General Hospital Friday December 26th Update


General Hospital Update Friday 12/26/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Luke drops by to harass Alexis some more about how she's in danger from Stefan and Helena. They trade insults as usual. She wonders what she would get in return for "throwing in" with Luke. He doesn't answer but again point out her poor position. She says she grow up with Stefan, so he wouldn't hurt her. But he points out that all Stefan cares about is protecting Nickolas. She puts her foot down: she won't help him destroy her family. He thinks she'll probably change her mind but he leaves anyway.

Tony tells Nickolas he'll be leaving ICU soon since he's almost recovered except for his "dysphasia" (mixing up words due to his stroke), that he'll have an MRI tomorrow and he might go home soon. Stefan is happy but Nickolas looks glum. Stefan tells Nickolas that after he gets home, they'll interview speech therapists. Nickolas is against the idea so Stefan drops it for now. He tells Nickolas he loves him before he leaves the room. Bobbie and Sarah quiz him about Nickolas' condition but he doesn't say much. Bobbie explains to Sarah that he's having a hard time right now. Sarah tries to visit him again. He is reading a Russian book and ignores her. She gets insulted and yells at him, saying that it doesn't matter to her that he can't talk. So he pushes the button to get a nurse. Bobbie comes in and he gestures Sarah out. Bobbie asks her to leave. Sarah tells him she's "not giving up". Bobbie lectures him about being "too proud". Outside his room, Bobbie tells Tony about what happened. He says it's "sad" and it reminds him of Jason. He is appalled that Jason seems to have a "personal vendetta" against him but Bobbie is not convinced. (Tony is definitely not seeing things in a true light, but then when does he ever?) He worries about the baby being in danger, living with Jason. Bobbie tries to console him that they are probably safe for the next month. Tony is determined to get his baby.

Julia tries to get Brenda to eat more and they talk about childhood stuff some. Brenda talks about how she's dealt with stuff before now. Julia admits she has to leave again soon because of business, so she invites Brenda to come live with her. Jax arrives with mint cookies from the PC Hotel. They fill him in on their conversation. Brenda doesn't want to leave her new home but she understands that Julia has to leave. Jax offers Julia his private plane and pilot so she can leave. Brenda assures them she's fine as she goes off to eat her cookies. Jax and Julia thank each other. Jax tells her he's got a nurse coming to watch over Brenda, since she shouldn't live alone yet. The nurse arrives and admires the house. Brenda comes out and wonders who she is. Brenda accepts her on Jax' recommendation and asks her to start tonight. The nurse agrees and goes to phone her husband. Jax, a little embarrassed, explains that the woman showed up early, before he could talk to Brenda, but Brenda is all for the idea. Julia says goodbye to Brenda and Jax. Brenda gives her some of the cookies and they hug. Jax leaves at the same time. Brenda watches them through her front window. Jason visits and she thinks for a moment, then lets him in. She asks if Sonny sent him and he says, "no". He notices the changes in the place. She asks what he wants (much less hostile than usual) and he says he's sorry. He understands about her angry tantrum at the studio because he was the same way once. He apologizes for whatever he did to contribute to her being in "that place". He tells her that Sonny didn't want this to happen so she thinks for a moment that Sonny sent him. Then she realizes that Jason has completely taken Sonny's place. Brenda says he doesn't have everything that Sonny had, then her face gets weird and she moves closer to him...she touches his face and he moves her hand. They kiss.

Carly and Jason return from his lawyer, who did some legal maneuvers so that Jason's name will appear on her baby's birth certificate. He warns her that after the paternity test, whomever's the real father will fight for custody. She is happy that the lawyer told her that the courts don't take babies away from their mothers until he points out that she didn't know that Carly did "felony assault" (on AJ). Jason says they've got to get rid of the proof, such as the witnesses, to her drugging of AJ, so she lists the witnesses and Jason tells her how they can convince them to leave town, etc. She is down in the dumps but Jason points out that without evidence, no one will believe such a ridiculous story. Carly is still amazed that she was in love with Tony. Carly explains to Jason how boy babies wear blue and girl babies wear pink. This leads to a discussion about the missing gaps in his knowledge and memory. He relates how his medical knowledge pops out in opportune moments. She blabs on about her pregnancy and still worries that they'll take her baby. He offers his support and she wonders why he bothers helping her. He leaves. Later, AJ visits Carly. He accuses her of orchestrating his fight with Jason. When AJ says again that he misses the old Jason, Carly says, "Oh, God, AJ, do you have any idea how sick I am of listening to you talk about your dead brother?" <G> They argue about the paternity issue again. AJ realizes he forgot to ask Jason WHEN he slept with Carly. She admits it wasn't the same night as she slept with Tony and AJ, but it was before and after. AJ doesn't believe her so she says to check with Tony because she went on a "trip to Florida" but really, she says, she stayed with Jason for a week. She goes into gruesome detail about their sex and insults AJ's lovemaking abilities. He gets more annoyed and warns her that she should be afraid. Carly gets one of Jason's goons to escort him out. AJ tells her again that she won't see the baby after he gets custody. Still later, Carly awakens in bed in pain, with blood coming out of her, and panics. She inches her way down the stairs carefully, calling for Jason quietly. She makes it to the bottom and then cries.

Alexis visits Stefan at home. He is not happy to see her and goes to call his security. She tells him she's Natasha. He looks suspicious.