General Hospital Wednesday December 24th Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/24/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

(I missed Tuesday's due to traveling)

Justus decorates the Q's Christmas tree with them and with Keesha. They joke that it's taken them 4 days to finish it. Alan is outraged at the state of his train set (the tracks are all tangled) so they complain about his bad mood. He goes outside where Emily stands, pensive. She says she misses her friend, Matt, and Brenda. They reflect on what a bad year it's been. Ned brings in Brook Lynn and everyone cheers up. Ned says he only has her until the next day. AJ arrives. Ned tells them that Dave Koz will be playing at the annual GH party. Monica questions AJ about his talk with Jason but he doesn't want to discuss it tonight. Keesha also questions him.

Carly and Jason eat dinner and she grouses about how unfestive the place looks. She borrows money to shop for dinner. He tells her he has "stuff to do" and is surprised that Carly is having a girl (so she says). Jason takes off. Carly plots something and takes more of his money. She runs into Jason later at GH. He has business there so she asks to "tag along" in case anyone questions him about the baby, so she can do the lying.

Doctor Rogers argues with Jax about Brenda's release and wins. Jax visits Brenda, who looks ready to go, and gives her the bad news, she has to be there for Christmas. She protests and also argues with the doctor. Jax tries to get Alan to release Brenda but he says he can't do that until she's well. Jax threatens to get Brenda to sue and to use his knowledge about Alan's prescription policy if it should come to court. Alan compares him to Sonny. Later, Jax comes back and tells Brenda he was able to spring her. Dr. Rogers is not please and warns Jax again that it's a bad idea. Jax takes her home where he's had it all decorated for Christmas. She opens her presents: graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. She is delighted and they hug tightly. Then they start trimming the tree.

Bobbie chats with Tony and invites him for Christmas dinner. He declines and fills her in about where Carly's living and why. Bobbie is shocked and gossips with Monica about it.

Liz and Sarah wait outside Nickolas' room. Stefan greets them and lies that Nickolas is fine, "growing stronger" and doesn't want to see "visitors". Sarah is annoyed. Later, Stefan gets an important phone call and has to rush out, so Sarah slips in to give Nickolas her Christmas present. He's not happy to see her. She questions him but he just writes, "Go". She asks when she can visit but he won't answers, so she leaves, hurt.

Jason writes a check to cover Nickolas' hospital expenses but Stefan says they won't take his money. They argue and Jason says he'll keep his money. Stefan blames Jason's tracheotomy for Nickolas' speech problems, but Jason says he Nickolas had a stroke. Stefan is shocked and wonders how he knows. Jason says he knows a lot of things, for instance, Nickolas doesn't have "irreversible brain damage". He tells Stefan he's nothing to him. Stefan glares at him and tries to show his own muscle. (I almost expected them to start pounding their chests!)

The Q's go to the annual GH party. Monica greets Karen. Mike is also there, so Alan warns him gently to stay away from Brenda. Koz plays while the children parade. Edward and Amy greet Koz; she gushes. Tony plays Santa. Carly takes Jason's arm and watches from nearby, which doesn't please Tony but he continues anyway. Jason escapes so Carly is left alone. She is on her way to the door when she runs into Bobbie, who quizzes her about Jason. Bobbie doesn't buy Carly's act. Carly says neither of them lived up to Tony's expectations but Bobbie can have him back. Bobbie is disgusted.

Jason returns home to find a Christmas tree and presents. Carly comes downstairs wearing a pretty green dress. She tells him that the presents are for the baby. He can tell she's down and asks why. She is upset about running into Bobbie and wonders if she's a horrible person because she doesn't miss Tony. Later, she finds a gift Jason left for her, a medallion (?) with "Caroline" on it.

Alan reads the annual Christmas story to the kids, Tony passes out gifts, and Koz plays. The Port Charles cast is there, too.