General Hospital Friday December 5th Update


General Hospital Update Friday 12/5/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Monica visits AJ at his apartment with a gift of flowers. They chat about the family. Monica tells him that Edward is outraged about Tracy's Thanksgiving gift (the robbery) and wanted to beef up the security at the house. AJ is amazed that Alan was even "acting decent". Monica defends Alan as being stressed out and reminds AJ that Alan doesn't know about his big secret. AJ tells Monica that he's doing "the right thing" in protecting Carly's baby. He also points out that even if Alan knew the truth, he'd find something to disapprove of about him. But he promises to tell Alan the truth after Carly has her baby. Monica is not happy but she accepts it. Monica asks if he's going to Luke's party but AJ says no, he's "trying to avoid bars". After she leaves, AJ phones a lawyer to see if he has the court order for the blood test.

Tony interviews Lorraine at GH. He quizzes Lorraine, who is slippery about answering information such as why she was in OB/GYN, etc. Lorraine realizes it's not a job interview. He says he's talked to Sister Margaret about her poor performance at Mercy, so he knows Lorraine desperately needs his help to get a job at GH. He tells her that he'll help her only if she spills her guts about Carly. Lorraine tells him that Carly loves him, etc. so he should be content. Tony still wants to know what Lorraine is blackmailing Carly about. She denies it and accuses him of being overly-controlling of his fiancée. She rushes off to work.

Stefan and Katherine awaken in bed. They talk about the past a bit, and their relationship. He tells her that he sees "joy and contentment" in her face but he's never had it before, himself. She wonders why he's always so formal but he really doesn't know. He says he's "done terrible things" and will probably do more, but he says he'll try not to hurt her on purpose. That's enough for her, apparently. Later, as they get ready to leave, she is hesitant because they've always faced so many obstacles back at Port Charles and they've never had a public relationship before. But he assuages her doubts.

Mike visits Luke at his club. They catch up on things. Luke has invited Mike to a big, fancy party on Monday. Luke shows him the letter he found from Sonny in the safe, so they talk about Sonny leaving town. Mike's more upset about how Sonny left than his actual leaving, even though he knows he probably had no choice. Mike says he doesn't blame Jason, who will be there momentarily to meet with Luke. Luke tells him he's going to wait 6 months to see if he wants to keep Jason in the club. They wonder how long Jason will be safe before the other mobsters (like Moreno) figure out Sonny's gone for good. Jason arrives in a jovial mood and they all joke around about their clubs. Luke is looking forward to his big party. Mike wonders if he's invited Brenda; he says that she might be going out of town to London. He takes off. Luke advises Jason to stop having men watch Brenda when they should be protecting him (Jason). Jason defends his actions. They argue a bit about Moreno and how to handle him. Jason plans to let the mobsters think he murdered Sonny so they'll leave him alone, thinking he's tough. Jason leaves and Luke seems to think of something. Later, Alexis visits to tell him she won't be coming to his party. He brings up her past again and asks if she doesn't want to get even with the people who killed her mother. Alexis says even if she wanted to, Helena is too well-protected. She also points out that if Helena found out who she was, she'd kill her to protect Nickolas' fortune. He thinks Stefan would be dangerous, too, but she says that he'd protect her. Luke doesn't agree, naturally. He wants to use the information against Stefan somehow, despite her wishes. The only way to thwart Luke is for Alexis to tell Stefan the truth, but she's not ready yet. She wants to find more information about her mother.

Amy chats with Bobbie about Luke's party, which leads to talk about Tony and Carly. Carly comes up and overhears them say they hope she doesn't show up for Christmas. They try to cover but Carly insists they tell her what they were talking about, so Bobbie does. Carly tears into her about being two-faced at Thanksgiving. Her vehemence surprises Bobbie. They argue about the baby and Tony before Carly storms off. She breaks down crying in the elevator.

Tony takes Monica aside to ask her if she knows anything about Carly's past. Monica wonders why he's asking so he explains that he's concerned about the baby since Carly's been acting strangely since August. She lies that she doesn't know anything and suggests he just try to keep Carly calm.

Jason runs into Carly at Kelly's. Carly berates him for moving out of Jake's and not telling her. He explains he's living at Sonny's now. She wants him to be at GH when the baby's born so he gives her his private beeper number. He invites her to Luke's party but she declines. Emily comes in to say hi so Carly excuses herself. Emily wonders why he let Carly kiss him goodbye and his priceless reply is "Carly does stuff and you can't stop her". They talk about Luke's party. Monica and Bobbie come in and greet them warmly, but Monica lets Jason and Emily have their time together. Bobbie questions it but Monica says Emily needs to spend time with him and she knows if she sat down he'd leave. Jason warns Emily that the family will start to be even more negative about him soon because of some big changes. She worries that he might get hurt.

Carly surprises Tony with lunch at his office. They hug but both are insecure and filled with doubts.