GH July 9th 1997


General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/9/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Luke helps Brenda and Sonny get out of town. He lends them some of his old disguises.

Nickolas helps Sarah with her car. She doesn't want his help but is forced to take it when she almost burns her hand trying to do it herself. They get into another argument and he storms off again.

Mac and Jason wonder if Dorman's drug suppliers set up Brenda to get back at Sonny. Jason describes the ponytail man to Kevin so he can sketch him. Later, AJ recongizes the man in the sketch from a "shady bar" he used to frequent. Jason insists on going there, despite AJ's concerns. Jason makes plans with Robin for dinner later. She has a "bad feeling" about the bar but he shrugs it off.

Carly has a fantasy about AJ and Keesha visiting her, Tony, and the baby. But in real life, Tony disapproves of her matchmaking. Keesha gets annoyed by Carly's ambushing her with dinner with AJ.

While Trooper V gets called back to the police station, Jax investigates the murder. He probes Amy about Rebecca and she reveals that she thinks Rebecca and Dorman were having an affair. Audrey chides her for gossiping about a coworker. Jax finds Rebecca and pours on the charm. She confides that she was in love with Pierce but had doubts about him. He asks her about the missing button.