General Hospital Friday December 12th Update


General Hospital Update Friday 12/12/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Jason and Robin come back to her place after touring Paris in high spirits. He surprises her when he says he bought a book about Paris after she left. She confesses she thinks about him all the time. She hands him a pastry or sandwich she bought that she knows he'll like, and he does. They talk about Sonny being gone. Jason tells her Sonny left her stocks and bonds but she only cares about Jason being in danger from what Sonny left him. She is especially upset when she finds out Joseph and Pete are dead. They argue about his being in the mob, as usual. He starts to leave but she asks to walk him out since she has to go to class anyway. She still worries about him being in danger. She cries and begs him to stay with her. A man is rushing up very close to them so Jason pushes him away instinctively to protect Robin. The man starts cussing at him in French so Jason grabs him by the lapels and threatens him in French. She says, "I told you, you could speak French" and asks him to stay again. Later, we see Jason flying back on a plane. He flashes back to telling Robin that he can't leave Port Charles because he promised Sonny. She tells him she loves him and kisses him before she leaves. Later, Robin writes in her journal some more and cries.

One of the guys helping at Brenda's photo shoot tells her that Lucy won't be there but he offers to help in any way he can. She appreciates his help. Then he tells her that the people making the documentary (Star TV) want to film her getting ready for the photo shoot. She okays it. The TV director comes up and fills her in on what's going to happen. The director questions her while she's in the makeup chair. Jax shows up and she smiles at him. After she's "done", Brenda takes a break and greets Jax, who's brought her flowers. He tells her he can only stay a little while, he has some business to do. She says she'll be fine. Brenda is decked out in jewelry and wearing a gorgeous white dress as they start the photo shoot. She slowly starts to freak out during the shoot, getting nervous and frazzled, but no one notices. When Jax leaves, her vision blurs so she asks to rest her eyes. She looks around and doesn't see Jax. When a camera bulb explodes, everyone jumps. The director questions her about her reactions. They shoot some more but Brenda seems still frazzled. Her vision blurs again. Then she sees a vision of Jason standing there in his blood-stained shirt, saying "He said to tell you it was a great ride". Then she really freaks out and starts screaming; she pulls the jewelry off and starts trashing the set, yelling "Get away from me!" They all look at her in shock. She won't let any of them near her as she brandishes part of a camera tripod.

Edward and Justus read the newspaper; Edward rages that the Quartermaine name is all over the gang shooting story. Justus says that maybe Jason is the one who should be ashamed to be associated with them, since as far as they know Jason's never killed anyone, but they know Justus has and Edward helped him cover it up! Ned comes in and tells them that they're very close to getting ELQ Jakarta back. They fill Justus in on what's been going on. He is annoyed that they worked with Jax and he didn't know anything about it. Jax visits as they prepare to sign the papers to get the company back. He says he hopes it's soon because if his brother Jerry doesn't hear from him in 20 minutes, several factories in Jakarta will "suffer some serious damage". Justus looks very displeased at the Jax brothers' methods. Ned gets the call and tells them they got the company back. Jax phones Jerry to tell him the deal went through. Jax goes to sign the contracts. Justus looks on in disgust.

Carly visits Tony in his office. She shows him some color swatches for the nursery. He tells her they won't be moving into the new house after all, he killed the deal. She asks why so he says she didn't seem interested. She tells him she loved the house. Things are awkward. She suggests he call the realtor back but he says, "I've lost interest". He explains that buying a house is too stressful what with her condition and all. So she drops it but tells him that they'll need to buy some stuff for the apartment, then. He says he has work to do so he leaves; she says she'll wait. She goes through her purse and finds AJ's court order. Carly comes in and interrupts; she has legal papers from Alexis for Tony. Carly grabs them out of her hands and reads them after Amy leaves. Later, Tony walks in and finds her crying. She throws the papers at him angrily. She looks at him quietly, hurt. He says he's sorry she found out this way. She asks him why and wonders who told him what. He notes that she has "a lot of enemies". She says they're all jealous of their life. He tells her he doesn't feel the same way anymore...he explains calmly and quietly that he's had enough of her excuses and lies and he's never forgiven her for stealing Bobbie's custody papers. She gets him to admit that he did love her but the past tense bothers her. She is outraged and continues to badger him so he has to list all her lies and his suspicions. Finally he tells her, "I think the baby's better off with me". She starts to berate him so he tells her to stop, that's enough. But she does anyway, calling him "weak and pathetic". He agrees that he had a big midlife crisis and apologizes for hurting her but says he never knew she was so "unstable". He says he thought they'd get married and then they'd get a divorce a few years later, but now he realizes that would have been horrible for both him and the baby. She tells him in no uncertain terms that he's not getting her baby, no matter what he does. Carly tells him that she lied to him a LOT because it's not his baby. He wants to know whose it is, so she says, "Jason's".