General Hospital Friday November 7th1997 Update


General Hospital Update Friday 11/7/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Edward and Ned meet at the Outback. Ned says they're meeting someone that will help them get ELQ Jakarta back and teach the Cassadines a lesson. Ned says the someone is someone they need, "ruthless, unprincipled" and someone they would never suspect they would work with again. Edward groans and Ned tells him it's Jax. Edward reminds him what problems they had with him before. Alexis walks in and sees them there but goes to the bar. Ned assures him that it will work. Alexis comes over to say hi so Edward invites her to join them. She says she's meeting Stefan. Edward says he likes her but Stefan is "rude and pompous". He asks her to stop by and say goodbye to Lila before they leave to go back for Greece. Edward excuses himself to leave Ned and her alone. She wonders why Edward was being so nice but Ned tells her that he didn't tell Edward about her part in stealing the company (which is a lie). They sit and Alexis is suspicious about why Ned didn't spill the beans about her, even though she still denies it. He says he doesn't want to look like an idiot to his family. She tells him sincerely that she's sorry things didn't work out for them and that he couldn't trust her. He is cold. Edward returns so Alexis gets up and says she has to go.

Stefan's man brings George Pappas to see him. Pappas is surprised and tells him he's "been busy" getting the place ready for their return. Stefan says he has questions. First he asks about the renovations so Pappas tells him they're coming along. Stefan zeroes in when he mentions Alexis, asking him why Alexis recently paid him $50,000. Pappas says it was all for Stefan and Nickolas. Stefan probes him some more. Pappas says that Alexis paid him to tell the story of Natasha so that they wouldn't fall prey to "harmful influences". Stefan demands to know what parts of the story are true.

Jax is at Brenda's. She makes coffee but he jokes that it's pretty terrible. They joke around about her disastrous past with the breadmaker Lois gave them. She talks about going back to work for Lucy but she's not sure if she's ready. He encourages her, as usual. She goes on and on about her life (yawn!). He leaves for his meeting; he invites her but she is waiting to get a new couch (guess the other one wasn't comfy enough).

Jax walks into the Outback just as Alexis is leaving so he doesn't join them. Alexis asks who they're meeting so they lie. They even talk about how awful Jax is. Alexis gets a message from Stefan asking her to meet him at GH instead, so she leaves. Edward wonders if she bought it all. When Jax comes up, Edward learns about their deal where Jax gets half of ELQ Jakarta. Edward looks like he's going to have another heart attack. Ned sticks up for the deal. He even says they might be able to take over other companies that the Cassadines own. Edward's not so sure but he's forced to agree because he doesn't want Ned to take it to the board for a vote.

Alexis runs into Katherine on her way out. They trade catty remarks. Once again Katherine accuses her of being in love with Stefan. As Alexis tries to leave, Katherine warns her that Stefan will find out whatever it is she did and he'll turn against her.

AJ meets Jason somewhere at an outside table, maybe Kelly's (Oh, sure, people in New York often sit outside in NOVEMBER! They didn't even look cold...). Jason is reading a book about Paris. AJ thanks Jason, who hands him the fake ID he asked for. AJ is surprised he got it so easily and quickly, and how authentic it looks. As usual, Jason is not curious. AJ tries to explain anyway that he's facing a big important thing in his life, but Jason walks away shortly after wishing him luck. Not rudely, he just doesn't care much and his business is finished.

Jason visits Brenda despite her protestations. He wants to keep protecting her but says that this house won't cut it because it's out in the middle of nowhere and there's too much glass around. She is belligerent. He tells her she might still be in danger from Sonny's enemies. She doesn't want to have anything to do with him so she says she'll call the cops if she sees anyone suspicious, his men or otherwise. When she questions him about what people he's worried about, he clams up, which infuriates her. She accuses him of not even liking her, saying that he's only there because of Sonny. She asks if Sonny sent him there and other questions he won't answer. He tells her there's "no choice", that just because Sonny's not with her doesn't mean he wants her dead. She tells him what she thinks of him, that he's cruel and unfeeling. When she mentions Robin, he gets mad and tells her to shut up. He tells her say all he wants about them or Sonny but he better not talk about Robin. She dares him to shut her up or hit her, or call her a "whore" the way Sonny would. She says more mean things about him and Robin. He stares at her angrily, then he tells her he would never hit her because Sonny told him never to hurt anyone smaller than him. She says he's already hurt her. She just wishes he would be sorry or admit that what he and Sonny did was wrong. When she mentions Robin again, he tells her she doesn't know anything about him and Robin. He tells her passionately how he feels about Robin, his pain. She seems surprised by his strong reaction but she doesn't want to know about his pain or have anything to do with him. She orders him out of her house through gritted teeth. After he goes outside, she slams the door and stomps around angrily. He phones his men to make sure they're out there watching the house where they can't be seen.

Brenda phones Ned to ask him something important. He says he's gotten her a house-warming present for the kitchen.

Tony and Carly hug as she stares at the marriage license. She wonders if they could change the wedding date once more...He questions her so she explains that she'd like to get married at this little place in the country called the Teabury Inn. She shows him the brochure. He says maybe next summer and assures her nothing will go wrong, but he reminds her they have to have the wedding in town because of Lucas. She says she knows, she just got into the romantic mood. The Inn reminds her of their days at the cabin. He tells her how wonderful their lives will be with the baby and everything. He tells her that Lucas is excited about the baby already. They hug but Carly's not happy.

Later, Tony meets Bobbie at Kelly's for coffee. Tony tells her they set a date again for the wedding, next Friday. He tells her he wants Lucas there as his best man. She has no objections and even says she's happy for him, in a way. He is amazed at her generosity. They remember Lucas as a little baby. She is reminded of Caroline, too. He says he "can't imagine losing another child like we lost BJ", and says in a way Bobbie lost two daughters. She tells him about her phone call from Virginia and he holds her hand. She tells him that she helped Lucas pick out a Christmas present for the new baby. Tony says the baby's due in January. Bobbie's puzzled because AJ told her it was in December.

AJ goes back to Mercy Hospital with his fake ID and asks for the copy of the sonogram. She says she looked at it already to make everything was on the up-and-up. She gives him another copy so he looks at it. She wonders why he's so quiet but he says he's "overwhelmed" and "it's like seeing it for the first time". He double-checks that it's accurate and she assures him it is, saying the baby is due in January. He thanks her for everything and leaves.

AJ goes straight to visit Carly at her apartment. He tells her she lied and shows her the sonogram. He says, "It looks like OUR baby will be born in January after all".