General Hospital Monday December 29th Update


General Hospital Update Monday 12/29/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Jason pulls away from Brenda's kiss and tells her that she's hurting herself, nothing will bring Sonny back. Brenda then breaks down just as Jax enters. So he thinks that Jason has caused Brenda's pain and he attacks him; they knock down the Christmas tree while Brenda retreats and rocks herself back and forth. Jax realizes her condition so he stops and Jason leaves. Brenda is withdrawn and silent, so Jax tries to get Brenda to come out of her shell by putting the tree back up and chatting about the good times. Eventually, he gets through to her and she confesses that she had kissed Jason; she wonders if she is going insane.

Bobbie first visits Nickolas, who is quiet and depressed so she worries about him She then chats with Monica about Nickolas and Jason. Monica's worried how Robin will take the baby news. They think Nickolas will recover eventually. Bobbie gets beeped and rushes off.

Carly tries to phone for help but collapses first. Jason returns home and finds Carly unconscious and bleeding. He takes her to GH and has Bobbie paged to the emergency room.

Bobbie prepares for surgery and agrees to assist in the C-section delivery. In the operating room, Carly comes out of it for a brief moment and begs Bobbie not to let anyone take her baby away from her. Jason watches through a window. Carly gives birth to a baby boy and Bobbie holds the baby boy in her arms. Carly's heart stops and they try to revive her while Bobbie pleads with her not to leave her son motherless.

Alexis pours her heart out and tells him the whole story of her mother and Mikkos. Stefan doesn't believe Alexis's story and refuses to look at the proof she tries to show him. He reminds her that she has Luke now and when she tries to explain that, he won't hear it. He once again tells Alexis that she is out of his life. She leaves but declares that she will never give up on her brother. Later, Stefan fills Katherine in about what happened. He says that he still won't forgive her for her betrayal. Besides, as long as Alexis is in cahoots with Luke, then he can't forgive her, whether her store is true or not.

Devastated, Alexis goes to see Nickolas in the hospital. Alexis chats to a sleeping Nickolas, talking about their family.