General Hospital Friday November 14th1997 Update


General Hospital Update Friday 11/14/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

I don't know what happened to Thursday's tape...oh, well. I might have lost a few minutes of this one due to snow advisory interruption.

Jax brings food and visits Brenda; they talk about her house a bit. He quizzes her about the modeling shoot. He wonders again if she isn't taking on too much, doing both Jax and L&B. She tells him he's being too protective so he starts to leave. She stops him and says she doesn't want him to go, she just wants him to stop "questioning every decision" she makes. He says she was "being evasive" when he asked some simple questions. She says he's not being upfront with her. He says he just points out "choices" and then she makes them. He says he is worried about her and suggests she install some security and maybe hire a bodyguard. She freaks at the very idea and accuses him of getting the idea from Jason. He is hurt that she would think they have anything in common. He tells her he just wants her to be "realistic". The phone rings AND someone knocks at the door. Lucy's hair and makeup person, Angel, is there to try some stuff out on Brenda for the photo shoot. Brenda talks L&B business on the phone. She gets off and greets Angel. Brenda apologizes to Jax before he leaves. The makeup woman says that Jax is a great guy for still hanging around. Brenda doesn't realize Angel has a little tape recorder running. She talks a bit about Sonny, coaxed by Angel. Lucy phones Brenda, interrupting. Brenda leaves the room so Angel phones someone to say she has the answers to his questions on tape so she wants the $10,000. Brenda comes in and hears her saying this.

Monica, Bobbie, and the rest of the OR team joke around during the angioplasty. Alan wanders around in a daze, needing his drug fix. Monica asks him what's wrong and he bites her head off about their unprofessional attitude. Then he apologizes, saying he wasn't prepared for the operation. Monica and the rest laugh it off. Later, Bobbie notices how he looks and asks if he's okay. He claims he's fine but he tells them he has to run off for some appointments. He runs out, leaving them to wonderful why he's acting so strangely. When he comes out, he's breathing heavily and sweating. Bobbie assures Monica she'll go see if he's okay.

Carly gets dressed for her wedding and frets about how long Tony's taking. The doorbell rings and Carly freaks that it might be AJ. She remembers his ultimatum and her promise not to marry Tony until after the baby is born. She opens the door and it's Luke. Tony asks who it is but fortunately for her, the phone rings so she asks him to get it. Luke warns her that Virginia might blow her big secret up. Carly says she has no time but Luke reminds her that Tony won't stay married once he finds out she's Bobbie's daughter. He tells her that Virginia sent Bobbie the pictures, despite her warnings not to. He says he got the pictures but he can't do anything if she sends more. Luke gets angry when Carly calls Bobbie a "prostitute". Luke suggests she phone Virginia again and tell her she doesn't want anything to do with her birth mother. Carly is concerned and says it's Luke's problem. They bicker about it. She even thanks Luke "for being such a great uncle" before she tells him to "go to Hell". Luke threatens her again. Tony, clueless as ever, yells from the bedroom that Lucas wants them to stop by and throw some rice with him. Luke leaves. He phones Virginia but she's not home so he leaves a message asking her to phone him back. Tony comes back and says Lucas has the flu for sure. He asks who was at the door. She says it was Luke, who dropped by to give them his "best wishes". (He really should know Luke better than to fall for that lie!) Tony hands her an envelope; she opens it and looks shocked. He bought the house they looked at. She is stunned and upset that he bought it. At first she seems mad about the money he spent. He quizzes her so she yells that she doesn't deserve all this and he doesn't really know her. He says he thinks he knows her...She says she won't marry him, she doesn't deserve him. He won't hear of it, thinking that she's just being emotional and insecure. They talk about being in love. Later, they take wedding photos of each other. They leave their apartment to get married.

Jason and AJ meet at the Outback. AJ thanks him for not asking any questions about the fake ID's. It's no problem to Jason. AJ drops not-so-subtle hints about Robin, to no avail. Jason goes to make a phone call. Emily comes in to meet AJ. He jokes around about her being the only kid left at home for the parents to pick on. She says Alan's been acting weird and no one else seems to notice. She tries to describe how he's been, including that he's drinking a lot. AJ says he hasn't seen him much lately. They talk about AJ's relationship with Alan. He hints that he has to tell Alan something that might change his mind a bit. Emily doesn't think it's AJ that's the problem. AJ wonders if he should go Alan the things he's been holding back.

On the phone, Jason tells the bodyguards that he has at Brenda's, that they should be careful not to let Jax see them. Jason and Emily have dinner. He chats with her about Alan, AJ, and the rest of the family. Luke comes in and Jason gets one of his guys to drive Emily home. Luke gets a phone call from Virginia. He tells Virginia that Bobbie has decided she doesn't want to contact Caroline after all. Virginia is very understanding. Meanwhile, Jax storms in and tells Jason to stay away from Brenda. Jason tells him not to let Brenda get a gun because she's "three-quarters crazy".

AJ drops by Alan's office right after he gets out of surgery. AJ says he has something important to say about their relationship. Alan asks him to wait for 5 minutes. Bobbie comes up but Alan brushes her off. He goes in and takes his pills. He flashes back to Monica, Bobbie, and Amy congratulating him on being back in the OR (yesterday's episode, apparently). Monica tells him she admires him; he thanks her for everything. In the present, he takes more pills. Outside, Bobbie tells AJ she's surprised he's not at Tony and Carly's wedding. He is shocked but she tells him it's going on right now. She gets beeped so she leaves. AJ rushes off, too. Later, Emily visits Alan, who is still sitting at his desk, dazed.

AJ goes to Carly and Tony's place and pounds on the door but there is no answer. He uses his key to go in but finds it empty. He uses their phone to call the place where they're getting married, but the justice-of-the-peace doesn't answer it, he leaves it for his wife. Tony and Carly have just arrived, so he prepares to marry them.