General Hospital Thursday December 18th Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 12/18/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Tess and Jimmy plot. She plans to fake a suicide attempt so she can sucker Mac into helping her and then stick him with a syringe. Tess explains it will make Mac immobile. Jimmy disguises his voice and phones Mac

Felicia wanders if she should check on Tess but Mac thinks Tess wasn't really grieving. She leaves for a PTA book fair. He gets a call that Tess is in trouble. Mac gives him instructions and says he's on his way.

Jimmy hides while Mac comes in and predictably tries to get Tess up on her feet. He walks her around but when she gets the syringe, he sees it coming and grabs her hand. So Jimmy jumps out and conks Mac on the head. She sticks him with the syringe and phones someone. She tells Jimmy that someone will be there to transport Mac to a cabin. They go over some more details of Mac's life. Mac stirs so the she hypos him again. Later, Tess tells Mac he's going on a trip to the woods.

When Felicia returns, "Mac" makes a mistake so she gives him a hard time about not listening to her earlier. He covers well.

Stefan testily asks Bobbie why Nickolas is not off the ventilator by now. She assures him things are fine and the doctor will be there soon. Stefan leaves to find him. Katherine takes Bobbie aside to see if another nurse can be assigned, since Bobbie makes Stefan "uncomfortable". Bobbie doesn't care and reminds Kath how he treated HER not too long ago. Kath starts to explain but she doesn't want to hear it. Sarah arrives so they tell her to go in and visit Nickolas. Nickolas writes sweet notes and flirts with her. She kisses him repeatedly. Kath watches them, smiling. Stefan returns and tells her that the doctor is on his way. They chat about his return to Windemere. She points out that he keeps assuming she is included in these plans. The doctor examines Nickolas while Stefan hints that he wants her to move in. Bobbie tells them they removed the ventilator. They all go in to see Nickolas.

Amy tells Lucky, who is there with Sarah, how Nickolas is faring. Luke comes up, surprised to see him. Amy remarks that Lucky really does care about his brother, but both guys deny it. Lucky asks Luke why they helped save Nickolas' life. Luke assures him he's not "weak" and that there's a difference between wanting someone dead and letting them die.

Jason warns Carly that she's in danger as long as she's with him. She's more worried about him but he says when the baby comes, she must move out. She persuades him to let her stay. Jason is doing the books for Luke's club while she snoops. Tony visits and informs Jason that Carly has told lies about him and is "using" him. Jason protests that Carly doesn't lie to him. Tony questions him about being the father of the baby. Since he never directly asks Jason, he doesn't have to lie. They argue about the baby and whose it is. Tony says it's his, Jason says it's Carly's, and "you can't own a baby like a car". They also argue about Jason being brain-damaged. Carly starts yelling at Tony, who yells back, so Jason orders him out. Tony insists Carly leave, too, since she and the baby are in danger there. (I missed some here) Later, Carly gets one of Jason's thugs to help her move some stuff out of her apartment.

AJ runs into Alan, who assumes he knows about Tony and Carly's breakup. Alan says he knows AJ knows something about it. Alan tells him that Carly claims Jason is the father. AJ, shocked, doubts it and calls Carly "a psychopath". Alan doesn't understand why she would lie. They argue. AJ suggests he ask Jason. Alan accuses him of being jealous of his brother and then stalks off. Keesha walks up, so AJ fills her in. They wonder what Carly's up to now. AJ decides to confront Jason. When he gets there, Carly is on her way out.