General Hospital Tuesday November 18th1997 Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/18/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Stefan talks to Elliot on the phone (his man in Jakarta) about the strike there; he's perturbed and yells at him before he hangs up. Then he has a flashback to George telling him that the story of Natasha was a lie and Alexis paid him to tell it. Alexis arrives at his behest. Stefan is cranky at her but claims it's because of the problem at Jakarta. He thinks they should leave Port Charles right away since there's nothing to keep them there. She doesn't flinch so he says, "Your loyalty will be rewarded". One of his men comes in to give him some information. He tells Stefan they found George Pappas. Alexis looks caught so Stefan asks her what's wrong. She covers. The man lies, with Stefan's help, that he's gone to another island, where his daughter lives. Stefan suggests she go to GH to prepare for their staff meeting. After she's gone, Stefan checks to find out that George's body was disposed of properly. He tells his man to see Alexis back to the "mainland" to make sure his visitor isn't seen by her. The man from the state dept., Mr. Soames, comes to Windemere and is surprised to see Stefan and not Alexis. Stefan tries to make the man feel comfortable so he can catch him off guard. Soames looks nervous as Stefan tells him he has questions.

Jax talks to someone on the phone about the problems he created in Jakarta. Ned visits Brenda. Her place is in disarray from the planned remodeling. She's confident that Dara will sign; he's not so sure because he talked to Mac and found out that Dara still has a lot of stage fright. Brenda disagrees. They head out for their meeting with Dara. Ned and Brenda run into Jax at the Outback. Brenda tells them about her run-in with Angel but puts it in a humorous light. She excuses herself. Ned and Jax talk business, about the strike. Ned probes for more information but Jax won't reveal his source. Dara comes out; Ned and Brenda try to schmooze her but she tells them she already decided she won't sign. She explains that she already has one career. Ned points out that she could do both. Dara says she can't travel but Brenda says they can work around it the way they did with Mary Mae. Dara also says she doesn't want to endanger her law career by focusing on singing. Brenda and Ned flatter and pressure her, but Dara turns them down. Ned tells her that "no is not in our vocabulary", which doesn't work on Dara so Brenda shoos him away.

Later, we see Brenda is dealing with all of Dara's objections. Dara freaks when she finds out that she might have to sing in other clubs besides the Outback, so Brenda tells her she won't have to sing live anywhere else. Brenda promises to be there for her no matter what she needs, in the recording booth and elsewhere. Dara doesn't want to put her out so Brenda insists that she's doing it for herself. Brenda asks Dara how she feels at the end of the day after being a lawyer. Dara says she feels crummy but feels good singing at the Outback at night. She speaks enthusiastically about how singing touches her soul. Brenda maneuvers her a bit to make her see how important singing is to her even though she's so afraid of singing in front of people. Brenda says that they can just have a verbal agreement for now, that way Dara can leave if she doesn't like it. Dara admires her savvy and they shake on the deal.

Ned goes back to the bar and bickering with Jax, who says again that he can't reveal who's giving him information from inside the Cassadine's corporation. Ned says "the deal's off". Jax calls his bluff so Ned has to back off. Jax promises him that he'll give him all the paperwork to prove how Stefan took the company away from him. Ned is appeased but warns him not to double-cross him. Ned returns to Brenda and Dara; they fill him in on the deal. Dara excuses herself to go back to work. Jax comes over and they give him the good news. Jax smiles in admiration and love at Brenda.

Jason visits Luke at his club. Luke shows Jason a letter from Sonny that he found in the safe with the insurance policy. Sonny knew he would find it when he went to pay the policy when it was due. Jason says he didn't know anything about it. Luke says it confirms what Jason already told him plus it says that if Luke doesn't want Jason to be his partner, he can back out. Luke discusses it with him. Jason says Luke's family comes first, but he would like to hold on to the club if it's okay. He thinks of it as neutral ground between the mob world and the legitimate world. Luke talks about when he worked at a similar club for Frank Smith. Luke says that he could have been in Jason's shoes if he hadn't gone to a lot of trouble to get out of the mob, so he sympathizes. Jason reveals that people are starting to get suspicious that Sonny isn't coming back. He tells Luke that the men will be loyal to him because they know that, like Sonny, he will run the business safely. Luke asks him how he'll handle it if they put out a contract on him and Jason assures him that if anyone does that they'll disappear and have their business "disrupted". He tells Luke he has no problem with killing if he has to, although he's learned not to like violence. Luke tells him he should stay in the club for now because it will make people think he's weak and vulnerable otherwise. They shake hands and Jason leaves, thanking Luke sincerely.

AJ, looking disheveled, is at GH checking on Carly. He looks for her chart but Bobbie comes up; she asks how he is. He is a little irritable. He explains that Carly is there and he can't get any information about her condition. Bobbie looks at the chart for him and tells him Carly and baby are doing fine. She suggests he get cleaned up if he's going to work.

The OB/GYN at GH tells Tony that Carly is just dehydrated. She asks if there is any great stress in Carly's life that might be upsetting her. He tells her about their almost-wedding. Meanwhile, Carly awakens in her bed, attached to the fetal heart monitor. She looks upset as Tony walks in. She asks him about the baby and he reassures her. Tony tells her that she should stay for the day because the doctor wants to make sure he's okay. He is apologetic about insisting they get married, thinking that's what caused the stress. She tells him emphatically that she wanted to marry him. He thinks maybe they should delay any wedding plans for now and he intends to pamper her more. They talk about how scared they were, blah, blah. Later, AJ asks Tony how Carly is so Tony fills him in. He tells AJ to stay away from Carly "until after the baby's born". AJ agrees but asks what he did. Tony says he didn't do anything, he blames himself. He thinks he expects too much of Carly, who's so young. He credits all her "mistakes" to being so young and scared. AJ tells him Carly loves him and he's done a great job helping her. Tony tells him how much it means for him "to be a father again". Tony feels embarrassed about how emotional he is and tells AJ they want him to be part of their lives after the baby comes. AJ is understanding and passes on his good wishes to give Carly. Alexis walks up and tells Tony that Stefan is having a staff meeting before he leaves for Greece.

Carly talks to her unborn fetus about how wonderful life is going to be; just then, Bobbie walks in. She asks Carly how she's feeling but Carly is mum. Bobbie tells her she's been assigned there. Bobbie tries to be nice, saying she knows how she must feel about the baby, and she cares about Tony, etc. Carly snaps at her but then apologizes, and Bobbie forgives her. Bobbie tells Carly that she reminds her of herself "a long time ago", except that she has Luke and Carly has no family to lean on. Bobbie tells Carly she'd never wish for her to lose her child because it's such a "terrible thing". Carly asks Bobbie, in a very tentative way, how she could give up her daughter. Bobbie explains who she was and where she was back then and why she did it. Carly asks her again why she couldn't just give motherhood a try. Bobbie says she just couldn't then, things wouldn't change for her for a long while. She leaves, feeling emotional. Carly cries on her pillow.