General Hospital Thursday November 6th1997 Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 11/6/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

At the Outback, Felicia takes out the picture of "Jimmy" that his wife gave her and looks at it, remembering what she told her. Felicia doesn't want to believe it. Dara comes up, sees the picture, and comments that the shirt is ugly. She guesses that the photos is from the late 80's and mentions that Mac "sure is one good-looking guy". Felicia agrees. Dara came by to talk to Mac about her singing but Felicia says he's out of town. Felicia gets her a soda so they can chat. Dara says she's so busy at work and has to work a lot of hours because she's trying to prosecute a "cold-blooded killer". She lost her key witness when the guy beat her up. They talk about "circumstantial evidence" but Felicia is thinking about the case with Jimmy. Mac returns and compliments both women. He is "evasive" about his trip so Dara teases him about it. She tells him about the old photo Felicia has. Felicia has to step away to help one of the other employees. Dara has to leave to do hard work, but Mac reminds her she needs to sing again. He hands her some "fan mail" she got, and she's thrilled. She leaves. Felicia returns with a tray and asks her, "Have you ever been married to a woman named Tess?" He doesn't know what she's talking about so she explains about her case. He's still confused so she gives him the picture. His face is inscrutable as he looks at it, and then her. He says it's not him and doesn't even look like him. She lets it slip that she suspected him so he gets insulted that she doesn't trust him. He points out that if he were this guy, he'd already be married when he proposed to her. He would never do something like that. He is very hurt and walks away. Later, Tess phones Felicia to asks if she's found anything out. Felicia says it's too soon but says that maybe she's not the one to do the job after all, she's just too busy now. Tess wants Felicia, though, because she's so understanding. Tess puts herself down for being so stupid as to fall for Jimmy's act. She relates that Jimmy often said "Fool me once, fool me twice, shame on me". Felicia freaks because Mac used the very same expression earlier.

Amy asks Alan why he has a prescription with her name on it. He pretends there was some mistake and says it should say "Andy Vining". She is suspicious so he spins a big tale about the guy. She falls for it and explains that she got a message that there was a prescription for her so she thought she'd drop by. He is surprised that he doesn't go to GH's pharmacy. She confides that she likes to look at the selection of tabloids that they have there. She wonders if Andy is related to her but he says he doesn't think so. She leaves and he breathes a big sigh of relief. Later in his office, he comes right in and takes pills without even turning the light on. Monica walks in and turns on the light, startling him, so he snaps at her. When she acts hurt, he apologizes. She says she knows what's bothering him: he needs to go back to being a surgeon. He reminds her that he injured his hand. She says she heard about a Paris specialist when she was in Europe with Emily. She suggests he try to make an appointment and in the meantime get back into it as much as he can with teaching, observing, etc. He thanks her for caring and they hug. She suggests they go home and get physical but he seems reluctant. She forcefully tells him they can make it work so he has to give in. He tells her he'll meet her at the car, then he flashes back to other passionate moments they've shared lately...he smiles in anticipation. Later, we see Alan and Monica cuddling in bed. He secretively takes more pills. Before they go to sleep, Monica suggests they go to their cabin next weekend.

Jax asks Brenda if she's "okay". She makes an excuse as to why she called, saying she needs the Realtor's phone number. He gives her the number and again asks if everything's okay. She tells him she actually built a fire; he's impressed. They chat, he tells her where the circuit breakers are. She apologizes for bothering him. He offers to come there and keep her company. She wants to but she also doesn't want to rely on him. She is afraid to face being alone but she is just glad to hear his voice. He tells her to go put on some water for hot chocolate. She wonders what he's talking about and is surprised to find there is a kettle and hot chocolate in the kitchen that he left for her. Not only that but there is other food in there as well, including whipped cream. He phones back so she thanks him gratefully. To comfort her, he pretends he's a talk radio DJ so she can tell him her problems like one of those callers. She plays along and talks about her problems. He makes her feel better. She reminds him what day it is so they talk about what might have been. They leave their phones on and open so Brenda doesn't feel so alone. She falls asleep finally.

Nicholas goes to visit Sarah and hears loud music. It's from Lizzy, who's playing music loudly and dancing around in the living room. She doesn't even hear the doorbell when he rings it, so he opens the door. She is surprised. He says he's looking for her sister. She gives him a hard time about his relationship but she does say Sarah's at the library with Emily. He wonders why she keeps implying that they're fighting so she lies. He gets fed up and leaves; she flashes back to planting the condoms in his bag. She turns the music back up. Emily and Sarah come home from the library. Sarah gets on Lizzy's case (justifiably) about stuff, Liz makes it sound like she's only in a bad mood because she's fighting with Sarah. She tells Sarah that Nickolas dropped by and he was "tense". Emily tells Sarah to ignore Liz, but Sarah confesses that things are a little off between her and Nickolas. She fills Emily in on the details. They talk about whether Sarah's ready for sex and wonder if Nickolas is a virgin. Sarah wishes she'd handled it better than just leaving the condoms in the bag and taking off. Emily has to leave when her ride comes. Liz comes back in so Sarah quizzes her on what Nickolas was like when he dropped by.