General Hospital Update Monday 7/21/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Jax and Ardnowsky argue about whether he will land or not. He dares her to use her gun. They chat. He tells her they'll be landing but all she sees is water. She buckles up in a hurry. They land on an atoll in a lagoon. He says he'll get her all comfy there with a tent and provisions so he can take off. She laughs, thinking he's joking, but then she realizes he's not. Jax asks V what her initial stands for but she won't say. She's scared about staying there. She offers to help him in his search but he doesn't want her help. It starts raining so he goes to set the tent up. He tells her to get in the tent but then lightening strikes the plane.

Outside Jason's room, Monica tells Ned that she thinks it's a bad idea for Emily to hang around the hospital because her memories of that night might return. She tells him what happened when the orderly came up to say hi.

Emily freaks out at the sight of Jason's blood. Robin comes in and sees him on the floor so she helps him back to his bed with Emily's assist, despite his protestations. Robin runs out to get Amy. Robin consoles Emily and tells him Jason will keep trying to leave. Monica comes in and finds out what happened. She examines him and says he'll be fine. Robin tries to tell Jason that Sonny will be fine and he should stay in the hospital. Jason tells her how much he hates it there. He asks her to take her somewhere they can be alone but she says he's not strong enough and asks him to please stay. He agrees, reluctantly.

When Monica gets Emily to leave Jason's room, Emily breaks down outside in Monica's arms. Bobbie comes by and Em feels better. She examines Jason. Robin tells Monica that Emily was "really scared" and "needs her mom" but Monica, feeling inadequate, says that Bobbie was better for her. Monica thanks Bobbie for her help. They hug. Emily and Monica go home. Bobbie and Robin chat. Robin confides that she's afraid she's "hurting Jason" by not telling him her real feelings about his job with Sonny. Bobbie urges her to be honest with Jason but Robin says, "It's not part of our deal". Bobbie says she once loved a guy in the same situation and reminds her that Laura left Luke for the same reasons. She says that the man can't change but sometimes "you can change the situation". Bobbie suggests she ask Jason questions before she makes any decisions.

Alexis pumps Sarah for information about where Nickolas might be. Sarah doesn't tell her anything about where he hangs out. Ned asks Alexis out. She says she has to see Katherine. They flirt and then go for a drink. Alexis describes what kind of person he is, in a very flattering way. He talks about Katherine when she mentions her and she realizes that Kath doesn't know who her father is. He wonders why she's so interested in Kath. She covers. They continue to flirt and have dinner.

Bobbie warns Katherine that Stefan could turn on her instantly. Bobbie says Stefan only cares about himself and "he's a terrible person". Katherine doesn't want to hear it. Bobbie reminds her about Damian and says they both should have learned their "lesson". Kath tells her to get professional help.

Stefan asks Nickolas why he's at Katherine's and where she is. Stefan tries to take charge but Nickolas won't leave with him or listen to his orders. He tells Stefan off, on the brink of tears. Stefan tries to explain about the other night but Nickolas doesn't want to hear. He reminds Stefan about him pushing him and compares it to the time he pushed him off the mountain. Nickolas tells him he can't trust him anymore and doesn't want to hear him talk about Bobbie or Laura. Stefan lays it on thick about how hard he's tried to raise him right, how he loves him, etc. Stefan begs him to tell him how he can convince him he loves him. Nickolas says he just wants to be away from Stefan. Stefan reminds him he's still his legal ward. When Nickolas says that won't work, Stefan asks him if he's been listening to "the Spencers". Nickolas tells him, "From now on, I manage my own life". He cries out in anguish when Stefan keeps trying to manage things, but Nickolas lets him know he's not coming back. He tells Stefan he "spent the night" at Katherine's. Stefan asks him where he plans to live. Nickolas says he has his own money and can stay with Katherine. Stefan tries to make him feel guilty about "imposing on Katherine" after her long recovery. Nickolas says he will stay until Kath tells him otherwise but Stefan won't have that. He's yelling at Nickolas when Kath walks in. She tries to figure out what's going on. Stefan yells at Kath about not calling him sooner. She tries to explain but he won't listen. He says she betrayed him and asks, "Is it possible I misjudged you?" She retorts, "Is it possible you dont' know who your friends are?" She fills him in on what happened the previous night and why she didn't call Stefan. He tells her how worried he was about Nickolas. They argue some more and he demands that she tells Nickolas he can't stay. She tells him off and tells him to leave. He storms out.

Later, Sarah goes into the woods and looks for Nickolas. Eventually, he shows up. He's in a bad mood. She tells him Alexis was looking for him. He tells her he "quit" his family. She has to leave but invites him for dinner. He turns her down nicely. She leaves on a tender note.