General Hospital Wednesday December 31st Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/31/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Brenda awakens after a long sleep but she's very tired. Jax is still hanging around, working on his computer. He reminds her it's new year's eve and suggests a night out but she is not up for it. She tells him he should go out, though, but he would rather be with her. She knows he has important work so she urges him to go do it. He reluctantly leaves. She sits on the floor in front of the tree, already missing him. Later she is feeling lonely when she gets a call from Robin, wishing her a happy new year. It is weird at first because Brenda doesn't say hello or anything until she knows who it is, then she pretends it was a bad connection. But Robin can tell Brenda is not acting like herself. She asks Brenda when her STAR-TV documentary is going to be on so she can watch it but Brenda falls silent. Brenda quizzes her about who she's talked to and then tells her that the STAR-TV thing "didn't work out". Jax comes in while they talk. Robin invites her to Paris but Brenda say she can't. Robin doesn't want to come home yet because it's "too soon" after her breakup with Jason. Brenda asks suspiciously if she's been "in touch" with Jason but Robin says no. Brenda gets off and tells Jax Robin's phone call cheered her up. Jax has a bag full of new year's party stuff so they play around with them.

Katherine fills Mrs. Lansbury in on Nickolas's condition to prepare her. Sarah visits and Kath lets her in. She wants to help welcome Nickolas home. Stefan and Nickolas arrive so they welcome them. Katherine hands Nickolas candy that Sarah made. Sarah observes that he looks "much better". Nickolas writes a note saying "leave" so she does. Kath and Stefan try to fuss over Nickolas but he doesn't want any attention. He just stalks up to his room. Stefan invites Kath out at 8. Later, she returns, all dressed up, and he is wearing a nice outfit as well (black, as usual). They toast the new year and he gives her a small jewelry box. He tells her he hopes to get good news from her tonight. She opens it to see a large piece of jewelry. He kisses her and she feels guilty about being so happy. He asks her to move in so that he will be happy as well. She hugs him happily.

The doctor tells Jason that the medicine isn't working for the baby so they should try surgery to close the valve. Tony protests, being a real jerk. Jason asks for more information so Tony butts in, saying he's the father. They all argue until the doctor says Jason's name is on the birth certificate. Monica is walking by and hears this so she's surprised that the baby has arrived. Monica asks to be left alone with Jason. Monica says they heard he was the father but they "didn't know what to believe". She takes his silence to mean that he is the father. She says that Tony will want stronger proof and Jason gripes about Tony's attitude. Jason asks for her advice, since she's a heart doctor. She is surprised that he asked that and asks to see the baby first. She does and then tells Jason that the surgery the doctor suggests is "not uncommon". All he cares about is if it works so she says the success rate is 90% in the hospital but offers to show him broader statistics. He says he'd like to see them so she gets the doctor to get those and a consent form.

Tony bitches to Bobbie about his frustration. Bobbie assures him that Jason has been "responsible" and urges him not to compare this baby to BJ's heart problems. Tony goes ballistic again when Monica asks for the consent form, saying they have "no right!" Monica phones home to leave an important message for Alan to call her. Monica is invited to observe the surgery but doesn't want to. AJ, Keesha, Alan, Edward, Emily, and Ned arrive so Monica gives them the news. They all argue, as usual. Alan is happy and proud. Emily is concerned about Jason. AJ is still skeptical that he's the father. Edward wants to buy off Carly. Luke comes in with Mike and tells Edward that if he wants to buy a baby he'll give him "the phone number of the black market", but Carly's is not for sale.

Jason visits an unconscious Carly and talks to her about the operation. He is uncertain if he's made the right decisions but tells her the kid is "tough" like her and doing all right for now. He goes to see the baby and see the Q's, Luke, and Mike, hanging around. Monica tells him the baby's in surgery. Keesha consoles AJ and they worry about the baby.

Luke and Bobbie chat outside Carly's room about her and the baby's room. He seems hopeful that Carly and the baby could die so he won't have to tell Bobbie the big secret (but it's not obvious to anyone but us). Tony comes up, near hysteria, asking Bobbie to get the baby's blood type from the OR to see if it matches his.

Later, Emily asks if it's true that Jason is the father but she goes on without letting him answer (he is SO lucky!). The doctor tells them all that the surgery was a success. AJ compliments Jason on his calm demeanor during all this but Jason just clears his throat and walks away. AJ can't take the pressure and walks away for awhile. Jason talks to Monica about the surgery and thanks her for her advice. She jokes that she's "too young to be a grandmother". Luke wishes Edward a happy new year "to you and your whole blood-sucking clan". Bobbie tells Tony the good news. He asks her if she got the blood type; he reads it and his face falls. She says she's sorry and he sits, utterly devastated and emotionally drained.

Felicia and Mac joke around at the Outback. Dara greets Justus, who's there to hear her sing. Sarah shows up and chats with her sister, who's bummed that Lucky didn't show. They decide to make a party together. Dara dedicates her first song to Mary Mae Ward.