GH July 8th 1997


General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/8/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Mike chats with Luke about his new bar. Luke is upset about Stefan. Mike suggests he forget about Stefan. When Mike happens to mention the Julian calendar, Luke gets excited and kisses him. He realizes it means he has more time to stop Stefan. He goes home and figures out on his computer that it's really July 11th that is the final date.

The man with the ponytail still watches Sonny and Brenda in their hideaway. They wait and worry, feeling edgy.

Jax hires Mac to help Brenda. Later, Robin visits and hugs Mac and Jax. Robin wants details, especially about Jason, but Mac wants to keep her from worrying. She wonders why Trooper V is hanging around Jax but he has no answer. Mac and Robin find out Jason's in jail so they go to get him out.

Taggert harasses Jason in his cell for information about Brenda and Sonny but he doesn't get any. Taggert gets a call about her location so he rushes off to nab her. Robin and Jason touch through the jail cell bars. Mac and Valentine spring Jason. Jason fills Robin in on helping Brenda escape. They talk about their summer plans. Later, Mac and Jason discuss the evidence, including the gum wrapper origami that Jason found when he saw the drug dealer guy threatening Dorman.

Lucky and Nickolas bicker some more at GH and start to fight so Sarah has to break them up. Nickolas ends up storming out and she chews Lucky out. He is defensive but asks her to share dinner later at Kelly's. They chat about Steve, reminiscing. Later, when Sarah's car breaks down, Nickolas is driving by so he stops to help her.

Jax chats with Trooper V about whether Brenda killed Dorman. Rebecca, who hears their conversation, says that Brenda is guilty. They argue and Rebecca leaves in a huff. The trooper notes that Rebecca is missing a button off her sweater and notes that she could have killed him.

The cops surround the safehouse and use teargas but Sonny and Brenda don't come out. The ponytailed guy awaits their capture eagerly. Meanwhile, the duo escape to Luke's thanks to the tunnel that Jason told Brenda about. Taggert is furious about losing them again.