General Hospital Tuesday November 4th1997 Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/4/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Brenda has furniture moved into her new house; she discusses with the movers where to put stuff. The movers are very friendly. Julia visits, bringing her a bottle of champagne. She likes the place. Julia tells Brenda that she has to leave right away to go back to London. They say a warm goodbye and promise to keep in touch better. Julia asks Brenda not to beat herself up so much and urges her little sister to phone when she needs her. They hug. Brenda regrets the years they wasted not being friends. Julia leaves. Brenda watches her out the window.

Ned meets with Jax to ask him to work with him against the Cassadines. Jax invites him in to discuss it further. Ned fills Jax in on what they did to ELQ in Jakarta. Ned says he'll give him "30% ownership of ELQ Jakarta" if Jax helps him get it back from the Cassadines. He thinks Jax has the skills he needs. Jax bargains with him. They finally decide on 50%. Ned asks about Brenda so Jax gives him her new address and tells him it's her new house.

Ned visits Brenda in her new home and they hug hello. They talk briefly about her reconciliation with Julia. He apologizes for not being there when she needed him. She tries to make a joke out of what happened with Sonny, but he thinks she might be blaming herself. She says she was stupid for trusting him but Ned says it wasn't her fault, since she was in love. She's not convinced. She changes the subject and shows him around. Ned loves the place, too, and offers her furniture but she declines. She wants everything there to be her own stuff. He admires her strength and courage. She reminds him that it's one year since her almost-wedding to Jax. She wishes she had handled that better. She realizes she's being selfish and asks him how he's doing. He claims he's just jet-lagged. He shows her the pictures he got of Brook Lynn and they talk about how fast she's growing.

Jax visits and Ned leaves. Jax tells Brenda about Ned's big business loss. She thinks something else more personal is bothering him. Jax makes a call to Jerry on his cell phone. Brenda tells him she's not sure if she likes the couch or not so she plans to sleep on it to see if it's comfortable. Jax thinks that's a strange idea.

Alexis looks around for Stefan at home, but he's nowhere to be found, so she goes into the secret corridor. She discovers that her papers are missing. She panics and runs out, back into the house. Stefan brings papers in and says, "Looking for these?" He gives them to her and tells her that the person who broke in scattered them around. They figure it must have been Luke. He thinks Luke was looking for the gun; he tells her he got rid of it. They discuss security. She tells him that he had the right idea in deciding to go back to Greece. He's glad she feels that way...she says her personal life would never interfere with her duty to the family. He moves closer and looks her in the eye and says he has "complete trust" in her. She frowns slightly and says she has to go to GH; she hastily exits. Outside, she breathes a sigh of relief, apparently believing that Stefan didn't look too closely at the papers. He phones someone to ask for the copies of her documents that he had given to the unknown person for safe-keeping.

Alexis shreds the financial papers. Meanwhile, Stefan looks at the copies of the papers on his computer and does some number-checking. He says, "George Pappas". Stefan sends someone home to Greece to grab Pappas and bring him back. He orders him not to talk to anyone else and not to let George make any calls.

Luke and Bobbie discuss his previous night's adventure on Spoon Island. He thinks those papers he found are important financial statements that will help him cause trouble for Stefan. Bobbie searches for a favorite necklace that she can't find. Luke goes to make a peanut-butter-and-banana-on-toast sandwich. Bobbie finds the necklace. She remembers the time she found Carly sitting on her bed with her necklace and she looks glum. She remembers other times she found Carly in unusual spots. Luke comes back in and wonders what's wrong. She thought she would be more comfortable back in the brownstone, but she keeps thinking about Carly there. Luke looks guilty and tries to make excuses for Carly, a bit. Bobbie bemoans the fact that Carly has changed her whole life. Luke sympathizes. Bobbie goes on about how it almost seems like Carly planned everything before she even came to town. She thinks it's weird how Carly threw up in her face about "Caroline".

Carly phones her "mom", Virginia Benson. She tells Carly that she's all healthy now. Virginia thanks her for the money she wired; she wishes she knew where Carly was so she could write her a thank-you note, plus she misses her. Carly says she misses her, too. Tony comes home early, surprising her. He forgot something, he says, but asks who's on the phone. Carly lies that it's someone at GH for her. He talks about what he left, then he gives her a quick kiss before he goes to look. Carly unmutes the phone and tells Virginia she has to go. Virginia wonders if she's okay. Carly says she's getting married soon but she'll talk about it later. Virginia bugs her again about giving her the phone number before she hangs up. Virginia is annoyed so he gets out her phone book and places a call to Bobbie. But since Bobbie's not at the brownstone anymore, she doesn't answer.

Luke visits Carly to chew her out for how she's been treating Bobbie. Carly tells him to keep it down because Tony is in the other room. Luke is annoyed that she mentioned the "dead daughter". Carly says it just "slipped out" but Luke doesn't believe her. They argue about their secrets, then he takes off. Tony comes out and wonders who was there. She said it was an encyclopedia salesman. Tony shows her the application for a marriage license that he filled out. She hugs him tearfully. Tony wonders why she doesn't seem happier. The date is set for November 14th. He wishes there was more family there for the wedding, and that his child would have grandparents.

Virginia phones Luke's and Bobbie answers. Virginia tells her she's been trying to reach her. Bobbie asks if everything's okay. Virginia says they "have to talk about Caroline". Bobbie says she's on her way out. Virginia insists on talking. She fills Bobbie in on her health. She tells Bobbie that she's determine to find Caroline. She called to see if Luke could help her search. Bobbie says Luke's been away in Switzerland. Virginia says maybe they could hire a private eye, and she offers to share the cost. She tells Bobbie that she can't live with the telephone calls from Caroline anymore. Bobbie is confused. Virginia also tells her that she visited her in the hospital and that she's getting married soon. Bobbie thinks she's nuts. Virginia keeps chatting away. Bobbie says that she'll phone her after work. Virginia also says she found more photos so if Bobbie gives her the address she'll send them to her. Bobbie says maybe she should keep them, but Virginia says she made copies, so Bobbie gives her the address. Virginia asks her to ask Luke about finding Carly, so Bobbie says okay. Virginia says she's been lonely. She also says she now thinks "it's important for Caroline to meet her birth mother". Bobbie looks sad after they hang up. When Luke comes home, Bobbie tells him about the phone call.