General Hospital Wednesday November 19th1997 Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/19/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

I missed a bit of this because of the news break about the septuplets...

Luke chats with Laura on the phone, telling her again how much he misses her. Lucky drops by; he has some petty cash to give Luke so he puts it in the safe. Luke tells Lucky they're not going back to Switzerland for now (I thought he already told him that...).

Luke asks him about his job at Ruby's. Lucky says it's fine, he gets to hang out with friends a lot. He confides that one of his "friends" is making a "stupid choice" and he wishes he could convince her of it. Luke says there's nothing he can do for his friend. Bobbie visits so Lucky leaves. When he talks about having kids, she mentions Carly so he looks a bit scared. But of course she's just thinking about Carly and Tony's baby. Bobbie fills him in on the aborted wedding ceremony. Luke thinks it's a ruse but Bobbie says it's legit. Luke is still skeptical. He's surprised that Bobbie feels sympathetic to Carly. She says she saw Carly in a "different light" today. She explains about their visit. She overheard Carly talking to her baby and that touched something in Bobbie. Bobbie is near tears as she talks about she felt compassion for her and it reminded her of herself when she was young and pregnant. She tells him that Carly asked her how she could give up her baby. Luke defends her actions but Bobbie says Carly wasn't being judgemental, that's what was so weird about it. She tells Luke she's curious so Luke tells her Carly's not worth it. Bobbie maintains that it's herself she's curious about. She wonders why she let herself get so upset about giving up Caroline. She realizes it was BJ's death that made her think about her again. She asks him to drop by and look at the newly-renovated Brownstone if he wants but he's not interested. She mentions that Stefan is supposed to be leaving for Greece. Luke thinks the family is going to explode because of Alexis' dealings. Bobbie thanks him for not letting her look at Caroline's picture. She kisses him and leaves. He goes to his desk and takes the photos of Carly/Caroline out, then he puts them in the safe.

Lorraine visits Carly in the hospital. She tells Carly to "relax". Carly worries that her being there will get her in trouble but Lorraine says it's no big deal. Carly confides that they didn't get married yet. Carly does breathing exercises to calm herself; Lorraine makes snide remarks. Lorraine pressures her to use her influence with Tony to get her a job at GH. Carly claims it won't work right now, Tony's too suspicious. Lorraine threatens again to tell Tony the truth. Tony opens the door and hears Lorraine threatening to "tell Dr. Jones what I know", then he closes the door from the outside, quietly. Tony comes in so Carly tries to cover. Lorraine says she has to leave for work. Tony quizzes her about her shift so Lorraine gives him baloney about how important nursing is to her and how she wants to work at GH again. Carly rolls her eyes. Tony observes that Carly acts differently whenever she's with Lorraine. Lorraine excuses herself and Tony tells Carly he sees through Lorraine kissing-up act. Tony asks her about the visit so Carly says Lorraine is "having personal problems" and wonders if he can get her a job at GH. Tony says cryptically, "I think I can do something for Lorraine's career". He pampers her but acts upbeat, not revealing what he heard. After he leaves, he looks worried and upset. He asks Audrey to watch over Carly and not let her have any visitors so she can rest. He has something to do at Mercy.

Katherine says hi to Nickolas, who says he's hiding from Alexis. He asks her again about Stefan. She tells him she's leaving Port Charles. He asks where but she's not sure yet.

Stefan tells Soames he's been looking into information about his sister. Soames is surprised, since the woman in the records was called "Nielsen". Stefan implies that Soames doctored the records. Soames tries to leave but Stefan tells him they're not through. Stefan assures him they'll fly him back to work when they're done so he won't be missed. He hands Soames the document copies he gave him before. Soames looks them over and wonders what Stefan wants. Stefan tells him that he was "led to believe" that his sister is dead and asks Soames what he knows. Soames claims to have no clue and says that the information is "genuine". Stefan threatens subtly to get him at trouble at work. Soames pleads with him and says that he only did what Alexis asked him to. Stefan tells him he knows about Soames' illegal dealings, taking money on the side for all sorts of things he shouldn't do with government papers. Soames claims he's ignorant but Stefan brings up the matter of a terrorist that Soames helped get into the country. Stefan keeps on him until he says he'll do anything. Stefan hands him the documents and asks if any of them are "real". Soames says they're all lies that Alexis paid him to say.

Alexis and Tony talk about the board and staff meeting. Tony's not that interested but tells her to let him when it is and he'll try to make it. He wishes her and Stefan "a safe trip" and a "lengthy stay". He smiles and walks away. Alexis asks Edward, who says he'll definitely be there. He plans to make the board have a special apology to Katherine afterwards.

Edward runs into Katherine and says hi. She tells him she's still leaving town to get "peace of mind". In fact, she's got someone to buy her place. Alexis comes by again to say she needs to talk to him and Stefan after the meeting. Edward, in the hopes that she'll want to stay, confides to her that the Q's are about to make a big financial bite into Stefan's hide. Katherine doesn't care much.

Alexis phones Leo to track down George because Stefan's found him, she thinks. She says it's all very strange. Katherine walks up while she's on the phone so Alexis hangs up in disgust. They exchange insults, as usual, about each other leaving town.

At Kelly's, Lucky chats with Lizzy about Sarah and Nickolas, as usual. Lizzy predicts that they will sleep together and this will mess up Sarah's head. Lucky says he can't do anything about it. Outside, Sarah and Emily chat, then Emily goes inside. Sarah stands outside rehearsing what she's going to say to Nickolas. He comes up and tells Sarah that a little girl at GH she was concerned about is in remission now. She is thrilled. He tells her Katherine is leaving town, which is upsetting. She comforts him as he talks about how Katherine taught him a lot. He tells Sarah he wants to talk to her about something important. They continue to beat around the bush about the condom issue. She makes sure he's going to be at her place for Thanksgiving; he agrees. He invites her to come by at Windemere so they can alone. They hug and she looks worried again.