General Hospital Tuesday December 16th Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/16/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Stefan continues to sit by Nickolas' bedside. Katherine visits to offer comfort. Nickolas stirs and awakens. Stefan fills him in on what's beeing going on, the weather and such. Nickolas beckons for a notepad so he gives him one. Nickolas writes a note asking about Sarah. Katherine tells him that Sarah was there every day. Things are awkward as Katherine explains that his visitors were restricted, but she doesn't know why. Bobbie comes in so she asks her, but Bobbie doesn't know, either. She assures Nickolas he won't be there very long but mentions that Sarah is waiting out in the hall. Katherine goes outside. Bobbie asks Stefan out into the hall. She asks if he has a problem with her nursing but Stefan only blames her for being there at all, and for Luke and Jason being responsible for Nickolas' injuries. She makes a rude remark but he asks if Laura has been told. He doesn't want her to visit and bother Nickolas again. Later, Stefan watches as Bobbie chats to a silent Nickolas. She makes another snide remark to her ex-husband as she leaves. Stefan tells Bobbie that she never had her "replaced" at GH because Nickolas is so fond of her. But he threatens to take it out on Luke and Jason if Nickolas doesn't recover. Bobbie laughs that Luke is not responsible and quips, "I'd love to have you take this up with Jason Morgan. Do you want his address?"

Sarah quizzes Katherine about visiting Nickolas and gives her a message for Nickolas. Sarah feels guilty since she was the one who invited Nickolas to Luke's party. She knows Stefan blames her, too. Katherine is surprised that Stefan is responsible for keeping Sarah out so she offers to talk to him. They bond a little. Later, Sarah does get to visit, along with Katherine and Stefan. The doctor tells them that Nickolas will need to be there at least another 24 hours. Stefan gets a note delivered to him and rushes out, saying he'll be back in an hour. Katherine follows. Sarah kisses Nickolas goodbye and Bobbie manages to get a smile out of him. Meanwhile, Lucky watches him through the window.

Jax helps Lucy to calm Brenda down. She finally sees him through her tears and asks, "Why won't he leave me alone?" They sedate Brenda. Lucy apologizes profusely but Brenda tells her it's not her fault, she blames Sonny for trying to hurt her. Jax is angry at Sonny, too. Lucy and Jax go outside the room to confer. Jax tells Lucy she's not to blame. He worries about the publicity and Lucy remembers that the film crew was shooting during the breakdown. They plot how to get the video back. She leaves and Jax phones the Star TV offices, but in the meantime the guy he's trying to phone shows up to see how Brenda is. He apologizes to Jax for what happened but also informs him that they're airing part of the photo shoot on the news. Jax is outraged but the guy says he has no choice. Jax even offers to buy the station but he turns him down. Jax phones Lucy and she comes by. Trent, the Star TV guy, comes back to say the major cities' affiliates have refused to air the show with Brenda's breakdown (thanks to pressure from Jax). The doctor tells them that they'll keep Brenda there for at least 72 hours, and possibly more if they think she's a danger to herself or others. They go in and visit her, but she's asleep. Lucy waits outside and Jax goes in to sit by her bed and hold her hand. He vows that Sonny will never get near her again.

Tony returns to his office and slams Carly's picture down on the desk. Alan comes in and invites him out to dinner or a drink. Tony declines so Alan knows something's up. Alan asks about the custody thing so Tony tells him the baby's not his, it's Jason's. He gives Alan the details about their fight and asks him if he knows if there's anything between Jason and Carly. Alan says he has no idea, he's never seen them together but he doesn't have much contact with him. Tony probes for details about Robin and Jason. Alan says Jason asked him about having sex with Robin but he doesn't know what actually happened between them. Tony worries that he or Carly will need to get tested for HIV. Alan says he illegally tested Jason for HIV when he was in the hospital after getting shot and he was clean. Tony asks Alan to keep quiet about Jason for now. Alan says it's bound to come out, plus he and Monica have promised not to keep secrets from each other any more. But he will keep it in his family. Later, Alan talks about the irony of it all and how much he misses Jason, before he leaves. He stands outside, thinking about Jason being a father.

Jason tries to get rid of Carly but she says that she doesn't know what she'll do if she leaves. He lets her in and tells her to go upstairs and get warm while he finishes his meeting. One of the men tells Jason that they prefer him over Sonny because he wouldn't let a woman distract him and get him in trouble the way Sonny did with Brenda. Jason thanks them and they leave. Carly comes back down and one of Jason's men gives her some soup. She fills him in on Tony breaking up with her. She also tells him that Bobbie is her real mother but doesn't know it and that she doesn't know who the father of her baby is, either. She tells him all about her past, her foster mother, her real name, how she came to Port Charles, why she hates Bobbie, and how she went after Tony to hurt Bobbie. He asks who else knows; she replies that Luke does. Then she tells him that she slept with someone else and Tony in the same night and he guesses that it was AJ. She is shocked. He tells her he figured it out a long time ago. She explains about drugging AJ and how both of them want custody of her child. Then she drops the big bomb: she told Tony the baby was his. He looks perturbed, although he still doesn't say much. She explains why she did it, to keep her baby. Jason tells her he won't be marrying her but she laughs, that's not what she wants. He doesn't care that she said it but points out that it was so long ago how will they believe it? She tells him that she lied that they had been sleeping together lately. She knows they will get a blood test but she'll cross that bridge later. She asks him to lie to AJ but he says he can't. He offers his help so she asks if she can stay there for awhile, since he has so much room. He agrees and they joke around. He goes to do some business but she stops him and asks him to promise not to tell anyone if he's the father, if no one should ask. He agrees to that.