. They talk about how she used to draw as a kid, but she's never had any training. He encourages her to "do something with" her talent. They lie next to each other on the sleeping bags and chat. They admire the stars together and joke around. She remembers how he saw the shooting star the night they met. They grow closer. She falls asleep so he covers her with a blanket.

Audrey tries to feed Sarah because she's so happy she's there. They joke around. Sarah tells her she's going to the barbecue and Audrey suggests she take Emily but Sarah would rather go with Nickolas (although she doesn't tell Audrey who she's thinking about). She has a flashback to her last meeting with him. Lucky visits. He tells Sarah and Audrey about visiting his family in Switzerland. Audrey excuses herself none-too-subtly so they can be alone. They chat about work. They talk about the barbecue and she reveals she's never been to the docks. He invites her to go as his date. He is very nervous.

Katherine comes home from work and Nickolas quizzes her about her day. He knows she had an argument with Stefan by the expression on her face. Nickolas is concerned that he's bringing her unhappiness so he goes to leave. She talks him out of it. She wants to know why he's not going to the barbecue. He wants to avoid Stefan. She asks him if he's ever been to one but he admits he hasn't. She suggests he go anyway and take a date. Nickolas visits Sarah. He fumbles around nervously but finally asks her to the barbecue. She tells him she's going with "somebody else" but he finds out it's Lucky because of something Audrey says. He leaves abruptly. She looks sad.

Tony chats with Bobbie at GH. He tells her he has a shoulder to lean on if she wants to talk about her marriage breaking up. She doesn't think it's appropriate. He wants to tell her something important but Amy interrupts with a medical question. Bobbie confers with him. Tony has to do something so he tells Bobbie he'll see her later. Later, they chat some more. He asks her to dinner for the next night. She asks if she'll like the news or not. He says "Lucas is gonna love it" so she smiles and looks very happy.

AJ visits Carly. He's very angry and demands to know why she's been lying. She looks worried but he wants to know why she told Keesha he's still in love with her. She keeps denying it and he keeps accusing her of lying. She admits that she thought they "belonged together" but he still doesn't think that's all there is to it. He wonders why he's working so hard to get him and Keesha back together. She tells him that it's because the night they got drunk together; she didn't tell him everything. After that little bit of the truth, she lies that he cried about how much he still loved Keesha that night. He gets embarrassed and finally believes her. She goes on about how he babbled to her about a lot of other embarrassing stuff so he feels really bad about accusing her of lying. He thanks her and before leaving, tells her he thinks he'll remember more of that night "in time". She frets.

Tony comes home and Carly tells her a little bit about her night with Keesha. She wonders if someone else might be better for AJ because "he needs somebody" who can understand him. He tells her he wants to tell people about the baby now. She's overjoyed. He takes out the stethoscope that he brought home so they can listen to the baby. Meanwhile, AJ has a dream about having sex with Carly and wakes up, alarmed.

Lucky goes to GH and chats with Bobbie and Amy, bringing them presents from his family. They don't believe his excuses for wanting to be back in Port Charles, knowing there's a girl. Amy tells Bobbie she thinks she and Tony are reuniting. Amy asks Bobbie if she'd take him back if he dumps "that trash".