General Hospital Thursday November 27th Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 11/27/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

There was no Friday GH because of the holiday.

Jax arrives at Brenda's with dessert in a box. He is surprised to find her looking decent and not all grunged up from cooking. She explains that the turkey they picked wouldn't fit in the microwave so she couldn't defrost it. He is amazed that at her cooking ignorance. She also stuffed the turkey the night before, and cranberry sauce from a recipe Ruby gave her. It sounds like a complete disaster but he laughs. She looks out the window, expecting that Jax has phoned a caterer. She doesn't believe him at first when he says he didn't phone anyone. She proposes they go out but he says they won't be able to get a table at this notice. He says they have to eat at home so they go into the kitchen. They end up roasting marshmallows in the fireplace. She tells him about smores. She gets an idea to combine them with frozen graham cracker crust and his chocolate torte. He says, "Brenda, please don't bake!" But the smores turn out fine and Jax loves them.

Sarah and Elizabeth stand outside as Nickolas arrives in his sports car. Lizzy is smoking, as usual. Sarah hugs him hello; he brought flowers. They go inside where Audrey greets them and they exchange Thanksgiving hellos. Lizzy makes snide remarks. Audrey wonders where the cat is. Lucky arrives with the cat he found. Audrey thanks him. Things are awkward so Lucky leaves. Lizzy walks him out because they hear the dog barking and the cat yowling. Audrey goes to work on dinner. Lucky and Lizzy find both Foster and the cat to make sure they're okay. They share a nice moment before he takes off. Nickolas leads the family in a prayer before dinner. Lizzy is glum and sullen as usual but reluctantly holds hands for the prayer.

Jason sits at home and eats pizza. Emily visits him and admires the penthouse. They joke about the mail and other things. She asks him to dinner with the family. Later, we see Jason giving her the tour. He tells her he only uses the downstairs because the upstairs was Sonny's. She asks him if the windows are bullet-proof and he confirms they are. He doesn't want to go to the Q's for dinner but she's hard to refuse. He does show her a cooked turkey that the housekeeper made for him. She leaves, telling him he's "cool".

Monica and Alan search the phone book for pizza places to phone, arguing about what kind to order. AJ and Keesha arrive; Justus is already there. Monica tries to get AJ and Alan to go off by themselves for a talk. They hear a scream and barking. Raoul and Anabel run in, with Edward behind scolding them. Edward tells them that the dogs ate the Thanksgiving food, but he tells them he made backup plans. Ned arrives with Alexis in tow. Edward grouches about Alexis being there, blaming her for what Stefan did in Jakarta. Ned defends her and Lila chimes in. They inform Edward that she's no longer with Stefan, she's staying at the Port Charles Hotel. Alan is surprised to find out that there's actually a turkey in the oven. Edward says he's also ordered pizza, which they can take to the homeless after they eat their turkey.

The pizza delivery men arrive, decked out in pilgrim outfits and black masks. The dogs bark suspiciously at them. The adults joke about their costumes and then wonder why they don't leave. The men pull out guns and stick them up. Edward is outraged and the others start to empty their pockets and purses. Even though it is scary it is a very funny scene. AJ asks the thieves for his wallet since all there is there is his drivers' license. The others start to ask for their other stuff, too. The thieves are annoyed that they only got $64 in cash. They reveal that they have orders not to touch Lila. She points out that the thieves don't seem to really know what they're doing. So she points out the valuables in the house. The other Q's get into the act and it's very funny. During the distractions, Edward sends a "help" note out with Annabelle.

Jason has a flashback to Robin talking to him about his family and the other Jason. He heads out. Meanwhile, Emily comes home and is surprised by the men with guns. Edward assures them help is on the way. Emily tells them they'll be in big trouble when her brother, Jason Morgan, hears about it. They recognize the name and quake with fear. The others chime in with threats about Jason. As the thieves leave, Jason arrives. They dump their stash and run out, knocking down the turkey that Jason brought. They find a note on the floor that the thieves left. It's a note from Tracy who set up the whole thing. Reginald brings in Raoul, who ate the pizza. Emily thanks Jason for coming and they hug.

Bobbie and Luke have Thanksgiving dinner ready for Mac, Felicia, and the kids. The kids play with the dogs while the adults get the food ready. Luke misses Laura. Tony and Carly drop by; Luke greets Tony as "Doc Bro Ex-in-law". Lucas hugs Tony and Carly sort of gives Luke flowers (like he brought her the other day at GH when he was harrassing her). Carly does NOT look happy to be there. Things are awkward for awhile. The kids go to watch TV. Tony says they just wanted to wish them Happy Thanksgiving and give Lucas a gift. Bobbie tells them they don't have to go; Carly says they were going out. Bobbie invites them for dinner. Everyone looks like they hope Tony refuses, and Tony and Carly look uncertain as to whether the offer was sincere. They try to get out of it. Bobbie says very sincerely that she had planned to invite them but forgot; she says they should put their differences aside because of the baby and Lucas. They can't refuse such an offer. Luke is not happy that Bobbie invited them, or rather her.

Amy and Ruby arrive for dinner, too, and they're not too thrilled to see Carly, either. They have a nice dinner until Carly gets emotional, pouts, and leaves the table. Bobbie follows her out. Carly is crying but claims it's the cold. Carly compliments Bobbie for her skills in making people feel at home. Bobbie assures her, "You'll get the hang of it". They bond some more in a cautious way. Anabelle shows up with the note. Luke opens the slobbery thing carefully and reads the part of it that's not smeared: "Quartermaines...thieves!!!" Luke says, "Tell us something we don't already know". Mac fixes the dishwasher. Lucky tells the story about rescuing the cat.