General Hospital Monday November 24th 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Monday 11/24/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Alexis lingers outside Windemere and then bangs on the doors, begging pathetically to be let back in. She says, "I did betray you, but there's more to it than that..." Stefan coldly watches through the window, then he opens the door. The wind is HOWLING. Alexis wants to fill him in on the rest. He doesn't want to hear it. They argue. She asks to get some of her things but he won't let her. He tells her to go back to the mainland and forget about him. He slams the door in her face and she is beaten, alone. Inside, he phones to get transportation so he can visit Katherine.

Alexis walks on the docks despondently. Ned taps her on the shoulder and asks if she's okay. He can tell she's cold so he drapes his coat around her. He tells her he was looking for her so he could tell her he didn't believe any more that she as involved in the Jakarta business. She tells him it doesn't matter. She also tells him that they're not going to Greece and she and Stefan had a big fight. He tries to keep up her spirits but it doesn't work. He thinks it's just a family fight like the Quartermaines have but she tells him this is different, she was rejected because she was disloyal. She says their relationship is "irrevocably finished". Ned tries to help by asking prying questions but she's closed-mouth. He finally gets the point but says that whatever she did, she must have had a good reason. She puts herself down, taking him aback by the fierceness of her reply. He invites her home with him. She thanks him but declines. He is worried that she'll stay out in the cold but she assures him she has a room at the Port Charles Hotel. He is protective and very sweet. She lays his head on her shoulder and then he escorts her to the hotel.

Stefan beats on Katherine's door and then goes in to find it's empty. He goes home. Nickolas arrives and can tell something's up. Stefan says he can't go into it now but says they're not going back to Greece. When Nickolas asks about Alexis, Stefan says she's no longer in their family. "She's dead to us". Nickolas asks why but Stefan says he'll explain later, right now he has to "find Katherine". He tells him that Alexis was the reason he and Kath were estranged. Stefan says she's moved so Nickolas informs him that she left town for good.

Tony asks Lorraine what she knows; he reveals he was eavesdropping by accident outside Carly's door. She is evasive. He tells her he won't leave until he gets the truth, even if it means bringing her boss, Sister Margaret, in on it. She makes a big fuss about telling him the truth but then she lies that it's about his baby's gender. Carly had her sonogram done at Mercy but she doesn't know why. Before he leaves to ask Carly, she asks him not to tell Carly she told. She goes to warn Carly but the Sister gets on her case for using the phone. Lorraine decides against phoning Carly. Later, Lorraine does phone Carly anyway, warning her that Tony's on his way. Tony takes Carly home. She agrees not to keep any more secrets. He suggests they stop on the way home and get a baby names book so she says it is "probably a boy" but not 100% sure. He tells her he wants to see the sonogram when they get home.

Amy brings Carly some orange juice. Amy notices she seems down but doesn't care much. Carly wonders where Tony is. Amy gets alarmed when she thinks Carly is having a contraction, but she just gets a shiver. Carly is relieved at first when she gets Lorraine's phone call, because Tony is on his way. But then Lorraine fills her in on what happened. Carly is furious about Lorraine's flimsy explanation and also reminds Lorraine that her sonogram doesn't show the baby's sex. Carly gets calm and apologizes to her for yelling. Lorraine asks her again about getting her a job at GH and threatens again to spill the beans. Tony arrives and tells her they have to talk. She says she knows because Lorraine phoned her. He wants to know why she had the sonogram and more importantly, why did she lie about it? She claims she didn't, she had the sonogram after he asked. In fact, he gave her the idea. She says she did it because she was so insecure about the baby and she didn't tell him because she didn't want him to think badly about her. She says she should have trusted him more. He wonders what she would have done if something had been wrong with the baby. She says she didn't want to burden him if something was wrong with it, she would have left. He is a bit testy in response to her attitude She apologizes and they make up.

Bobbie tells Luke why she was getting money out of his safe and asks again about Carly. He tells her he was suspicious of Carly right away so he looked into her background when she went to bed with Tony. He claims he had the pictures in case he found any dirt and needed to show her picture to job someone's memory. Bobbie wonders why he didn't tell her but he reminds her that they weren't speaking then. She buys it. She reveals that sometimes she really likes Carly, even though other times she hates her. He warns her not to buy Carly's act. She talks again about seeing Carly in the hospital the other day. Bobbie tells him she keeps thinking about those pictures Virginia sent. They talk about her moving back to the Brownstone. She invites him and Lucky to Thanksgiving dinner so he accepts. They chat again about those papers he found. He is still trying to crack the codes. He shows her on the computer what he's been doing to that end. He finds something while he's there. He does some more tinkering and finds the name "George Pappas". Bobbie says she heard about a George but doesn't know the last name. He finds the name "Kenneth Soames", which means nothing. Then he finds out that Soames works at the U.S. State Dept. The next entry shows that Alexis has paid a huge amount of money to someone at a nearby cemetery. They wonder what it all means.