General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/16/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Audrey gets stressed out getting ready for work when Sarah tells her she's not working today. Audrey beats herself up for being clumsy and forgetful until Sarah reminds her it's the one year anniversary of Steve's death. They reminisce; Audrey talks about their wedding and how nervous she was. Later, Audrey looks at photo albums and we see a montage of clips of them together.

Bobbie asks Alan and Monica about Jason so they fill her in. Monica admits that Robin is Jason's "family now". Luke comes by and gives his support. Luke and Bobbie chat about what the Quartermaines are going through. He reminds her he's leaving tomorrow and invites her to see him off at Ruby's. He tells her Lucky is coming back for the summer. Mac comes by and fills Luke in on who shot Jason and why. Later, Luke asks Bobbie if she can handle Stefan while he's gone. Stefan walks by looking for Nickolas. He looks out of sorts because he's so upset and hasn't had a lot of sleep. Bobbie asks about Nickolas but he is hostile. Stefan walks away and makes a call so Luke makes rude loud comments. Bobbie goes back to work so Luke walks over and asks Stefan, "How does it feel to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?" Stefan snaps at him about making such remarks about Nickolas but Luke claims he was talking about the breakup of his marriage to Bobbie. Luke visits Jason to tell him Sonny and Brenda are fine and that he got them out of town. He also tells Jason he's leaving town for awhile.

Robin fills Jason in on what happened after he wakes up. He's a bit disoriented and concerned about her. He tries to get up but she tells him to let them take care of him. He wonders if she's mad at him but she denies it and talks about how concerned she is. She vows, "I'm not going to let this happen to you again". She asks if Alan and Monica can visit but he doesn't want to see anyone but her. While he sleeps, she tells him she *is* mad at him and worried. She says she learned how to act by watching Anna with Duke. She feels helpless and begs him not to live this way anymore. He wakes up abruptly and wants to call Sonny. She assures him she'll go get his cell phone. She goes out of the room and tries to get rid of Mac and everyone so she can slip off to get the phone by herself. Katherine comes in and can tell something's wrong. They hug and Robin fills her in. Katherine offers her sympathy and support. Robin tells Kath where she's going. Monica and Alan visit Jason while he sleeps. Monica blames herself for what happened. Kath tells Mac where Robin went so he rushes off to help her.

Nickolas runs into Sarah in a wooded area with a ruined old church. She's crying because of her grandfather. She talks to Nickolas about him and her family. He realizes that Katherine is special to him because of talking to Sarah.

Stefan searches for Nickolas, giving Amy a hard time. He runs into Katherine and fills her in. She keeps asking him what really happened but he won't tell her. Stefan keeps calling around to look for Nickolas. Nickolas shows up at Katherine's door and asks if he can stay with her.