General Hospital Thursday December 11th Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 12/11/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Carly is outraged by AJ's court order for the paternity test but AJ doesn't care much, given her lies. They argue. Carly asks him what he would do anyway if the baby WAS his. He says he just has to know, but she wonders what else he plans. They keep arguing. Finally he says if it's his baby, he'd like to raise it. She scoffs at the idea. Then she threatens him before she stalks off. Keesha finds AJ and tells him she really does forgive him for sleeping with Carly. He tells her about his argument with Carly. He is surprised himself by his feeling that he wants to raise his baby. He tells Keesha how touched he felt when he saw the baby on the sonogram. She thinks it's "wonderful" that he is so in touch with his feelings now. They talk about Tony and Carly.

Tony tells Bobbie that he hired Alexis for her legal expertise and she figures out why. He tells her he's suing for sole custody of the baby. She thinks he'll have a big fight on his hands when Carly finds out. Things are a bit awkward between them because of his previous custody fight with Bobbie. He apologizes to her for doing that, saying it was because of how "out of touch" he was. He worries that Bobbie will never forgive him for it. She confides it still hurts to think about it, but she points out that things have turned out well with Lucas. Tony also worries about how he'll look, taking a baby from its mother. He confesses that he really wanted a good family with Carly and the baby. Bobbie says she thinks Carly really feels for the baby, but Tony says Carly is too "unstable". Bobbie remembers being a pregnant teen and having to give up her baby, so she's not so sure. He says he wants her opinion but she blasts him, saying he only wants her support, he doesn't really care about what she thinks. He is grateful for her advice, even though she's not convinced that he should sue for custody. Alexis phones so she excuses herself. Carly comes trouncing up, upset, so Bobbie asks if she's okay. Carly just wants to get in to see Tony but Bobbie quickly warns her not to. Carly snaps at her so Bobbie explains that Tony's on the phone with a business call but Carly decides to be a bitch as usual. So Bobbie walks away, deciding not to protect her. Carly walks in and hears that Tony is consulting with Alexis. He quickly hangs up and she questions him. He points out that Alexis works for GH but Carly doesn't buy it. He wonders why she's so stressed out; she just asks if he can come home early. He makes excuses and says he needs to work late so she gets very upset. Then she calms down and apologizes, saying she's had a horrible day. He asks what happened but she's vague, just saying that people are saying bad things to her. She talks about how she'll be a good wife, etc. so he changes the subject. He gets her to leave and advises her to take care of herself. She says she'll go home and play the song he wrote, which makes him feel guilty.

In Paris, a man working for Jason tells him that they're doing their best to keep Robin safe. Jason hides so Robin won't see him. She orders some food from the man, wondering where the usual guy is. She is reading "Madame Bouvary" so they chat about that briefly. Jason watches from nearby, his heart in his throat. But Robin spies him anyway as she is walking away. They stare at each other in a sweet way before they finally hug and laugh, glad to see each other. Then they kiss passionately. Then she realizes something's wrong so she asks him. He explains what happened at Luke's party. It upsets her but she determines to put their problems aside while he's there. She asks him not to leave yet, even though he'd planned to leave tonight. She takes him back to her place. He admires a picture of the Eiffel Tower and she offers to take him to it tomorrow. She shows him her "journal" which is really just letters to him. She points out a place out the window where Jason Quartermaine used to hang out when he was there. They hold each other.

Mac gets a tip by phone that James Meadows was seen. Felicia is thrilled, but Mac tells her that the man is dead. Mac explains to Tess later that Jimmy's car was found in Dunston, a town near the Canadian border. His car hit a tree and he died immediately, Mac explains. Tess seems shaken (an act) and Felicia consoles her that although Jimmy did some bad stuff, he didn't deserve to die. Mac and Felicia offer to take Tess up there to identify the body. Later, they go to the morgue in Dunston. The "body" is indeed Jimmy and everyone recognizes him. Tess pretends to be upset. Mac and Felicia go outside to wait for her. Felicia is very upset and tells Mac, with tears in her eyes, "I don't want you to die!" He consoles her. Meanwhile, James complains about how cold it is in there to Tess and the fake morgue doctor.