General Hospital Update Thursday 7/17/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Sonny worries about Jason. Brenda and he prepare to pull into port. She shows him her disguise, a blonde pony-tail wig, baseball cap and dowdy clothes. He also wears a cap and dresses down. They wonder why Laura had a blonde wig when she is a blonde. Sonny phones Robin so she fills him in. He tells Robin to tell Jason "the Tin Man job is no longer his". He fills Brenda in on what happened. Sonny is determined more than ever to get the Tin Man. They hide while the ship docks. Someone comes in and takes their cell phone, not knowing it's theirs. Sonny and Brenda have lunch on the shore. Sonny thinks that the "Tiger Key" clue is a setup but says they must follow it anyway. He sees a moving truck headed toward Florida so they plan to jump in the back. One of the truckers goes into the restroom so Brenda goes to distract the other one. She dumps a shake on him so he has to go to the restrooom to clean off. They head toward the truck but two men with guns stop them, saying they are cops.

Mac helps Robin change her dressing on her arm. She's concerned about Jason waking up wondering where she is. Mac wonders why Jason and Sonny need a cell phone to keep in touch and what Sonny will do now. Mac brings her breakfast. Jax drops by and Mac tells him Taggert isn't getting any answers with the sketch because he thinks Taggert only wants to pin the murder on Sonny or one of Sonny's friends. The cell phone rings so Robin answers. Sonny asks what's wrong. Mac and Jax agree to pressure Jason for more information.

Ruby, Lucas, and Bobbie have a little going away party for Luke and Lucky. Lucas asks silly questions. They tell Ruby about Lucky's returning. Sarah walks in and Lucky rushes over to her like a dog in heat. Luke tells Bobbie what the rules are concerning how she should treat Lucky. Mike comes in and asks Luke how Sonny is doing. Luke reassures him and asks him to look in on Lucky for him. Sarah's glad Lucky's staying. Lucas takes their order and flirts with Sarah. Luke asks Bobbie again if she can handle Stefan. She replies that if Stefan gives her a hard time at work she'll threaten to sue for a lot of his money. She realizes that Laura and Lesley can come home now. Lucky and Sarah hug goodbye. Lucy rushes in, babbling, and gives Luke a present for Lulu. They all hug Luke and Lucky.

Carly visits Jason and they chat. He asks her for some water so she gives him some. He starts coughing so she rushs outside for a nurse. AJ and Keesha are there. Keesha gives her a quizzical look. The nurse chews her out for giving Jason water instead of ice chips and for visiting when she's not family. AJ goes to see Jason so Carly chats with Keesha. Keesha asks her about her relationship with Jason. Carly apologizes again for setting her up with AJ the other night and they make plans to get together again. Jax shows up but Carly tells him he can't visit Jason. He sits down and Ardnowski shows up. He is surprised to see her out of uniform. She glumly tells him she has been suspended and blames him for it. He denies having anything to do with it. Robin visits Jason and tells him what Sonny said. They have a little tiff but he makes up with her. He tries to phone Sonny but can't get to him. Mac comes in and asks Jason for information. He also tells Jason that he doesn't like Robin being in so much danger. Mac passes on to Jax what Jason told him about Tiger Key. Mac goes to fax something so Jax gives him the slip and rushes off to use his plane to go down there. Ardnowski follows.