General Hospital Tuesday and Wednesday 11/25 and 11/26 Update


General Hospital Updates Tuesday and Wednesday 11/25-26 by Suzanne Lanoue

I couldn't tape Tuesday and Wednesday's shows but here's basically what happened:

Stefan fills Nickolas is on what Alexis did. When Nickolas runs into her and she tries to explain, he won't listen because she badmouths Katherine. Stefan tries to find out where Katherine is but can't get any information about of Mac or Edward.

Katherine goes to her old home, Serenity, which is now a resort. At first no one will answer the door but after she talks about herself, the caretaker, who remembers her, lets her in. She convinces him to let her stay there for some peace and quiet. Stefan puts the pieces together and goes to Serenity. While Katherine is checking out where she used to live, the caretaker tells Stefan she's not there, turning him away even though Stefan offers him money. Katherine fills the caretaker in on what happened with her failed romance. Later, she and Stefan almost run into each other.

Luke gets closer to the truth about those papers, finding out about Stefan's fake sister and the empty grave. He and Bobbie chat about what it all means.

Ned tries to comfort Alexis but it doesn't work, she is inconsolable over the fight with Stefan and her betrayal. He tries to get her to think about her future, bleak as it may be. Ned assures her he'll be there for her.

Tess tells Mac and Felicia things are going fast enough in finding Jimmy. She wants to take them off the case but they talk her out of it. Mac totally buys her act but she is not so nice. She meets Jimmy in secret. Later, they investigate a clue Tess gave them, but it goes nowhere.

Mike visits Brenda and invites her for Thanksgiving dinner, saying she is still his family, but she declines without hurting his feelings much. She lies that she might go to Europe for the holidays and Jax overhears. Jax invites her to dinner and she even says she'll cook.

Robin and Jason daydream about each other. She writes him a long romantic letter from Paris and fantasizes about him giving up the mob for her and reuniting him with his family. She is not enjoying Paris that much, she tells an imaginary Mac. Jason spends the holiday alone, giving his bodyguard the night off.