General Hospital Friday December 19th Update


General Hospital Update Friday 12/19/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Katherine and Stefan leave Nickolas' bedside so Sarah can visit him. Liz and Lucky hover outside. Liz says she's sorry Lucky's heart is broken, but he denies it. Sarah gives Nickolas a little bell as a present and kisses him. Stefan and Katherine return so Sarah leaves. Nickolas asks Stefan something on paper and Stefan replies, "Absolutely not!" Nickolas starts to get up so Stefan stops him. Sarah asks Kath if she thinks Stefan will keep her from visiting Nickolas at home. Kath doesn't think so. Lucky and Liz are on their way to the cafeteria for lunch when Stefan comes out and tells Lucky, "Nickolas would like you to visit with him". Lucky says he has to think about it. Sarah and Liz leave. Kath tells Stefan she thinks it's a good idea if Lucky and Nickolas work things out. Stefan chats with Nickolas briefly, then he and Kath leave him alone. Lucky decides to visit. Nickolas writes "Laura's B-Day". He's concerned about whether she knows of his condition, but Lucky tells him that none of them wanted her to know. Lucky gets impatient so Nickolas tries to talk but it doesn't make any sense. Nickolas gets really upset and Lucky gets concerned.

Luke gives Alexis a tape of her mother Kristen's singing. Alexis bitterly asks what he wants, but he says nothing..."for now". She reiterates that she would never hurt Stefan for him. He warns her that with her parentage out in the open, she's in danger. He wants to listen to the tape. She relates how Mikkos used to listen to opera all the time so she have heard her mother already. He takes the hint and leaves. She listens to it and smiles, then she cries. Alexis goes to Stefan and Kath to find out how Nickolas is, but Stefan refuses to tell her anything or let her back in their lives. She slinks away, miserable. She returns home and hears the tape playing so she yells, "Luke!" thinking it's him, but it's Helena Cassadine.

AJ tells Carly he plans to prove she's lying by asking Jason if he's really the father. She informs him that she and Jason had a "relationship" before she even met him. He doesn't believe her. She gives him details of how she and Jason met and had anonymous sex. Jason comes back and wonders what's up. AJ puts down Carly and makes a similar mistake to Tony. He asks Jason if he's the father, but he doesn't let him answer. Instead AJ claims he's the father. He tells Jason he plans to get the paternity test and sue for sole custody, so Jason should just "get out of the way". Carly worries while she waits for them to talk privately. AJ fills Jason in on what happened between him and Carly. He's surprised to hear Jason knows everything. Jason says he doesn't "agree with what she did" but he thinks Carly deserves to keep her baby. AJ does everything he can to convince Jason but Jason doesn't care. He just wants to help her now. From what Jason says, AJ gets the idea that Jason could be the father.

Brenda worries about being committed but Jax assures her that won't happen. She goes in for a psychiatric evaluation before a small but daunting panel. Things seem to go fine but they won't tell her right away if she passed. They call for an orderly to take her back to her room. Meanwhile, Jax waits patiently outside. When the attendant and Brenda are walking, she sees Jax and Julia talking and signing papers. Jax seems unsure as to whether she should sign. Thinking they are signing commitment papers, she totally freaks out and bolts for the door. Two orderlies run after her through a door. Jax yells through the door. She scream maniacally as they put another strait jacket on her. Jax and Julia question the doctor, who says Brenda is having "a progressive mental breakdown" so they need to keep her from hurting herself. Jax demands to know where she is, and we see she's on a small bed with the strait jacket still on, rocking herself.