General Hospital Update Friday 7/11/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

(I missed the first half)

Sarah visits Emily at home. Emily introduces her to the family. Alan keeps bugging Monica about why she seems so concerned about Emily and he tells Monica he thinks Sarah might be good for her. Ned and Monica still argue about whether they should go to the police to help out Brenda. Alan eavesdrops on Emily and Sarah. He hears Emily tells her that she's worried she'll lose Monica so he confronts Emily about it. She almost blurts out the reason.

Jason meets Robin for dinner. He brings her flowers. They don't know that the Tin Man is waiting outside with a gun. They dance, kiss, tell each other they love each other. They don't go to dinner because he's so late they lost their reservation. The Tin Man shoots and hits the vase, which shatters. This gives Jason time to throw Robin to the floor, but then the Tin Man shoots Jason.

Bobbie tries to get Nickolas to like her again but he asks her to prove it by telling him why she drugged Stefan. She can't. Bobbie tells him Stefan "is not what he seems". Later, Bobbie asks Luke what he told Nickolas. He won't tell her but says she should go back to GH so the Spencers won't be blamed for what's about to happen.

Luke shows Lucky how he can tap right into Stefan's computer with the help of the WSB software. Lucky is miffed that he has been out of the loop. Luke tells him he has started a fire in the Windemere stables by short-circuiting everything. Luke gets annoyed at Lucky's petulant attitude. As he is about to go outside, he tells his son, "This adolescent thing is a drag. Drop it!"

Alexis drinks champagne while Stefan waits for the final countdown on his computer. They reminisce about their childhood and discuss Stavros and Helena. He tells her he had Helena moved off the island and that he plans to take Katherine and Nickolas back there. Alexis notices the barn is on fire. Stefan can't leave his computer at this crucial time so he tells her to call security and then go out there to supervise. She goes. Nickolas rushes in and tells Stefan the barn is on fire. Stefan seems a bit unconcerned. Nickolas gets angry and rushes toward the computer so Stefan pushes him off. Nickolas falls and hits his head. Stefan runs over to him, concerned, his plan forgotten. He holds Nickolas' bleeding head in his hands but then the computer beeps asking for him to enter his "equation".