General Hospital Monday December 8th Update


General Hospital Update Monday 12/8/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Luke has his wild party....everyone is dressed up, men in black tie. Everyone seems to be having a great time, dancing up a storm. Luke advises his staff not to be so formal with the customers. Mike wonders what the occasion is but Luke doesn't really have an answer.

The Q's are a bit stuffy, as usual. Alan is grouchy and has a headache. Edward quizzes Brenda on her relationship with Jax, who lurks nearby. Jason shows up, much to everyone's dismay. Jax greets Jason and asks him if there's a poker game going on in the back room. Jason's not interested but says he'll ask Luke.

Emily sort of explains to Liz about Jason and his relationship with Brenda and Sonny. Lucky dances with Emily. Justus jokes around with Dara at the bar.

Luke gives out a bottle of mescal tequila to Amy for a prize for best dancing. Nickolas arrives to meet Sarah, who's not there yet. Emily tells him she'll be late. Luke gives him a hard time about not being invited so Nickolas goes outside to wait. Jason chats with Luke about the poker game. They go outside to talk about the details. Suddenly, gunfire erupts and everyone ducks for cover as Jason's men fire back. Brenda seems particularly shocked.

All of this happens before the theme song! Great episode, great show.

In the aftermath, everyone crawls around wondering if it's safe to get up. Edward is slumped over a table, possibly from a heart attack, so Justus helps him. Brenda says "it's him" and rushes outside with Jax. They see a hurt body on the ground and for a moment she thinks it's Sonny, but it's Nickolas. Jason and Luke help him as he struggles for air. Lucky watches from nearby, concerned. Sarah comes up just then. Jason sends one of his men to get a doctor. Mike keeps a suddenly-hysterical Sarah from getting in the way. Alan comforts Emily and goes inside with her. He gets his coat so he can take his pills before he goes outside to help. Jason prepares to perform a tracheotomy on Nickolas, who can't breathe. Luke uses his lighter to sterilize a knife and Jason uses a pen for a breathing tube. Luke gets Nickolas to focus on him while Jason cuts into him. Alan watches, useless. Monica finally arrives and Jason asks her to check his work over. Liz comforts Sarah, who's sobbing. Jason tells Monica that one of his men is dead. Now that the danger is past, Luke reacts, upset, and looks at the blood on his hands. Nickolas reaches his hand out to Luke, who seems amazed that he cares about Nickolas. He holds Nickolas' hand and talks to him in a touching way as he rides with him in the ambulance.

Dara, Garcia, and Taggert are disgusted that the mob violence has returned. Justus sticks up for Jason's quick-thinking that saved Nickolas' life. Garcia goes to talk to Jason, who won't talk to him. The cops grill him anyway. They insinuate that Sonny might have been behind the hit. Mike phones Stefan to leave a message about Nickolas.

Inside, Alan lies to Monica that he didn't help Nickolas because he was busy with Edward. She only cares about Jason. Edward is fine but shaken as he talks about what a violent world they live in. Jax and Brenda try to comfort him a bit. Brenda wryly observes that Jason has learned well from Sonny. Monica, Alan, and Edward talk about Jason's heroics with the medical emergency. Alan is proud of Jason.

Emily and Lucky talk about what could have motivated the shooting. Lucky asks Mike about Luke and finds out he went with Nickolas. Lucky jealously observes that Luke doesn't care about Nickolas but Mike doesn't buy it from either of them. The cops continue to harrass Jason; Mike defends Jason, then Edward, who tries to get Justus to help out. Justus says that Jason has a lawyer if he needs one. Taggert wants to use Jason's efforts with helping Nickolas to arrest him for assault (since he cut into him with a knife), much to everyone's outrage. Garcia arrests him. Justus wonders to Dara how she could go along with this ridiculous charge.

As usual, the Quartermaines worry about the publicity of Jason being arrested. Emily blasts Garcia and Taggert for arresting Jason. She grows more upset as they start to take him away, so Jason tells her it's okay. Then Brenda does her usual job of berating Jason before he's hauled off.

Tony and Carly chat in their car as they drive to a party (not Luke's, one with doctors). Tony doesn't seem like he's in a good mood as Carly babbles on. The radio reports the shooting at Luke's. Tony worries about Bobbie as they listen to onlookers being interviewed. Carly insists Tony go to Luke's so they can help. She's worried about Jason. Tony wants her to calm down because of the baby. He won't take her to Luke's now so she insists on going to the ER with him. He won't do it so she gets out to hitchhike. Annoyed, he gets out of the car, too, and berates her for being stupid when she's pregnant. She sticks up for Jason and what a good friend he is, but she does it in a very insulting way. Tony orders her into the car so she goes.

Stefan and Katherine make love at Windemere, glad to be home. He tells her that she'll be sleeping in another room because he has to set a good example for Nickolas. He also worries that Nickolas will be upset by their relationship, since he was infatuated with her. Later, they find out that Nickolas has been hurt.

Luke watches at GH while they work on Nickolas. Alexis passes by, not knowing anything. Luke fills her in. Bobbie comes out and tells Alexis that the bullet went through Nickolas but damaged an artery so they need to operate. She wants Stefan there so he can sign a consent form, but Alexis insists on signing. Bobbie says she heard Luke and Jason saved him, but Luke says it was all Jason. Alexis asks Bobbie to save him. Later, a distraught Stefan rushes in demanding to know what's happened. He sees the blood on Luke's shirt and grabs him in order to start choking him.