General Hospital Thursday November 20th1997 Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 11/20/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Edward visits Brenda at her home. She explains she's remodeling. He gives her a house-warming gift from him and Lila, a peppermill. He's glad to see her doing well but he warns her about over-doing things. She assures him she's not but he's not convinced since he knows about L&B. Then he finds out she's back at Jax Cosmetics so he blows his top. He is concerned about her and tells her to pick one job. She tells him she wants to "keep busy" and tells him not to worry so much. She tells him that she knows that Ned and Jax are in business together so she quizzes him about it. He won't tell her any details and he leaves.

Jax and Ned show each other papers that prove the connection between Elliot and Stefan. They decide to keep at it and get more dirt on Stefan. Then Ned sees a memo he doesn't like; it's about Alexis. It says that Alexis isn't involved in the Cassadine takeover in Jakarta. Jax is surprised that Ned assumed she was part of it. Jax leaves.

Jax visits Brenda, who is on the phone about Dara. He is surprised about her remodeling. She explains that she wants more light in the place and she wants to watch the sunrise. She tells him she's getting a decorator to help her pick out furniture. There is a delivery for her from Wyndham's. She opens the box and takes out the card. She reads it and looks very upset, like someone slapped her. It's a present for Mrs. Michael Corinthos, jr. They figure out it's from a photographer in California that they knew and that he must have ordered it, it was out of stock, so they just sent it. She is relieved but still depressed. Still, she thanks him for being there. He lights a fire for her before he leaves. She opens the gift and sadly looks at it, then she burns it (even though Jax said he's return it for her tomorrow).

Stefan asks Soames how much Alexis paid him. He is barely controlling his anger, in fact, he yells at one point. He looks through the papers angrily, rehashing what we learned yesterday about Alexis forging the papers and having Soames back her up. Soames apologizes for making things tough for Stefan. He asserts that Alexis convinced him that the papers would keep someone from being harmed. Alexis phones and Stefan is silent so she wonders why. Stefan doesn't speak because he's trying to control his temper. He tells her to cancel the staff meeting and look for Nickolas for him. She is annoyed and confused. She wants to come home and relax but he says he wants to her to convince Nickolas to come back with them to Greece. She agrees. Stefan orders a sniveling Soames out of his house, then he tries to call Katherine; but her phone is in her coat so she doesn't hear it. So he phones her house and leaves a message on her home phone. He says, "there's been a terrible mistake" and asks her to phone.

Alan tells Monica he'll finish some things and then meet her at home. She reminds him that they can't be late to go to the Inn. She says goodbye. He looks at the bottle with his few remaining pills. Amy comes up and tells him to have a good time at his country inn weekend. Later, Alan is walking with a patient who is leaving. Alan tells him he's cut his pain medication in half and gives him a pamphlet about "pain management". Alan now has a full bottle of pain medication for himself. Later, Alan pompously tells Amy about how he's so careful with giving his patients medication. She admires how dedicated he is.

Mac and Felicia sit in the car during their stakeout of the strip club. They argue about the restaurant they went to, which gave Mac indigestion. He suggests they leave but she says they won't leave until it's over. She tells him to turn on the car heater so she can warm up a bit. She wonders why this guy would spend so much time there at the strip club, which of course leads to jokes from Mac. They argue about women being taken advantage of. He says the women this Jimmy guy takes advantage of should know better. They think they might see him so she goes to get the binoculars in the back seat, but she injures her back. He gives her an old aboriginal relaxation technique so she can relax and her back won't hurt so much. It is also sort of sensual. Then they hear a police siren so Mac tells her that the cops just raided the strip club. Mac wants to go ask questions but she doesn't think it's a good idea. Mac jokes around some more before they leave.

Alexis comes into The Outback looking for Nickolas, so Ned stops her. Ned asks her if she's still leaving town. She says she is so he wishes her happiness. She is surprised by his concern. He says he has been able to think and put himself in her shoes. He tells her he's glad she was part of his life "for just a little longer". He makes sure she has his email addresses so she can let him know she's okay, but she claims she can't, she's a terrible typist. Alexis leaves hurriedly.

Katherine comes in to the Outback to say goodbye to Mac, but he's not there. Later, the bartender tells her that her coat was ringing but she is unconcerned, figuring whoever it was will phone back. She orders a drink. Ned says hi and asks her why she's leaving town; he tells her he'll miss her. But he wishes her much happiness. She's surprised by his warmth.

Lila wishes Monica "a wonderful time" while she packs. They agree that Alan really needs a vacation. Monica fills her in on what happened yesterday during the surgery. She pledges to make Alan's life easier. Edward joins them so Monica fills him in on the trip. Monica tells them that they're dropping off a birthday present for AJ on their way out of town. Monica blames herself for AJ's alcoholism and Emily's drug abuse. She claims she's learned now to keep her eyes open for the signs. Yeah, right! Monica is going to take some asperin later when she seems to notice something amiss. Alan comes in right then and looks shocked.

When Alexis comes home, Stefan pulls out a chair and orders her to sit. She does so, quietly, realizing she must be in big trouble.