General Hospital Wednesday December 3rd Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/3/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

I missed Tuesday, 12/2's episode....

James, pretending to be Mac, continues to wait around his hotel room. Felicia returns with a bag of his favorite Mexican food. The phone rings; it's Tess. James uses Mac's fake laryngitis voice and pretends while Tess tells him to "stay cool" and not improvise too much. Tess wants to find out if Felicia and Mac are still an item but she is not sure about James' skills. Felicia questions him about the phone call but he says she hung up and must have guessed he wasn't James. He suggests they leave but Felicia wants to stay and eat. Felicia bickers with James the way she does with Mac, and he joins in. Felicia babbles on about the case while James keeps up his imitation. Felicia gives him a quick kiss on the cheek as he tries to figure out their relationship. She gives him signals that make him think that they are a couple. So when he makes an intimate comment, she gets a little confused. So he quickly apologizes. He gives her an answer for the question she asked the other day about whether he would come looking for her if she disappeared. He says yes and passionately tells her he would never quit looking. She is touched. He moves slowly toward her, confusing her more. Felicia quickly moves away so he questions her. She tells him that he should change clothes, he's starting to act too much like James the Romeo. He tries to joke it off but she suggests he try the lines on Dara. Then she rushes out. James congratulates himself on pulling it off but then he gets sick from the Mexican food.

Meanwhile, Tess returns to talk to Mac, who is filling her in on them tracking James to his room. Mac tells her about the woman who called. Tess is impatient that Mac still hasn't caught James. She asks Mac to keep a secret from Felicia: she worries that maybe she shouldn't have hired Felicia. She thinks Felicia might have found Jimmy and the two of them are in cahoots. Mac assures her that it couldn't happen. She points out that it seems strange that he keeps giving them the slip. Mac valiantly and passionately defends Felicia. At Tess' quizzing, Mac reveals that he and Felicia are just friends. He gives her a lift since her car broke down.

Later, Mac and Tess return to the Outback. Felicia is there already. Tess and Felicia talk about the case. Tess wonders if they should bother going on with the search, then she leaves. Felicia mentions Dara again but Mac tells her Dara is busy with a case. When Felicia suggests a "cold shower", it is Mac's turn to be confused. Later, Mac suggests a burger and she can't believe he's still hungry.

Tess goes back to James' room. She is annoyed that he spent so much time with Felicia. He tells her that Felicia likes him so she tells him to stay away from her except for business. Then she tells him that Felicia's "expendable" because their plan is so important.

Liz has lied to Lucky that Sarah is in danger from Nickolas at the Cassadine retreat, so they were speeding to get there and "save" her when their car got stuck in the ice. Liz is just trying to break things up between them before they get hot and heavy. When Lucky wants to go get Luke to help, Liz confesses she lied and that Sarah's not really in "danger", she just wants to stop them from having sex. Lucky is furious. Liz says she wants his help to stop Sarah from "making a mistake". She tells him that she overheard Sarah telling Emily that she was meeting Nickolas there and that they talked about condoms. Lucky doesn't want to hear it but Liz pours it on about how she's worried about Sarah. He doesn't believe her. He gives her a speech about her jealousy of her sister. She blames herself for them getting intimate, since she put the condoms in Nickolas' bag. Lucky gets annoyed and gets out of the car, but then he returns. He tells Liz he called a tow truck. She has been crying. They talk about her jealousy and her relationship with Sarah. She honestly seems to regret putting the condoms in the bag and maybe being responsible for Sarah having sex. Liz tells Lucky to quit pretending he's not bugged by Sarah and Nickolas' relationship and asks him to think about how he'd feel if he and Nickolas were in the same situation as her and Sarah. He points out that her way of handling things isn't working. The tow truck pulls up to rescue them.

Sarah and Nickolas make out passionately in the Cassadine retreat. He is intent but she stops him, having second thoughts. She confides that she's "not ready for this yet". He apologizes for going too fast and puts her completely at ease. They hug and kiss. Then they sit on the couch in front of the fire, comfortable. They wonder how the condoms got into that bag. Nickolas realizes the only time it was out of his sight was at the house, so it must have been Liz who put the condoms in there.

Lucky and Liz go back to Kelly's. Ruby is annoyed that Liz is so late. Sarah and Nickolas come in so Sarah gives Liz the condoms back, telling her she figured it out. Liz says it was supposed to be a joke. Sarah says she won't tell Audrey as long as Liz tells her counselor about the incident and doesn't skip any more sessions. Sarah warns her not to mess with her anymore or Audrey will find out everything. Then Sarah and Nickolas leave again.

Mr. Grainger, the director of Brenda's photo shoot, explains to Jax that he needn't get so worked up. Brenda explains that he wants to bring her past with Sonny into it, so Jax fires him. Brenda looks at part of a photo of her and Sonny. She is upset and worries that Lucy will be mad. Jax assures her that Lucy will support her and they'll find another director. They talk about whether Brenda can handle the job. She wants to do it, she tells him confidently. She phones Lucy, who reacts just like Jax said she would. Jax tells her he can get her another director from the TV studio. Jax suggests to Brenda that they take a winter trip somewhere and she likes the idea.

Ned and Alexis have dinner at the Grill. She is not in a good mood and barely eats. He chides her for walking on the pier too much. Ned talks about his office and how he handles Edward in the business. He invites her to come up to his office any time that she wants to gaze at Spoon Island. They talk about her situation with her family. Ned is optimistic that Stefan will forgive her, but Alexis isn't so sure. He advises Alexis to make Stefan pay when he does eventually realize how much he needs her.