General Hospital Tuesday November 11th1997 Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/11/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Jax meets Edward outside the Outback. Edward is in a grouchy mood, as usual. Jax tells him he phoned his father to let him know about their deal. They set each other straight about not trusting each other. Edward thinks Ned is not thinking straight and should never have invited Jax into their company again. He warns Jax he'll be keeping an eye on him. Jax is unfazed and wants to leave but Edward demands to know how Brenda is. Jax resents his nosiness but tells him that Brenda is fine and recovering nicely. Edward doesn't think that living out in her cottage is a good idea. Later, Jax phones Ned, who tells Jax that they're at the Outback and Brenda's doing great. They chat business.

Ned visits Brenda in her new home. She is upbeat and acts like she's all recovered. She wants to go back to work. Ned suggests they go to the Outback and sign Dara up for L&B. Brenda is not sure she's ready to go out in public yet. Ned makes some comments and starts to leave, which convinces Brenda to go. She notices his mood lately and wonders what's wrong with him lately. He doesn't want to burden her but she insists. He tells her it's not Lois or his daughter and denies having any particular woman on his mind. They leave.

At the Outback, Felicia keeps looking at the picture of "Jimmy". Dara comes in to sing, out of breath and feeling harried. Mac tells her to relax and sit down. When Dara makes a joke about cloning herself, Mac thinks she knows about what's going on with him and Felicia and says it's not funny. She is clueless but he doesn't buy it and storms off in a huff. Felicia comes by to chat so Dara asks her what's wrong with Mac. Felicia goes to move a table that Mac just moved so he rushes up to tell her it should stay. They begin to argue so Dara excuses herself to change. Felicia tells Mac he's "being ridiculous". He blasts her for not trusting him, thinking he's this Jimmy guy. She can't believe he's still mad.

Ned and Brenda go to the Outback, somehow avoiding running into Jax and Edward outside. Some women stare and gossip about her. Mac greets them. Brenda tells him to say hi to Robin. One of the women makes a call on her cell phone to tell someone that Brenda is there. Brenda asks Dara to record for L&B but Dara's not sure yet. Brenda doesn't want to pressure her but asks her to think about how far she's come since Lois offered her a deal. Dara agrees to meet with Brenda again to discuss it. Ned admires Brenda's persuasiveness. He tells her he won't have much time for L&B, though, with his new deal. He reminds her that their deal with Jax is secret and she promises not to tell anyone. The woman comes over to Brenda's table and waxes enthusiastically about how great Brenda is, she's her role model, etc. and sits down uninvited. Brenda's not thrilled about this stranger sitting down. The woman asks her about Sonny leaving her and details her love life. Brenda's face falls and she tells the woman to "get the Hell out of" her face. The woman reveals she's a reporter and probes for more dirt. Brenda seems incapable of really dealing with her, she just stares as if in shock while the woman keeps saying hurtful things and asking personal questions. Brenda finally tells her off, calling her "scum". The woman gets up to leave but Brenda tells her to sit down, she's not finished. She tells the woman she better not print anything or she'll sue. Ned comes by and wonders what's happening so the woman leaves. Brenda won't tell him who the woman is or discuss it all. She claims she's "fine" when Ned suggests they leave. Ned leaves again to get them drinks. Later, Brenda babbles on about how they can produce a record for Dara. Ned notices she's hyper. Jax arrives and Brenda is surprised to see him. Ned gets a phone call so he excuses himself. She asks why he's there; he is concerned but doesn't want to seem over-protective. She is a little defensive about it and assures him she's fine. Ned returns and Jax goes to the bar.

Felicia admits to Mac that she made a mistake about thinking he was Jimmy, Tess' husband. She suggests they call a truce. She tells him how much she and her girls love him. He laughs and says he wasn't really angry, he just wanted to remind her how great he is. She is confused by how quickly he can change his emotions. Later, he tells her he was angry, because he was hurt by how easily she could believe that he could treat a woman that way. She begs his forgiveness. He asks her to compare the picture of Jimmy with him and tells her that he'll forgive her if she says he looks nothing like Jimmy. Just then, Tess comes up and sees them. She slaps Mac hard, thinking he's Jimmy. Felicia steps in front of him but Tess pushes her out of the way. Tess tries to start berating him but she is not sure what to say. Mac asks who she is, and she says he's her husband. She thanks Felicia for finding him and thanks Mac "for wasting 8 years" of her life. Then she walks away. Mac rubs his jaw and says to Felicia, "I take it that's Tess".

Dara sings.

Tony wonders what he interrupted, noticing that Carly's been crying. She claims it's just her hormones. She tries to get him to go take a shower but he demands to know what's really been happening. She says she and AJ had a stupid argument but everything's okay now. Tony demands the truth again. She keeps claiming that she and AJ were just arguing about his problems. Tony admonishes AJ for upsetting Carly in her delicate condition. AJ starts to back up her story but then stops and says, "I can't, Carly, I just can't!" in an emotional tone. Tony urges him to speak so AJ tells him that their relationship started to go bad the night he was found drunk by his family and it's gotten worse because Carly doesn't think his sobriety is so important. She looks strung out and nervous. He goes on about how she "just doesn't get it". She apologizes and Tony looks a bit confused. Tony asks AJ why he told Bobbie that the baby is due in December. AJ says he was just "confused" and got the date wrong. Tony goes to take his shower, satisfied. She goes to thank AJ but he tells her it's not over. Carly thanks him anyway, in a very weasely way. They argue about who the father is. AJ warns her not to leave town with or without Tony, and not to get married until after the baby is born and they can run a paternity test. Otherwise, he'll tell Tony everything. Later, Carly starts to cry again when Tony talks about how happy they'll be after they're married. She tells him, "Nothing is going to keep me from marrying you".

Alexis and Nickolas have dinner at the Port Charles Grill. He is adamant about not going back to Greece. She assures him that she's not there to spy on him for Stefan but asks why he doesn't want to go back. He says it's because of Sarah and Lesley Lu (whom he hopes comes back someday). He is bitter about the family feud. Alexis half-heartedly tries to defend Stefan. They wonder whether Stefan will really leave him there alone. Nickolas says he'll be fine in Windemere alone. She asks how Sarah is and says she seems nice. He's not as thrilled about school and thinks he'll go back to his tutors next year. Alexis hopes that he and Stefan remember how much they love each other. He says that they won't forget, but that love doesn't give them the right to tell each other what to do. She gets a guilty look on her face as he leaves.