General Hospital Monday November 17th1997 Update


General Hospital Update Monday 11/17/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Alan tells Emily he's just "wiped out" so she worries that he works too much. He quickly hides the pills in his desk. They hug and then chat about her school. Monica storms him to ask what happened in OR. Then she sees Emily so she has to step back a bit. Alan asks Emily to leave them alone so they can talk. Alan flatters Monica's surgical skills and claims he felt jealous that he couldn't be the one doing the stunning surgery. He pretends to be embarrassed by his attitude. He puts himself down so Monica protests that he's wrong. She comforts him and hugs him, trying to boost his spirits. She notices one of his pills on his desk and asks him what it's doing there. He says it's one of his pain pills that he keeps around "in case" his hand hurts. She feels bad that they pressured him when he still can't operate. He tells her he was just so overwhelmed he had to leave OR. Monica makes plans for them to have a romantic weekend away at a cozy bed and breakfast. They kiss and she leaves. He takes the pill she found and puts it with the others.

Outside, Bobbie chats with Emily. Bobbie asks if AJ is with them and wonders where he went. Emily asks if Alan knew AJ was there. She wonders why Alan didn't mention it. Bobbie downplays her concerns and tells Emily about Tony's wedding, still surprised that AJ didn't know about it. Monica comes out and explains to them what he said.

Jax asks Jason what he means about Brenda being crazy. Jason says she acted like she did that day they came in and she thought he was on the phone to Sonny (erratic, in other words). That's enough for Jax, so he rushes out.

Felicia tells Mac he can't come to her stakeout. He insists on going. She calls him on the carpet for wanting to control her. He tries to reason with her, then says she doesn't have to pay him, he'll work for free. She gets a phone call and tells him that the stakeout is called off for now. He tells her he'll still work for free as long as she tells him everything. He's bugged that all these women think he's someone else, he confides. They both agree to be completely honest and she agrees to work with him.

Luke says goodbye to Virginia on the phone. Then he phones Laura to wish her a "Happy anniversary". He wishes he could be back in Switzerland. He promises to call her later but asks if she got his package. He chats with Jason briefly and asks him if he can meet him tomorrow at the club to talk about some stuff. Jason agrees. Luke, missing Laura, blabs on and on about her being in Switzerland and how he has to stay here.

Brenda listens to what Angel has on tape. Angel tries to make excuses but Brenda is livid. Angel tells her that she can get a lot of money for the information. Brenda grabs her to stop her from leaving. She has a mean look in her eye. The woman struggles but Brenda won't release her. Brenda towers over her and tells her how she thought she could trust her friends. She rages about how her life has been lately, and how she feels about being betrayed. When the woman asks her to let her go, Brenda says it can't hurt that much compared to being betrayed. As she says it, she bends Angel's fingers, causing her pain. Angel manages to get away and says, "You're sick!" Someone knocks so Brenda threatens her never to sell anything about her. It's Jax at the door. Brenda pretends everything's fine as Angel leaves quietly. He senses something is amiss. Brenda laughs that she feels lately like his "teenaged daughter". When he presses her, she says Angel and she had a little disagreement about Sonny but "she'll get over it". He tells her he talked to Jason, who informed him that she turned down a bodyguard. She says she did, but he probably put one out there anyway. He says confidently that no, he checked. He also tells her that Jason claimed she was acting very upset like that time at the Outback. She acts defensive and rationalizes it. He goes to leave and notices she has the same couch. She's not sure yet if she wants to keep it or get rid of it. After he leaves, she looks around and thinks about something, then she grabs the phone book. She phones a guy to do some expensive remodeling on her house.

The Justice of the Peace tells Tony and Carly that there is some paperwork. Carly asks where the restroom is but she just uses that as an excuse to be alone. She's very nervous and has a flashback again to AJ telling her not to marry Tony. She looks in her purse for her compact but realizes she left it at home. She goes to the window to use it for a mirror so she can freshen her lipstick, but AJ is staring at her through the window.

Tony comes in so Carly turns around quickly. AJ has vanished. Tony asks why she looks so scared so Carly claims she saw a horrifying bat out the window. He tells her to calm down. He asks her if they should say a prayer during the wedding service. She does, so she asks him to pick one out so she can have some more time alone. He goes back into the other room. Carly opens the door. AJ tells her there's no way she's marrying Tony. Carly says she can't take it, go ahead and stop the wedding or leave. AJ can't believe her attitude. She says she couldn't stall Tony. He tells her that if she marries Tony and it's his baby, they all will suffer, especially the baby. She tells him she doesn't agree and doesn't care about him. They hear Tony coming back so AJ starts to go in. She stops him and begs him not to do it. He threatens her again so she agrees to find a way to postpone the wedding. Tony comes in and can't believe she's upset again. He's fed up and asks if she wants to marry him or not. She says she does, but she claims that doing it this way is not the way she thought it would be. He is astonished because she said she didn't care about having a real wedding, etc. She cries as she gets more upset, then she says she's having contractions. AJ watches through the window as Tony tends to her. The paramedics take Carly to the hospital in the ambulance. Tony tells her to think about how much he loves her as they take her away. AJ follows.