General Hospital Update Monday 7/14/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Missed the first half again.

Alexis and Stefan bring Nickolas into ER, his head and neck immobilized. Stefan tells the doctor that Nickolas has been unconscious for awhile. Alexis fills Bobbie in on the fire. Nickolas wakes up and the doctor orders tests. Stefan tries to reassure Nickolas, who tells him to go away. The doctor tells Stefan he must wait outside with other non-medical personnel. Stefan goes outside and tells Alexis that Nickolas is awake. She asks what happened and he fills her in, although he never actually says he pushed Nickolas. He tells her he had no choice but to rush Nickolas to GH rather than finish the virus countdown. She tells him, "of course" he made the right choice. She also tells him they saved Nickolas' favorite horse from the fire. Stefan says the program is "gone" but she says they can "develope another one". He doesn't think it will be so easy. Later, Alexis runs into Ned and they exchange stories about why they're there. The doc tells Stefan and Alexis that Nickolas has a concussion but he'll fine, but he has to spend the night. Stefan tells her to go home, so she does. He goes in and stands by Nickolas' bedside. He says, "I can lose anything, Nickolas...except you". The next morning, Rebecca tells Nickolas where he is and says they're moving him to a private room. He doesn't want to see Stefan, even though he hears he's been waiting there all night.

Monica tells Alan that Emily is afraid of losing her because so many people she's loved have died. Emily listens in on their conversation. Alan still thinks Emily's hiding something important. They argue and Ned helps defend Emily. Alan feels like Ned and Monica are in cahoots against him. Monica pleads for them to give Emily room but Alan's not sure. Ned answers the phone. A hysterical Robin tells him that Jason's been shot. Emily yells "No!" in the other room.

Sarah tells Lucky about Nickolas stopping to help her when the car overheated. They joke about him. Lucky tells her he's not going to be gone all summer so they make plans, then they say goodnight. Bobbie visits Luke and chews him out for Nickolas getting hurt. He convinces her that it's no big deal. Luke tells her that he and Lucky are going to Switzerland for the summer. She thanks him for saving her from Stefan and they hug and exult over beating Stefan's plan.

At General Hospital, Jax asks Mac if the sketch of Tin Man has helped any. Mac says no. Jax worries about Brenda and says he's going to talk to Rebecca again. Mike rushes in and fills Mac in on Jason. He's shocked. Robin comes in with Jason, who's on the stretcher. She's hysterical and upset about Jason's bleeding so much. She says she couldn't touch him for fear of getting her blood on him (she has a small cut on her arm). Mac and Jax comfort her. She is sort of in shock still but fills them in. Mike shares his sympathy and experience of waiting around in the ER for Sonny. Mac tells Jax that the Tin Man shot Jason. The Quartermaines rush in to find out about jason. Mac tells them Jason was shot in his living room. Jax tells Ned he's there to help Mac clear Brenda. The doctor says they need to operate on Jason. No major organs were injured but they have to stop the bleeding. Alan goes into a tirade about how it's all Sonny's fault, causing Mike to defend his son. They argue so Robin yells at them to stop. Then she defends Sonny to Alan and everyone else, saying Jason chose his lifestyle. Later, Ned tells Monica that he though she did a great job lying to Alan about Emily. Alan takes more pills. Meanwhile, Jax tells Rebecca that the same man that she saw after Dorman's murder might have shot Jason. He shows her the sketch and she recognizes him as the same man.