General Hospital Monday December 15th Update


General Hospital Update Monday 12/15/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Brenda continues to freak out but she finally puts down the equipment. She is telling them all to stay away when Lucy comes in. Lucy is speechless for once. They all watch silently as Brenda slowly walks away from where she was shooting. One of the men tells Lucy that he's called a paramedics. As Lucy walks toward Brenda slowly, Brenda freaks out and Lucy grabs her and holds her. She tells Brenda to calm down and talks to her, trying to get her to go outside with her. Brenda's fists are clenched but she allows Lucy to hold one so she can walk her out. Frank Scanlon and his paramedic team arrive; Frank makes the mistake of asking, "Is that the patient?" so Brenda freaks out some more. This time it's Frank's turn to grab her but Brenda keeps screaming "let me go!" Lucy gets Frank to let Brenda go and she calms down. Lucy phones Kevin and tells him that she's pushed Brenda too hard to go to work so there's "a problem". She explains about the paramedics. Kevin advises her to get Brenda to the hospital and tells Brenda that "nothing makes sense now" and "Frank is one of the good guys". She also agrees to the restraints. Lucy tells her she can ride with her in the ambulance. Frank shows Brenda the restraints and tells her they aren't as scary as they look. Between Frank and Lucy, they manage to get the restraints on her. Brenda smiles and tells them, "I'm fine" and says "I don't need you" to an absent Sonny.

Jax meets with Justus in his car to thank him for the Jakarta deal. Justus says he was left out of the loop. Jax wonders where he fits into the company but Justus tells him that the board still has to approve it. Jax laughs that the board just "rubber-stamps" whatever Ned and Edward want. Jax is surprised to learn that Justus is not on the board but he probes him for information on Sonny's whereabouts, then makes snide comments about him representing Jason. Justus tells him he's not Jason's lawyer. Jax gets on Justus' nerves. He asks Justus about his loyalties to ELQ; Justus says there's nothing that keeps him tied to the Q's, which makes Jax happy so he leaves.

Lucy phones Jax from the GH psych ward to tell him Brenda's collapsed. He can hear Brenda screaming in the background so he rushes out. The doctors try to get Brenda to stay calm but she's not very lucid. They leave her with Lucy, who comforts her. Brenda asks if they work for Sonny. Lucy assures her they don't. The doctor comes back in so Brenda starts yelling at her to stay out. She's acting very paranoid. Jax arrives and rushes in. He can't believe it when he sees madwoman Brenda screaming hysterically while they try to restrain her again.

Luke visits Jason, steamed about what happened the other night. Jason tries to explain that he was taking care of it, but Luke blasts him for running out of town when he was needed. He asks if Robin is in danger but Jason won't answer. Jason tells him he's not Sonny so he doesn't have to explain things to him. Luke is stunned but quickly recovers. He tells Jason he deserves an answer because his son was there at the shooting. Jason tells him he was only gone a day and he's back in charge. He offers to pay for another party for Luke and admits he made a mistake in not hitting Moreno first. Jason fills Luke in that Valentine is the one who was working both sides. Luke advises him to "stay focused" or else bail and go off with Robin. Jason understands. He asks about Laura but Luke is noncommittal. Luke runs into Justus. They trade insults. Luke gives him a hard time about being Jason's lawyer before he leaves. Justus tells him that the case is closed, Nickolas will be fine and no one's pressing any charges. Jason is happy but asks Justus if he's thought about working for him. Jason tells him no pressure, but he needs counsel that he can trust. He even points out that they're "family", which makes Justus laugh. He promises to consider it. Some men walk in and Jason introduces them to Justus, who leaves right after that. He tells them they got all three shooters. When they ask about Sonny, he confirms that Sonny is gone and he's in charge now. He tells them that Moreno won't quit, though; he tells them that Moreno will want them to retire so he can take over. He plans to go in and shut down Moreno's drug operations by delivering them to the DEA so that Moreno will back down. If he doesn't, he'll "retaliate". One of the men stands up and tells Jason that he plans to cooperate with Jason. All the other men fall in, too. Jason talks about business further.

Carly tells Tony that not only is Jason the father of her baby, but she slept with him a LOT. He doesn't believe her so she goes into elaborate and juicy detail about how she met Jason. She delights in rubbing Tony's nose in her "down and dirty" sex with Jason and comparing the two men. Tony can't take any more so he tells her tersely that she can keep the apartment. He is about to leave when she yells that she and Jason had sex all over the apartment under his nose. Bobbie knocks right then and walks in; she stops in her tracks when she sees Carly's face. Bobbie excuses herself, realizing she is interrupting something awful. Tony doesn't leave but advises Carly to stop the fighting to protect the baby. Carly won't be deterred from her mission to yell at him. Tony asks her to explain how Robin fits into all this. He still doesn't believe Carly's story. Carly says that Jason and she were just physical. She proceeds to berate Tony and uses the truth to spin her lies about sleeping with Jason. He finally has enough and yells "shut up!" but she keeps up with the insults about how he's a middle-aged loser that she used. She tells him he's lousy in bed before she leaves. But ouside, she breaks down crying outside the door.

Inside the office, Tony is shaking with anger and hurt. We next see him in the restroom, where he is looking in the mirror after having splashed cold water on his face. He flashes back to all the times he saw Carly and Jason together, trying to figure out if he was really that blind.

Luke visits Bobbie, who tells her brother that he thinks Tony and Carly are breaking up right now. Luke scoffs at the idea until Bobbie says Tony's suing Carly for custody of the baby. She is bugged that he's trying to take her baby away, which amazes Luke. She admits she feels bad for the baby, but she thinks the baby might change Carly. She gets upset when she talks about a woman's "bond" with her baby, so Luke hugs her.

Jason is talking to his business associates when Carly tries to barge in. He runs to the door and she is standing there in tears, her hair matted. He tries to tell her it's not a good time but she says she has bad news.