General Hospital Tuesday December 30th Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/30/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Stefan tells Nickolas that the staff has cleaned Windemere from top to bottom to prepare for his return and that he's very excited. Nickolas writes, "no matter". Stefan lectures him on being obnoxious and tells him he picked out a speech therapist for him. Nickolas shakes his head and starts to write but Stefan grabs the pad out of his hand and tells him he's got to communicate by speech from now on. He expects Nickolas to get better and he's not going to put up with his behavior anymore. Nickolas looks surprised. Stefan comes out and Katherine greets him, asking how it went. Not good, he says. Kath talks to Nickolas, sharing her own personal experience about recovering from something like this. "I'm not you" he writes. She says she will be there for him, then she leaves. She tells Stefan it failed but he tells her he thinks Nickolas will come around once he's home. She mentions New Year's and he invites her to celebrate it with him.

Lucky visits Nickolas, starts to change his mind, but then Nickolas gestures him back in. Lucky tells him he is blameless as far as his condition. Nickolas writes "you ok". Lucky chats amiably with him, saying he sympathizes in having to be in the hospital, being told what to do. Nickolas confesses that he has been "going nuts". Stefan walks in and demands to know why Lucky is there. He and Nickolas exchange Teenage Looks. Stefan yells at him so Lucky bolts. Stefan tells Nickolas he can leave but he has to use the wheelchair. Nickolas gets up and walks out but Stefan stops him, saying, "I'm happy to see your pride is still intact" and they leave. Nearby, Alexis watches them with concern.

Lizzy meets Sarah outside Nickolas' room and invites her to the Outback for New Year's, but Sarah is not in the mood. She makes a remark that Lizzy takes badly and so Lizzy leaves. Katherine tells Sarah that Nickolas is going home soon and not to give up on him. Sarah promises not to.

Mac fruitlessly tries to escape from his bonds. Tess comes in cheerily and opens the blinds, then offers him coffee. Mac doesn't want to be cooperative. She tells him not to sulk. He tells her he understands why she kidnapped him, because he looks like her dead husband and she wants comfort. But he tells her he's nothing like Jimmy. He tries to get her to loosen his ropes but she says no way and refuses to talk about it any more. She says she has something "special planned" for New Year's Eve. She takes out a razor and smiles at him. Next we see her shaving him; he looks nervous. She says he used to shave Jimmy all the time because he couldn't do it without cutting himself a lot. She tells Mac that Jimmy's shirt was very red from blood but then she discovered some of it was lipstick and got very angry. Mac tries to get her to see that he was no good and she shouldn't want someone who looks like him, but she won't budge. Mac worries about how Felicia is worrying about him. Tess pretends to be near the edge, a bit crazed, to keep up the pretense. She storms out and then calmly puts on her coat and goes outside. Mac eyes the nearby razor and tries to get at it. He gets one of his hands out of the ropes and tries to reach for the razor but can't, and he can't get his other ropes off, either. He sees his belongings at the foot of the bed so he gets them.

Felicia, Jimmy, and the rest prepare the Outback for New Year's. She asks if he has any resolutions but he won't tell, he says. They joke around. He looks at his watch and says he's going out for "coffee". She thinks he's acting weird again, since they serve coffee, but doesn't think much of it. Lizzy comes by and introduces herself to Felicia, then asks for a table for that night. Felicia assures her it won't be a problem.

Tess and Jimmy meet in the park, despite the cold. He tells her things are going great with Felicia and she says Mac has bought their story. He hands her a list of questions about Mac and Felicia's relationship so she can get the answers from Mac. She takes it and warns him again not to do anything stupid to get Felicia suspicious.

Alexis meets with Tony at the Outback. He tells her he wants to go after custody of Carly's baby. She warns him that it will be very involved, expensive, etc. but he doesn't care. She says they can't do much until there is a paternity test. He says that will happen right after it's born. She assures him she will win the case. They talk about the case. She says the courts might have problem with taking a baby from its mother. In order to get information to prove how unstable she is, Alexis suggests he hire a PI to get info from her past. He says he'll hire Felicia so she says do it quickly. He thanks her as they part.

Tony tells Felicia he's suing for custody of Carly's baby. He tells her the whole sordid story, which disgusts her. She agrees to dig into Carly's past but she won't take his money. She wonders how Jason could have done this to Robin and feels bad for Tony. Mac phones Felicia to tell her he's okay. He mentions that she must have been worried because he's been gone so long. But then he has to hang up, hide the phone, and put his hand back in the ropes because Tess returns. She puts a party hat on Mac and promises him a great New Year's Eve. She notices he's quiet so he says he thinks he's got a fever. Meanwhile, Jimmy returns, bringing a present for Felicia. She is touched by the "gorgeous" champagne glasses that he bought for them to toast the new year. When she mentions the phone call, he covers nicely. He phones Tess to let her know; she doesn't look happy. Jimmy gives Felicia a new drink he invented; she tastes it reluctantly but likes it. He pays her a compliment which unnerves her.

Jason looks at the premature baby in GH and Bobbie comes up to join him. They talk about him for a moment; Bobbie fills him in on how the medicine has to help his heart condition. Jason worries about the baby dying and she tries to reassure him. Carly is still unconscious and Bobbie says she's lost a lot of blood but she's stable for now. Jason sticks around, refusing to leave while Carly and the baby are still in jeopardy. Luke comes by and wonders why he's there, so Jason fills him in. A nurse checks on Carly, looks worried, and then pages a doctor. Bobbie finds out and runs up to tell Jason that Carly is bleeding again so she might die if they can't stop it. Luke tries to take it all in. The doctor comes by and shares medical gobbledy-gook. Since Jason has Carly's power-of-attorney, she wants him to sign for consent so they can operate and give Carly a hysterectomy. Bobbie objects strenuously. The doctor points out that she might die so Bobbie shares her personal history. Bobbie points out that if the baby dies and Carly has the operation, she has no baby and "no chance" to ever have one again. The doctor argues so Bobbie says they can do "platelet infusion" which also might save her life. The doctor thinks it's too risky but Jason sides with Bobbie. Later, Bobbie checks in on Carly. Outside her room, she chats with Luke about her and the baby. They think Tony is out of town still. Bobbie is amazed at her own behavior in protecting Carly from the hysterectomy and talks about losing her own baby. Luke invites her to "toast in the new year" with him and Lucky. Bobbie tells Jason that so far Carly is doing well. Tony storms in, demanding to know why he wasn't told about the baby. She tells him she left a message but he's in a grouchy mood. He wants to know "the condition of my son"; he and Jason glare at each other. Tony tells Jason he should leave but Bobbie tells him to cool it. A doctor comes out to tell Jason, "There's a problem with your son".