General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/15/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Sonny and Brenda discuss how awful it is to be on the run. She asks if they'll be running forever and he explains why it would be too difficult. He says they must find the Tin Man. They have breakfast and she is glad to be alone with him. They make love. Later, Sonny worries why Jason's hasn't called.

Nickolas refuses to see anyone, even Stefan. Sarah visits anyway but he's glad to see her. He is very vulnerable, which attracts her. They talk about his life and after awhile she leaves because he's tired. She runs into Stefan in the hall and they exchange greetings. He goes into Nickolas' room and finds his bed empty and his clothes gone.

Lucky is still angry at Luke, who defends his actions. He tells Lucky they can go to Switzerland now, but Lucky insists on staying. He gives Luke all sorts of reasons for wanting to be "independent" and stay but Luke suspects that Sarah is the real reason. Lucky gets indignant when Luke suggests that. it is an interesting scene because Lucky tries to manipulate Luke by using his own past words on him. Lucky storms out and Luke follows.

Everyone finds out about Nickolas and Jason being at GH from Amy. Alexis tells Katherine that no one but family can visit Nickolas. Stefan pulls Katherine aside, ignoring Alexis, which makes her leave in a huff. Later, Alexis wonders why no one is allowed to see Nickolas, not even family, thinking it's the doctor's orders. Katherine questions Stefan about Nickolas' fall. He feels guilty but won't admit he pushed him. She urges Stefan to talk to Nickolas and be honest with him. He assures her they'll be together soon.

Sarah runs into Lucky and they chat. Luke watches them from nearby. But he finds out about Jason so he rushes up to see him.

Jason's doctor tells his family, Mac, Robin, and Jax that Jason survived the operation. Robin goes to visit him. AJ rushes in to find out what happened and runs into Carly. They hug when they find out Jason's okay. Ned and he exchange heated words. AJ greets his parents. Monica hugs him. Carly looks in on Jason and has an awkward conversation with Robin. Mac tells Jax that the police are coming there so Rebecca can identify the sketch officially and so they can question Robin. Mac warns them to be careful with her. She greets Garcia warmly and meets Taggert. She tells them everything that happened. Taggert presses her about Sonny and Brenda's whereabouts but she tells him he'll have to ask Jason. AJ is surprised to find out how well Carly seems to know Jason. Monica thanks Carly for visiting and Carly leaves them alone. Mike brings Robin's medicine to her from the house. They talk about Sonny. Robin asks him to keep his distance from Jason because of Alan. He understands and tells her to tell Jason he's praying for him. The doctor only will allow one visitor at a time so Robin goes in. Monica tells AJ how much she loves him. Robin runs her fingers through Jason's hair and he wakes up and looks at her.