General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/22/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Jason awakens in a new room. Robin chides him for trying to escape. He tries to tell her it's no big deal that he got shot, that the pain of missing her was much worse. They kiss. She asks him to promise that he'll "always be careful", so he does. He wants to give Robin the flowers Lila brought him since he doesn't want them. He says Lila gave him the silver vase but jokes that Edward will think he stole it. He tells her about the time he called the cops on him when he left by himself and how he drove the motorcycle into the house. Robin says, "No wonder they're afraid of you". She wonders why he never told her about it before. He says that if he hadn't left his family they might have had him locked up somewhere. She doesn't agree and tells him they're just trying to protect him, like they are doing keeping in the hospital so he can get well. He says he'll "stay as long as" he can. Joseph phones him and Robin watches while Jason tells him what to do. They are both disappointed that it wasn't Sonny who called. He has some pain from pulling his stitches a bit.

Sonny and Brenda wake up in their furniture truck. He hasn't slept much. They talk about who might have done this to them. He says it could be lots of people in his business. She goes back to sleep in his arms and has a nightmare about when she was almost shot in the shower. She wakes up with a scream and Sonny asks her if she's okay. Sonny worries about her. The truck stops and she worries that they heard her scream. They hide and the truckers open the door. One trucker says it might start raining and they better unload. Sonny and Brenda sneak out the open door. They decide to hitchhike the rest of the way. A car stops but it's a police car.

Jax is stranded on the island with V. She has tried to fix the plane but no luck. They bicker a lot. They share what little water they have. She's still bugged that he wanted to leave her there. He apologizes but then blames her for them being stranded. She starts to panic and spills the last of their water. Laughing, he reveals there is a spring so they have water. In the course of their argument, she admits that she doesn't think he's "a drug smuggler". She does think that his brother Jerry is "a terrorist", however. Rather than working on their situation, they continue to argue. He tells her he plans to build a fire to signal a passing ship. She storms off to get water for them but she leaves the jug behind. When Jax says he caught a fish, she doesn't believe he caught it and accuses him of finding a dead, spoiled fish. He gets angry and they argue more. She dumps water on him, then goes to get more. He laughs despite himself. He builds a shelter from the sun for them. Night falls and they seem to be getting along better. Then she accidentally knocks down the shelter Jax built.

Nickolas and Sarah meet at work. She's glad to see him. He tells her he's "staying with a friend" for now. Later, they talk about Lulu some more. She tells him about the dog she had when she was her age. He tells her she's "beautiful" and she blushes. Later, Nickolas decides that maybe she should get Lesley Lu a doll. Sarah says she can go look every night but next Friday because that's the "Volunteer barbecue". He reveals he's never been to one so he says he shouldn't go now. He leaves and she looks disappointed.

Alan visits Mac and sees where Jason got shot (the window has been fixed, though). Mac tells him what happened. Alan looks distraught. Mac is glad that Robin didn't get hurt. He knows that Jason stood there to get shot so that she wouldn't get it. He praises Jason's instincts. Alan doesn't understand why Jason keeps working for Sonny, then. He tells Mac that Jason tried to leave GH to help Sonny. He's disgusted. Alan pleads with Mac not to tell Jason if he finds Sonny so that Jason has time to get better. Mac promises but thinks Jason will find out anyway. Alan gets a phone call from his secretary. He finds out that Jason phoned and hopes that means he can convince Jason of some of these things. Alan visits. Jason asks Robin to take a walk so he can chat with Alan. He tells Jason that the silver vase belonged to his great-grandmother. Alan says he came because Jason wanted to see him but Jason says no, he didn't. Alan's face falls. Jason says he just wanted to ask him about Robin's health. Alan tells him Robin's progressing well. Alan tells him, "You can't keep taking these terrible risks with a life that is so precious to so many people" and continues to nag him. Jason tells him to leave when he brings up Sonny. Alan keeps nagging him about his risky lifestyle until Jason yells at him to shutup. He tells him he's nothing to him. "You may be my father but I'm not your son". Alan says he accepts that but asks him to take care of himself for the next few days, for Emily's sake. Outside, Alan takes some more pills. Jason tries to phone Sonny again.

Robin chats with Mac at home about Jason. She defends Jason's choices and tells Mac how much she loves Jason and why, but she admits she is worried that Jason might die. Mac consoles her then has to leave. He has to go cover for Jax with the judge (since he skipped bail to go look for Brenda). Robin finds a letter for her and opens it.