GH July 7th 1997


General Hospital Update Monday 7/7/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Carly talks to AJ at the gym and tries to get him back together with Keesha. AJ acts protective when Carly picks up some weights, because of her condition. AJ mentions that night he can't remember because it was his last night of drinking. She is nervous. Tony comes in so they cover what they were talking about. Later, she phones Keesha to ask her to meet her at GH. She tells Keesha that AJ is still smitten with her. Keesha is not enthusiastic because she doesn't feel that way about him anymore. She realizes she was on the rebound from Jason. Carly keeps pushing, saying AJ's lonely, but she doesn't convince Keesha. Again Tony comes in and wonders what's up. They don't tell him the truth but he warns Carly not to "play matchmaker". He grows sad when he sees a toy elephant that was once BJ's. Carly is sympathetic but he tells her he's happy to be having the new baby.

Audrey confronts Bobbie about taking the drugs. Bobbie's lie to her but asks her to trust her for now. She says no one got hurt and asks her to wait a little while before she tells anyone. Audrey agrees to wait. Later, Audrey is mum when Alexis questions her about how the investigation is going.

Luke goes to an orthodox priest to have him translate the message. Despite the late hour, the priest agrees and translates it. Luke is shocked at the what the message reads.

Stefan assures Katherine that she had nothing to do with his marriage breaking up. They start to kiss when Bobbie shows up. Katherine leaves. Stefan and Bobbie argue about their situation and then she goes. Katherine tries to cozy up to Alexis.

Carly watches while Keesha and AJ chat at the gym. She thinks they're getting friendly again but really they're just putting a close to their relationship. He tells Carly that he's not ready for a relationship. She invites him over for dinner, then she phones Keesha and invites her, too.

Luke talks to Laura on the phone, smoking his cigar. He tells her that the message says "final activation on June 28th at 20:00". He is bummed that they are too late to stop Stefan.