General Hospital Friday November 21st 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Friday 11/21/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Monica observes that the pills in the bottle she found aren't aspirin. Alan snaps about her searching his bags. She says she had a headache. He gives her aspirin and claims he hid the pills in the aspirin bottle so that if the maid came in they wouldn't know it was "narcotics". She tells him she's taking him to the hospital, so he thinks she is talking about his little problem, but she hands him the birthday card and tells him to sign it. She berates him for forgetting his son's birthday so they get into an argument about AJ's alcoholism. She's frustrated because she can't tell Alan the truth about AJ. She asks him to drop it. He says "You condone substance abuse and I don't". What a hypocrite!

At Mercy Hospital, the Sister reminds Lorraine that she's on probation so she better be careful. Tony comes in right after that and asks her what's going on with her and Carly. She denies anything's going on. Tony says that he knows they had some "business" so he wants to know what it was. She tells him she just wanted Carly to help her get a job. Tony asks what she'll do if she doesn't get a job there but she sidesteps the question. Her boss comes up and snags Tony so she gets off the hook.

Carly asks Amy where the doctor is, since she's supposed to be getting out. Amy is her usual charming self to Carly, and Carly trades insults with her. Carly talks to the baby again after Amy leaves about how she'll take care of her baby no matter what, she's not Bobbie. Luke comes in, bringing flowers, which he dumps on her bed (there's no vase). He's not happy that Bobbie was "touched" by her. He gives Carly a hard time, as usual. He accuses her of playing with Bobbie's head. She says they just had a nice talk. He reminds her that she chose to be "motherless". She accuses him of being worried that Bobbie will find out his part in the lie, but he claims he's just thinking of Bobbie and sparing her the heartache of finding out Carly's her daughter. She reassures him that she's not after having Bobbie as a mom.

Lorraine phones Carly to tell her what happened and to warn her that Tony is suspicious. Lorraine says she think she handled him okay, then she hangs up. Tony comes up and says, "You haven't finished handling me yet, have you?" Lorraine claims she was talking to her sister, but Tony accuses her of lying. He tells her that he knows they have a secret and she thinks Carly's been paying her off for some reason. He asks her what they were talking about and what is it that she knows that he doesn't.

AJ asks Amy about Carly's condition but Amy tells him it was nothing. Keesha comes up to him and they joke around. She hands him a birthday present. He is touched and says he doesn't deserve it. She kisses him lightly on the cheek so he opens it. It's a calendar to remind him of all his days of sobriety. Alan and Monica show up so Keesha leaves because she's heard "the roads are getting bad" (Uh-oh, that's a sure sign that SOMEone is going to have an accident!) Monica hands AJ his present and Alan rudely excuses himself. AJ's give is a very expensive high-tech watch. Monica and AJ argue a bit about Alan. He tells her Alan's never around enough for him to tell him the truth so Monica invites him to dinner sometime. He says he can't, anyway, he's protecting Carly and her child. She wonders what the baby has to do with anything but then Alan returns. He is charming again (probably took some pills) and tells AJ about their trip. AJ thanks them for the watch and wishes them a good trip. Alan, in a rare tender moment, tells AJ that he's not good at remembering stuff but "the day they first put you in my arms is a day I'll never forget". AJ looks blown away.

AJ visits Carly; she is belligerent, saying Tony is not there, he should wait outside for him. (Audrey is doing a good job, considering Tony asked her to watch Carly and make sure she has no visitors while he's gone, and here she has TWO!) He tells her he's not saying anything to Tony, unless the paternity test shows he's not the father. Carly wonders what else he's pulling but he assures her he'll leave her alone until the blood test. He talks again about how he doesn't want the baby to be treated by Tony like Alan treated him.

Stefan rakes Alexis over the coals. He reminds her how he protected her throughout her life. He says, "You betrayed me...for no reason!" She looks like a half-drowned rat. He throws the papers at her that prove her betrayal and also spells it all out for her. Alexis claims most of the things were true but Stefan tells her he knows it was all a lie. She offers to send for George but he yells, "George is dead and I hold you responsible!" Alexis says they weren't disloyal, that George lied on the orders of his father, etc. etc. trying to convince him but it's too late. He is still outraged and disgusted. She tells him she "saw a threat" and acted on it the same way he often did for her. He can't believe she thought that being with Katherine was a threat. Alexis says she loves him and "even if you hate me, I would do it all again". She tells him that she couldn't believe she gave up his big taking-over-the-world plan for a woman who could have him arrested. Then she calls Katherine some names. They argue about Katherine and her influence on both him and Nickolas. She dug up all she could on Kath on his orders and found out all the dirt. She was horrified and couldn't believe that he wouldn't listen to her evidence. She knew he was single-minded in his pursuit of her so she did what she could to stop him "from wanting her". She hated betraying and hurting him, she claims, but she didn't want him ending up like Stavros. He tells her she's just like Helena, who would be "proud" of her. Stefan reminds Alexis of the time Kath fell down the stairs so Alexis protests and also reminds him of how he tried to keep her and Ned apart. She tries again to justify what she did. He says he believes that she loves him. He grabs her arms gently and says he's sorry he compared her to Helena. He kisses her on the lips fully (kind of like a mafia kiss but on the lips instead of on the cheek) and says, "You broke my heart!". Then he rips the Cassadine medallion off the neck and tells her goodbye. She is open-mouthed and crying. He asks her if she understands and she nods silently. He tells her she's not welcome there or any other Cassadine property ever again. He's also in anguish as he tells her that her things will be sent to the Port Charles Hotel. She goes.

Katherine listens to her answering machine, but when she hears it's Stefan, she erases the message. Mac visits with the letter she left for him. He's upset that she's leaving town. She says that she's made too many mistakes in the town. He says she has a great future there, she might even be mayor someday. He knows that Stefan is the real reason she's leaving and she wonders why she'd leave if they're leaving, too. She's made up her mind and once again talks about finding her "peace of mind". Later, Katherine walks around her house in the dark. The furniture is covered with drop cloths. She picks up a bag and walks out the door.

Lucky does his homework and chats with Bobbie in the back office of Luke's. Bobbie wonders where Luke is because she needs them to help her move some stuff to the Brownstone. Bobbie complains that she can't get money out of her bank to pay the workmen at the Brownstone because of a mixup with her ATM card. Lucky says they can open Luke's safe to loan her some petty cash. He opens it and then takes off for work. She thanks him and goes to get the money, but a picture of Carly falls out. Luke walks in so she asks him why he has a picture of Carly in there.