General Hospital Monday November 10th1997 Update


General Hospital Update Monday 11/10/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

We only got to see the last 15 minutes because of an ABC special about the au pair trial verdict...

Alexis hands Stefan some important papers about work. He still hasn't let on that he knows what's happening. After she's left, he says, "I expected more from you, Alexis". He phones someone to see if his Uncle John has regained consciousness yet.

Bobbie and Luke talk about her painful memories about BJ and Caroline. He urges her to forget about it and get on with her life.

Carly must have had contractions or something...AJ gives her some water and they worry about what her pain means. She says Tony will be home soon and asks him if he still plans to tell Tony that the baby might be his. He kicks himself for buying her act and says she was faking just to get his sympathy. She denies it vehemently and gets very upset again. She asks him what if the baby really is Tony's, is he going to "take responsibility" for ruining the baby's life? Tony walks in just then and she looks guilty, as usual.