General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/23/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Stefan tells Alexis that Nickolas is staying with Katherine. She presses him for details so he gives them, reluctantly. Naturally Alexis puts down Katherine.

Katherine and Robin chat about her fight with Stefan. Kath is frightened by what she saw in him. Robin is sympathetic. She talks about her own problems with Jason. They hug. Kath notices that Robin got accepted from The Sorbonne. Robin says she's not going this year because of Jason. Kath tells her to think about it. Robin says Jason won't leave the country to spend any time with her if he thinks Sonny needs him.

Monica and Ned visit Jason, who wakes up. He recalls her saying that she blamed herself for him being there and wonders what she meant. Monica covers, with help from Ned. Jason tells them about when Emily freaked out when he fell. AJ comes in to visit so they leave. Jason notes that Monica seems relieved to go. AJ brings Jason a cycle magazine, then tells Jason how he doesn't have many friends left besides him and Carly. AJ says he hasn't been a great brother but he'd like to be a good friend, and Jason agrees to let him.

Monica and Ned discuss what Jason said. She's worried what Jason might know or suspect. Ned thinks she's panicking. Robin comes up for a visit to Jason. He is glad to see her. She relates what she did all day. She lies and doesn't tell him about the letter from the Sorbonne. She notices that he's behaving as a better patient now; he says he's doing it for her. Mike comes for a visit so Robin goes to get Jason some food. Jason asks if he's "heard from Sonny" but he hasn't. They discuss what might have happened to Sonny. Jason asks Mike to tell him if he hears from them. Robin overhears Jason say he'll be out of there pronto if he has to go to Sonny.

Ned and Alexis run into each other and recap what a great time they had the previous night. They flirt some more. Stefan walks by and Ned says, "Am I wrong, or is your cousin glowering even more than usual?" Katherines walks in, too. She wants to talk about business but he acts rudely towards her. She snaps back at him. Ned notices their argument and tells Alexis he'll call her later. Katherine tells Stefan she did nothing wrong where Nickolas is concerned but wonders if she misjudged HIM. Alexis offers her support but Stefan bites her head off. She phones someone and asks for some records she's waiting for. She makes sure they'll be delivered to her alone, no one else, not even Stefan.

The cop who stops for Sonny and Brenda wonders what no-good they might up to. Brenda claims they were dumped on the side of the road by some people they thought were friends. The cop is suspicious. Brenda babbles on with help from Sonny and eventually he believes them. He asks for their ID. Brenda and Sonny wait nervously while he calls in their fake ID's. Sonny gets ready to clobber the cop in case anything goes wrong. He picks up a very large rock. The cop tells them "something didn't check out" but he offers them a ride to the next town: Tiger Key. When they get there, Sonny and Brenda check into a seedy motel. They plan to check out their clues tomorrow around town. As they go to their room, they don't see the silver origami animal on the floor.

Carly gets a call from Tony, who's out of town. She tells him that Keesha is coming over for a visit. She wants to tell Keesha about the baby but he reminds her he promised not to tell anyone until he tells Bobbie. She gets juice out and pours it into a glass to pretend it's wine so she won't have to explain to Keesha why she's not drinking. Keesha gets a little tipsy. Carly looks for something to eat but pretends not to have any. Keesha asks Carly about her and Tony. Carly lists what they have in common. Keesha gets up to go but realizes she's too drunk to drive. Keesha asks her to give her a ride home but Carly has to admit she can't drive yet. Carly goes to call a cab but pretends they're too busy and it will take an hour. Carly knocks on AJ's door and asks him to help. He doesn't believe that Keesha is drunk and he's suspicious of Carly's motives. Carly allays his suspicions so he agrees to help. They walk in and Keesha is dancing rather uninhibitedly. She greets AJ heartily. Carly asks AJ to take Keesha home so he does. Later, Keesha feels embarrassed about getting tipsy. AJ doesn't mind. Keesha tells AJ that Carly told her that he was still in love with her.