General Hospital Wednesday November 5th1997 Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/5/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Jax and Brenda argue about whether she should move in now or wait until it's all fixed up. She assures him that she'll be fine all alone. He still worries about her but backs off. He bids her goodbye, reminding her he's just a phone call away. Brenda sits on her floor and remembers what happened a year ago, when Sonny brought Miranda in to interrupt her wedding to Jax. Every little noise awakens Brenda and makes her jumpy as she tries to sleep on the couch. Brenda thinks some more about good and bad times with Sonny, so she gets weepy.

Jax goes home and fills V. in on what's going on. She seems surprised that Brenda wants to stay without much furniture, too. They talk about her research into the takeover of ELQ Jakarta. He remembers that it's an important anniversary for him, too. He tells V. about Miranda and everything that happened. She is shocked that Sonny was responsible for it. He wonders if he should call Brenda or not, since she didn't mention what day it was earlier. Before she leaves, V. advises him that Brenda will phone if she needs him. Later, Brenda does phone.

Alan takes some more pills out while he talks on the phone. He counts them out and figures he doesn't have many left. He remembers Bobbie asking him why he was getting pain medication shipped right to him. Monica comes in to compliment him on talking a Dr. Kingsley into staying in the medical profession. He is relieved because at first he thought she knew about the medication. Monica's proud of him and they kiss. He has to hide his medication behind her back. Amy comes in to tell Monica she's needed with a patient. Alan and Monica promise to have a romantic evening later. After they leave, Alan takes the pills. He phones the pharmacy to order a prescription for one of his patients, lying that it's for Amy. Alan drops by the pharmacy to say he'll personally deliver the prescription. The pharmacist thinks it's odd but admirable that Alan is making a house call. Just as he's leaving, Amy walks into the pharmacy.

Bobbie further explains to Luke about her weird conversation with Virginia. She wants to help Virginia but he tries to dissuade her from the idea. He assures her that Virginia is well-taken-care-of. He urges her not to think about Caroline or Virginia's fantasies anymore. Bobbie is glad he looks after her and mentions that they don't "keep secrets" from each other. He anxiously changes the subject. He seems to want to explain the truth to her but she tells him it's not necessary (not realizing what he's really saying). She takes off for work.

Lorraine visits Carly at home; Carly is not happy to see her there. Lorraine still thinks her plan (inducing labor early) is the best way to solve Carly's problem. Lorraine also tells Carly she's living in a fantasy world if she thinks AJ is on her side. She tries to convince Carly to induce labor, saying that her doctor friend said it was fairly safe for the baby. Carly asks why she's bugging her and Lorraine claims it's because they're friends. Then Lorraine asks for more money, which amazes Carly. Lorraine claims she's addicted to expensive shoes. Carly laughs and gives her a box with her wedding dress; she tells Lorraine she can sell it for some money. Carly opens the door to let Lorraine out and Luke is standing there. Carly pushes Lorraine out the door and Luke comes in. Luke wants her to make a phone call. When Carly protests, he loses his cool and yells at her, "Don't push me!" He threatens to tell Bobbie about her real identity. He thinks she got Virginia to torture Bobbie, since Luke warned Carly not to do it. Carly denies it, saying she didn't engineer that. Luke tells Carly that Virginia wants her and Bobbie to meet, and that Virginia has photos she's sending to Bobbie. Carly panics, as usual, and agrees to do whatever Luke wants. Carly phones Virginia to tell her she's coming home for a "nice long visit" to take care of her. Carly suggests they make a photo album of pictures of them, so she advises her to gather up all the photos she can (from friends, family, neighbors, etc.) so they can use them. Carly says she'll be visiting in a few weeks with a surprise. Virginia thanks her profusely.

AJ visits Mercy using an assumed name to check on Lorraine. He speaks with Lorraine's boss, who asks if Lorraine was okay or if she acted "inappropriately". She tells AJ that Lorraine switched to OB/GYN "just to assist on the sonogram". AJ claims that he lost his baby's sonogram. She is surprised. He explains that he hasn't told his "wife" yet about losing it. She thinks that he should be honest with his wife. He reluctantly tells her that they're "estranged" and he doesn't want this to be the last straw. She agrees to show him the report of his sonogram, but she asks for identification. He protests, saying he misplaced his wallet. Rules are rules, she says. He says he'll come back tomorrow with his ID and thanks her for everything. She is suspicious.

Later, Monica returns to Alan's office looking for him. Bobbie is there, but she doesn't know where he is, either. Monica notices that Bobbie looks kind of down, but Bobbie doesn't want to share. They talk about how great Alan is. Monica says that he's on the ball at GH but at home he's moody, he doesn't eat, and he has no interest in sex. They wonder what's troubling him. Monica thinks it might be because he misses performing surgery. Bobbie questions her and Monica says he's still taking pain medication.