GH July 10th 1997


General Hospital Update Thursday 7/10/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Stefan and Bobbie argue again. He says he wants a quick divorce. She asks Luke's advice but he has no answers. Luke plans to make his move that night against Stefan.

Stefan and Alexis grow confident that the fruition of their plan is growing near. They share a toast.

Robin worries about Jason. Mac wishes she's date someone at college and warns her that Jason is even more involved with Sonny than he was before. Katherine drops by and chats with Robin.

Jason looks for the ponytail man who makes origami, now dubbed The Tin Man. He calls Sonny on the cell phone to tell him he found a matchbook from Tigre Key, Florida. The Tin Man aims his gun at Jason.

Rebecca finally tells Jax that she saw Pierce after he was stabbed and she didn't help him. That was when he pulled off her button. She says she passed a man with a ponytail in the hall. Jax tells Mac what he found out and Mac wonders if it was the Tin Man.

Luke and Sonny say goodbye as Sonny leaves town on the run with Brenda. He puts them in a boat with champagne and gives Brenda a special present. She is touched because she didn't think Luke liked her. He and Sonny share a touching goodbye. Sonny promises to keep in touch.

Carly, faced with the wrath of her dinner guests, claims she was just having friends over, not fixing them up. Tony has to go back to work so Keesha leaves, too. AJ chews Carly out for her plan. Carly remembers the night with AJ again and rubs her stomach.