General Hospital Monday December 22nd Update


General Hospital Update Monday 12/22/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Lucky wants to go get Stefan for help but Nickolas manages to say, "No", pleading with Lucky not to. He can't say anything else, so Lucky tells him, "Something is wrong!" and runs out to get help. Stefan yells at Lucky, blaming him. Stefan, Kath, and Bobbie rush in; Lucky is upset that they think it's his fault. Tony goes in and examines Nickolas. He sends Kath to get Lucky and tries to question him about what happened but Stefan keeps interfering, getting on Lucky's case. Tony argues with Stefan. Nickolas tries to speak. Tony gets him to say it slowly: "What's wrong?" He has trouble writing it as well. Tony calmly tells him he doesn't know, he'll have to run tests. Tony tells Stefan that what happened to Nickolas had nothing to do with Lucky. Later, Nickolas tries to speak but it's very hard for him. Bobbie quizzes Lucky about his visit with Nickolas so he tells her the details. Later, he hangs around outside Nickolas' room, concerned despite himself. Tony tells Nickolas, Katherine, Stefan, and Bobbie that the catscan doesn't show much so he'll have to get an MRI. Stefan is snippy as usual and Tony is amazingly patient.

AJ asks Jason if he slept with Carly, so he says, "yeah". Jason confirms Carly's story about how they met. Jason tells him to leave but AJ asks him about Robin and Tony. Jason says it has nothing to do with them. AJ, disgusted, says he won't feel guilty anymore about the accident because jason has turned into a heartless monster. AJ starts to storm out, vowing not to let Jason get the baby even if he is the father. Jason says it's Carly's baby, so AJ talks about what an awful mom she'd be. Carly starts downstairs and hears it all. Jason sticks up for her; they argue heatedly. When AJ mentions Robin, Carly comes down and says Robin doesn't have to know anything because she and her baby will be gone as soon as it's born, back to Florida. Jason tells AJ to leave. AJ is sad that he and Jason don't have a relationship anymore. He tells him he idolized Jason until now. Carly apologizes to Jason after he leaves, for ruining their relationship. But Jason says it's okay. She whines that she's going to lose her baby so Jason consoles her and implores her to "fight". He tells her they'll see a lawyer tomorrow and then he takes her out to Jake's to play pool.

Alexis is surprised to see Helena, who knows that the opera singer is her mom. Alexis is also surprised at how healthy Helena is. Alexis calls for room service for them. Helena knows that Alexis just found out who she really is. She points out her mother's ring, mentioning that a sapphire is supposed to protect one from harm. Helena says she wanted to kill her, not her mother, but Kristen protected her by hiding her. Mikkos convinced Helena to let Alexis live with them and they created her fictitious background. Helena says she has to decide whether to kill her or not. Alexis, sweating, relates what she knows at Helena's request. She tells Helena she feels no connection with her past or with Kristen and that she wants to live, what can she do for her? Helena is pleased at her intuition and informs her that she wants to be in charge of the family again. She wishes to "guide" Nickolas. Luke visits and yells for Helena, who's hiding. Luke makes smart remarks and questions Alexis until Helena walks in, laughin. They joke around together, flirting and chatting amiably, while Alexis watches, bewildered. Helena gets a phone call so she has to go. First she tells Luke that she sent Laura flowers for her birthday and tells Alexis, "our business is far from over". Alexis fills Luke in that Helena knows everything so they both worry what she'll do. Alexis tells him that Helena wanted to make a deal. Luke opens the door when someone knocks--Stefan. He strolls in, gloating that he was justified in exiling Alexis. He demands to know where Helena is so Luke naturally makes cutting remarks. Alexis asks again to see Nickolas but he says no again and leaves. Luke says if Stefan finds out that Helena recruited her against him, he'll kill her. She doesn't agree so he calls her "stupid". Alexis then admits he might be right. Either way, she's dead. Luke points out she has a third option: join forces with him and "take control of the Cassadine empire" herself.