General Hospital Update Friday 7/18/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Ardnowski reminds Jax that he can't leave the area since he's on parole. She gets in his way. He claims he's not leaving, only taking his plane up to check some things out. She doesn't believe him and they continue to argue. He tells her to watch him if she doesn't believe it. She follows, suspicious. Later, she overhears him tell his secretary on the phone that he's leaving town and how he gave her the slip. Jax flies his plane but she pops out, a stowaway. She insists he turn the plane around.

The cops think Sonny is another wanted felon so he and Brenda pretend he can't speak English (I loved that part!), only Spanish. Sonny shows them the fake Cuban passport to prove who he is. Brenda babbles in a fake southern accent. The cops eventually so, so Sonny and Brenda get on the truck. They get comfy but then they hear the one of the drivers say he has to open the door again because it's not shut right. They hide and it works out allright. Meanwhile, the Tin Man tells a man listening to opera music that "They're on their way".

Alexis and Stefan continue to search for Nickolas and worry. He blames himself and she reminds him it was "an accident". He tells her he's got an interview with Veronica Bowles to talk about Bobbie stealing the drugs. He says he might just threaten Bobbie with it, he's not sure yet what he'll say. Alexis thinks Bobbie deserves everything she gets for drugging Stefan. Bobbie comes by and asks him how Nickolas is. He berates her and tells her about the interview. They argue. He hands her a document that he wants her to sign. It says that she'll give back the $6 million he gave her when they got married. She refuses to sign without a lawyer so he reminds her about the interview. He also threatens to go to court and dredge up her past, and he reminds her that it wouldn't be good for Lucas. Veronica walks up for the interview. His bluff didn't work with Bobbie, so he tells them that their family will be donating $6 million to the hospital. Afterwards, Bobbie agrees to sign his document if he makes a memo to Audrey saying that the drugs were missing due to clerical error and that the investigation is closed. She didn' t want his money and now she knows it will go to a good cause; he agrees to her stipulations. Later, Stefan gets a message that Katherine phoned so he leaves.

Katherine leaves the message for Stefan, who's not in his office. Nickolas returns so Katherine nags him again. He talks about how awful Stefan is. She doesn't want to keep the news from Stefan that he's okay. She tells him she phoned and left a message for Stefan. Finally she gives up and goes to work. He picks up the phone and starts to dial, then changes his mind and leaves. He goes to Kelly's and starts to use the pay phone outside there when he spies Sarah sitting down to eat a sandwich. He greets her and she offers him her sandwich. When he goes to get it, their fingers touch. They joke around for awhile. She tells him Lucky has gone to Switzerland for a week. They talk about Lulu. She asks about his family but he tells her it's a long story. She offers to go with him sometime to pick out a present for Lulu's birthday, so he accepts. She leaves for work. Later, he is at Katherine's when Stefan drops by to see what she wanted. Meanwhile, Alexis runs into Sarah and asks if she's seen Nickolas. Sarah says she saw him at Kelly's so Alexis tells him about his condition.

Monica tells Ned to stop "hovering" around Emily because it's making Alan suspicious. They talk about Jason. Ned berates himself for ever letting Sonny near Jason. They take Lila and Emily to see Jason. Ned and Lila visit Jason first. Emily and Monica wait outside. Edward phones Jason's room so Lila talks to him. Ned questions Jason about Sonny and Brenda and why he got shot. Jason doesn't tell him anything.

Emily is nervous. The orderly that helped Monica search for Emily and Dorman the night of his murder stops by and says hi, mentioning that that night was the last time he saw Monica. He expresses sympathy about Jason and then leaves. Emily quizzes Monica about Dorman that night but she's evasive. Monica claims she wasn't looking for Dorman. Emily accuses her of trying to hid something about that night but Monica claims she's not. Emily yells at her. Alexis interrupts them, looking for Nickolas. Ned and Lila come out. Emily goes into Jason's room. Monica takes Lila down to the car. Alexis and Ned flirt. Katherine comes by for a moment and asks about Nickolas and Jason. Inside his room, Jason asks Emily to help him escape. He gets dressed while Emily watches the door. Then he falls down and it looks like his wound has reopened. She runs to him and, seeing the blood, has a traumatic flashback to the fateful night and seeing blood on Monica's clothes. Alexis and Bobbie exchange sharp words. Bobbie tells Katherine it's time they had a "chat". Bobbie says Katherine doesn't really know Stefan.