General Hospital Wednesday December 17th Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/17/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Felicia goes to the Outback to find Mac laying on the bar, holding a flower and pretending to be dead (to tease her), so she pours water on his head. Tess comes in and pretends to be so upset about Jimmy's untimely death so they comfort her. Felicia suggests a funeral service but Tess says it's already happened upstate where Jimmy was killed. They are a bit suspicious but she cries and lies. They ask where he's buried but she says he was cremated. She thanks them and tells them she plans to go back to California with his ashes. She asks Felicia to mail the documents she gave her, then she leaves. Later, Mac and Felicia are still kind of suspicious.

Beforehand, James meets Tess outside the Outback. He hides in the car while she goes inside. Later, she tells them she thinks Mac and Felicia are suspicious. He is annoyed that she slipped up and missed some of the details; he worries about trouble from the ex-mercenary and ex- police commissioner. She tells him it's time to make their move.

Katherine tries to get Stefan to rest at home. They chat about Nickolas' condition. Stefan blames himself for letting Nickolas do everything he wanted to do, like an ordinary boy. She points out that Nickolas would have gone to Luke's Club anyway and just resented him later. Stefan admits he's terrified of Nickolas' dying. He looks after Nickolas' horse, Sheba, and later tries to explain to Kath his love for his "nephew". He talks about an accident Nickolas had where he almost drowned.

Gail chats with Doctor Rogers about Brenda's condition.; he tells her that Brenda hit a few nurses last night before Jax could calm her. They consider contacting Julia but she's in China; Rogers relates that Jax stayed with Brenda all night and left only at dawn. The nurse tells them she's "quiet" so Gail goes to talk to Brenda. She tells her about wanting to contact Julia. Brenda just wants to leave but she's confused and disoriented; she can't remember what happened at the photo shoot. She says someone wants to hurt her so Gail asks if it was Sonny. Jax comes back and watches them, then Gail talks to him bout Brenda's condition. He visits Brenda and tries to be cheery. She is so out of it, she doesn't even know what day it is. She's upset that they keep tying her hands. She thanks him for taking care of her.

Jax visits Jason and beats up one of his bodyguards in the process. He threatens that he and Sonny will pay for what they did to Brenda. Jax demands to know where Sonny is so Jason wonders what's up. Jax fills him in on Brenda's condition and accuses him and Sonny of wanting to hurt her. Jax says if Sonny comes back to town, he's a "dead man". He and Jason start physically fighting, so Carly runs in and yells at Jax to leave. Jax leaves and Carly wonders what's going on. Jason fills her in. Mike visits so Carly goes back upstairs. They chat about Brenda. Mike says only Sonny can help her, so he asks him to phone Sonny and get him home. Jason refuses, saying there's nothing he can do. Mike argues but Jason says, "My life has nothing to do with Sonny anymore, I'm on my own" and so is Brenda. Mike says if something happens to her, Sonny will blame himself. But Jason just says he's sorry so Mike leaves. Carly comes back and gives her support, such as it is. He gets slightly irritated when she compares their predicaments.

Edward reads the morning papers with Lila, Ned, and Justus at breakfast. Emily and Monica enter. Monica is cheery because AJ will be there for Christmas dinner. Alan enters to say "Jason is going to be a father". Their mouths drop open and everyone asks for an explanation. Monica questions the truth of it and Alan says Carly is the mother and she split with Tony. Monica talks about how horrible Carly is so they wonder why she's so vehement. Justus says Carly "has the psyche of a career criminal". They all argue about Jason. Alan is thrilled at the idea of being a grandpa and maybe getting closer with Jason. He thinks it might change him back into the old Jason. Emily keeps protesting that it can't be true because Jason loves Robin. Venus visits Ned to fill him in about Brenda. They are all shocked. Ned and Edward do damage control to make sure the TV stations won't air anything about it. Lila asks Justus why he doesn't like Carly but he says he can't say. Monica is also keeping mum but says, "She's using both of them". Alan wonders how so she says AJ is keeping a big secret about Carly and it's not her place to tell it.