General Hospital Wednesday December 10th Update


GH Update Wednesday 12/10/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

I missed Tuesday's or can't find the tape it's on (I seem to have trouble lately keeping Tuesday episodes...) but basically what happened is that Stefan is ungrateful for the help Jason, Luke, and Alexis gave Nickolas; Jason doesn't have a lawyer because Valentine was in on the plot against him, so Justus goes to the station and helps him out; Jason gets a phone call that threatens Robin so he rushes to Paris to make she's okay; Bobbie urges Luke to tell Laura about what happened to Nickolas but Lucky talks him out of it; Nickolas pulls through the surgery but the doctor tells Stefan he would have died if Jason hadn't helped him; Stefan expresses his love for his son Nickolas (privately); and after another fight with Carly when she rushes to the police station to see if Jason is okay, Tony tells Bobbie that he doesn't love Carly anymore.

Brenda has her photo shoot where they're also shooting a documentary about her. The cameramen argue a bit. Jax comes up to watch. They take a quick break. Jax is amazed at how cool and confident Brenda seems. Jax notices the documentary cameraman shooting them so he goes over and tells them to knock it off and he demands they give him the videocassette. The man refuses but Jax pushes. The director, Gus, tries to shmooze him but it doesn't work, so Gus has the cameraman give Jax the cassette. Brenda notices something's up so he fills her in. Brenda is startled when someone takes a picture while she's not looking. They finish the shoot and everything looks fine. Jax asks Brenda to lunch; she accepts but says she has an errand first.

Katherine is visiting Stefan and Nickolas in the hospital; they notice that Nickolas is waking up. Stefan fills Nickolas in on his situation and offers comfort. Katherine also reassures Nickolas. Stefan is tired and overcome with emotion; they go outside. She hugs him and urges him to let his feelings out so he cries on her shoulder. Bobbie comes up to check on Nickolas so they tell her he opened his eyes. Stefan thinks "something's wrong" but Bobbie assures him that Nickolas is probably just groggy from the surgery. Katherine helps Bobbie out but Stefan is not to be appeased. Bobbie agrees to help him check Nickolas out. Sarah comes up and Katherine tells her Nickolas is fine. Sarah was there all night, too. Liz and Lucky come up to see how Nickolas is and to comfort Sarah. Liz brought food and fresh clothes for her sister. Lucky eyes Sarah as she watches Nickolas; Bobbie assures a not-too-interested Lucky that his half-brother is fine. Bobbie tells Stefan to ask Nickolas a question and have him write an answer, to check his neurological signs. Stefan wonders if it's too soon but goes ahead anyway. Stefan asks him if he's in pain. It is a great effort for Nickolas but he successfully writes "only when I laugh". Stefan laughs, relieved, and kisses him. He tells him he loves him.

Bobbie wonders if Lucky cares more about Nickolas than he's letting on but he denies it as usual. Liz urges Sarah to phone Audrey, who is worried. She suggests Lucky visit Nickolas but he refuses vehemently. Stefan and Katherine come back out and Liz shivers because Stefan gives her "the creeps". Stefan happily shows Bobbie what Nickolas wrote. Katherine suggests that Stefan let Sarah go in to visit Nickolas, so he does. She just pokes her head in and wishes him well, since he's sleeping. Liz observes that Lucky is more upset about his brother than he's letting himself admit.

Carly is looking for Tony at GH when she runs into Lorraine. Carly is not happy to see her and they trade insults and threats as usual. But Carly admits she's kind of "fond" of Lorraine and her constant threats. Lorraine tells her about Tony's suspicions but says that Tony's concerned about her past, not the baby. Carly tells her about the fight they had. When Carly talks enthusiastically about Jason, Lorraine asks if they ever slept together, but Carly denies it. Carly wishes that it was Jason and not AJ she had slept with that fateful night. Lorraine worries about getting that GH job since Carly is fighting with Tony.

Alexis asks Tony about Nickolas' condition since Stefan won't let Nickolas' doctor talk to her. He promises to look into it. Alan arrives so she leaves. Tony tells him that he's been a blind fool. Alan completely understands, since he's been there. Tony wants a good lawyer so Alan suggests Alexis. Tony doesn't want Carly to raise his child. Alan is distracted and claims it's because of the shooting. Tony asks Alan not to tell anyone about his plans.

Alexis quizzes Bobbie about Nickolas' condition. Bobbie fills her in and Alexis is grateful. Tony phones Alexis and asks her to come by again. They meet and Alexis tells Tony that the prospect of getting custody of Carly's baby isn't good. He tells her that he has dirt on Carly but she's skeptical. However, she agrees to take the case. He thanks her and reminds her that the baby is due in one month. Bobbie notices Alexis leaving so she goes in to ask Tony why she was there.

AJ chats with Keesha in the GH medical library. They wonder how Jason is. Keesha worries about Jason but AJ is happy about Jason's medical expertise resurfacing again. He asks her for dinner but she is too busy. He insists so she tells him that she's distancing herself because of his secret about Carly. He is about to tell her the truth when Alan walks in looking for Tony. Alan is about to leave so AJ stops him. He wants Alan to hear the truth, too. Alan blows him off and leaves. Keesha observes that Alan looked upset and pale. AJ tells Keesha about sleeping with Carly 8 months ago. He apologizes to her for what he did, even though they were broken up by then. She says she forgives him but she looks annoyed so he leaves. He finds Carly and gives her the court order for the paternity test. Carly pouts.

Brenda visits Nickolas in his room; he wakes up but can't say anything. Things are awkward. She explains that she knows what he's feeling because she's experienced gangland violence, too. She offers him comfort and tells him he'll recover, etc. then she leaves.