General Hospital Monday December 1st Update


General Hospital Update Monday 12/1/97

Mac pretends to be James "Jimmy" Meadows (with laryngitis) so he can be let into his motel room. Then he lets Felicia in through the patio door. Unbeknownst to them, there is a video camera in the air conditioning vent filming them as they snoop around. Tess and James watch them from another room (James has straight hair). Tess gives him a hard time about not getting all the details right about how Mac looks, and she tells him to observe how Mac and Felicia act with each other. Felicia and Mac decide to wait until James comes back. Mac is antsy. They bicker as usual. Mac observes that the room doesn't look very lived-in. Tess phones the room pretending to be another woman with a southern accent. Mac uses his laryngitis voice. The woman tells him to wait there for her, so Mac and Felicia decide to stay. Felicia has him put on James's shirt so he looks like him. He protests but she says they don't have time as she pulls his shirt off. They argue about it but he goes to put on his clothes. She wonders why he's being modest so he starts to undress right in front of her. She has second thoughts so he goes into the bathroom to finish. James shows Tess how he can imitate Mac and she is impressed. Felicia and Mac wonder why Tess is so keen on finding James when he obviously doesn't want her. Mac reminds Felicia about their relationship and says that he almost left PC for good when they broke up. He says, "My guess would not have come after me". Felicia gives him a vague answer but says he should have worried about HER leaving town. He scoffs at the idea. Meanwhile, Tess quizzes James about Mac's habits.

Carly meets Lorraine to ask her for a sonogram that she can show to Tony. Lorraine says no way. They argue. Finally, Lorraine gives in. Tony comes in as Carly waits for her, looking for Lorraine. Carly quickly hides around the corner. Lorraine comes back and greets Tony. He wants to know what she wants from him. She feigns ignorance. He asks her why she became friends with Carly again but she pretends that it just happened. He guesses that she was the one who got to know Carly again because she wanted a job back at GH. Lorraine admits that's true but now they're friends because Carly has changed into a "much nicer person". Tony wants to know if Lorraine would do the same sort of work at GH but she says no, she'd like to do administration. He says he'll think about it and get back to her. He leaves and Carly comes out from hiding. Carly thanks her profusely. Lorraine hands her the new sonogram and Carly rushes out so she can beat Tony home. She goes home and Tony is sitting there. He says he found the sonogram in an old suitcase she had (she apparently had time to plant it there). He is a little peeved that it doesn't show the gender exactly. He demands to know why Lorraine lied. She doesn't really have an answer but says that you could tell from the ultrasound it was a boy but the sonogram didn't capture it. Tony says maybe but that's not what Lorraine said.

Alexis wanders the docks. She has a flashback of Stefan throwing her out. Luke interrupts her reverie with a cute comment. They trade barbs as usual. He drops hints about her predictament and offers to help her. He says, "You've always been my favorite Cassadine". She can tell he's full of it and denies there's any trouble between her and Stefan. Luke notes that Stefan has trouble keeping women around. She tells him to stop watching her or she'll get a restraining order. He is undeterred. He says that Ned won't be any help to her. He makes a joke and calls her "little sister", which stops her in her tracks. She asks him why he called her that but he pretends it was just an affectionate term. She says she's late for work but he says he knows she's no longer working for Cassadine Industries. She claims she quit to work on other things. He gets her all flustered and she can't quite keep the truth from him. He tells her Stefan is off with Katherine; she claims not to care. He drops another hint about a "sister" so she tells him to just say what's on his mind. Alexis says Stefan was her family and she misses him. He tells her that Stefan's not worth it and urges her to get even. Alexis says she'll always be a Cassadine. He tells her, "You are more a Cassadine than anyone knows". She says she doesn't know what he's talking about. She starts to leave again but he calls her "Natasha" which stops her again.

Katherine has trouble sleeping so the innkeeper recommends a hot toddy. He has to leave for two days to get supplies in Rochester, he tells her. She is glad to have the time alone. Meanwhile, Stefan lurks outside. He watches her through the window. She sits by the fire, looking sad. She turns around but he's gone. She goes to the window and looks out. He stands by the door looking uncertain. She opens the door but no one is there. She goes back in, hears something, and then opens it again. This time, Stefan is standing there. She angrily tries to shut the door on him but he stops her. He says he never meant to cause her harm so she blasts him. He tells her he has more information now. She keeps trying to close the door on him. He says he has an explanation but she's not too interested. He asks her for just a few moments of her time to explain. He confirms that everything he told her when he rejected her was a lie. She doesn't want to hear it but finally he convinces her and she lets him in. He confesses that just before they were going to sleep together, he found out she was his sister, Natasha. He explains about Natasha's background and how someone made him think she was her. She is amazed at how ridiculous it sounds.