General Hospital Wednesday November 12th1997 Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/12/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Brenda brings a new lamp into her house; Jax compliments it. She is very nervous about all her furniture. She doesn't like another couch she brought home. He asks about Ned and L&B, then he asks if anything else bothered her at the Outback. She explains about the confrontation with the reporter. He worries that she's doing too much, too soon. She tells him she's going back to modeling and running L&B. He is surprised so she explains that Lucy's dropping by to talk about a shoot. As if on cue, Lucy visits. She agrees that the couch needs to go. Lucy pressures her about the shoot. Lucy babbles on while Brenda tries to tell her that she can't be pressured. Lucy has no choice, she needs an answer now before she leaves town. Jax excuses himself while they talk about business. Lucy lays out her ideas about the photo shoot for the Christmas campaign. Brenda approves of her wonderful ideas, but she's still unsure. Brenda is scared and concerned about her privacy. Jax phones to see what's up. He tells her that he got that reporter that was bugging her fired from her paper. Brenda is grateful. Lucy has to leave so Brenda tells her she'll do it.

Stefan visits George in his hospital room at Mercy. His nurse comes in and tells him that he's been unconscious all night. Stefan tells her he's like "extended family" and explains that he had George brought there because he thought he'd like being in a "religious environment" so he asks her not to tell anyone, in case it gets back to GH. She promises to be discreet. She leaves and Stefan talks to George, trying to get him to wake up. Stefan asks George to tell him "the truth about Natasha". First George asks him about where he is and his condition. Stefan says his condition is "serious" but he'll be okay. George wants to sleep but Stefan keeps bugging him about what he said. George says "it's not true" but Stefan isn't sure what he means by that. Finally George says that everything he said about "Serenity and Natasha" were "all lies". He did it for the $50,000 Alexis gave him. Stefan knows all about the money from those documents of Alexis' he found. Stefan forgives George but he's very hurt and angry to confirm that Alexis is behind it. George's monitor beeps and he dies. Outside George's room, Alexis runs into Stefan and wonders why he's there.

Lucy says hi to Luke at The Outback. She berates him for not phoning when he got back. They've both been busy. She says she has to go to the Cayman Islands to do a favor for Scott. She asks him if she can use Luke's for a location shoot for Jax Cosmetics. He contemplates seeing beautiful models until she tells him it's only Brenda. They make a deal and hug. Bobbie and Felicia walk in talking about colors for redecorating the place. Lucy tells them that the color Felicia's holding is "so five minutes ago" and they should consider a new one. Lucy takes Felicia aside for a chat about getting pregnant. Bobbie and Luke sit; she asks why he's there, but she knows he's checking up on her because Tony and Carly are supposed to be married today. She tells him she's fine. Luke tells Bobbie that he showed Alexis the photos he took of her documents and she reacted badly. Now he has to find out what game she's playing with Stefan. They look at the numbers in the documents' photos. Bobbie figures out that one of them is an ID number like they use at GH. Felicia comes by and gives Bobbie an envelope that came for her at the Brownstone. Luke almost fights her for the envelope when she says it's from Virginia and must be those pictures of Caroline. She says she has to look. Luke tells her it will hurt her too much, she might turn out like Virginia. He paints a scary picture, especially when he reminds her about how she feels on BJ's birthday. She tearfully tells him he's right and gives him the pictures to keep for her. But she asks Luke to tell her if she looks like Caroline. Luke says they'll look at them together one day. She tells him she has a busy day because she'll be there for Monica's big angioplasty operation with Alan.

Felicia asks Luke why Bobbie was upset but he makes something up. She knows he's lying but jokes about it. Outside, Luke looks at the pictures of Carly, Bobbie's words ringing in his ears.

At home, Carly listens to a tape, the song Tony wrote for her. Tony comes out and turns it down because Lucas is sleeping. He says Lucas might be sick, but if he is they'll get married anyway and he'll get Betty, the sitter. She talks about how much she's looked forward to this day. He assures her nothing will stop it. Lorraine phones to tell Carly, "We have a problem". Carly doesn't care what she has to say but Lorraine tells her that her job is in danger. Carly doesn't want to help her so Lorraine says she'll talk to Tony if she has to. Alan visits on Tony's request. Tony asks him to stand up for him. Alan is honored but says he can't do it today because of a work commitment: he's helping Monica out in her surgery so he can start getting back into the surgery game. Tony explains that Lucas got sick; Alan wonders why he's rushing the wedding. Tony says Carly is "terrified". They talk about how insecure she is. Alan tries to talk him into putting it off for a couple of days so both he and Lucas can be there. But Tony can't do that to Carly. Alan understands. He leaves to go back to GH.

Meanwhile, Carly visits Lorraine at Mercy's. Carly says she knows about AJ seeing the sonogram. Lorraine says her job is in jeopardy because of the lie she told; she demands that Carly make it right. Carly explains that she's supposed to be getting ready for her wedding, she can't do it today. Carly says she doesn't care what Tony finds out once they're married. Lorraine asks her if she can help her with her job. Carly says she'll talk to the Sister but Lorraine doesn't like her story. Carly vaguely threatens her by saying that switching the sonograms was probably illegal and she'll never testify about it. She even threatens to tell Sister Margaret "anonymously" so Lorraine will get in big trouble. Lorraine says she won't tell Carly's secret, she just wants her help. Carly pledges to help her. Lorraine asks her how she "keeps track" of all her secrets. Carly replies, "It's only the big ones that count".

Jax goes to the Outback and makes a business call to Ned to talk about their war against the Cassadines. He tells Ned that Stefan should already by feeling the heat in Jakarta.

Outside of Kelly's, AJ talks to another guy from AA about children. Because of AJ's tone when he talks about kids, the guy thinks AJ is a father. AJ tells him that a "friend" is expecting so he got "blown away" by the sonogram. Keesha comes out and says hi so his friend goes inside. AJ says they haven't seen each other lately. Keesha proposes they go on vacation in France, for a bike trip. He tells her it's not the right time. She pulls out a brochure to show him. He is intrigued and discusses it with her. She gets excited but he tells her again he can't go right now. She bugs him about why but he won't say. She gives up. He wishes he could explain. He tells her that his life might be about to change in a big way.