General Hospital Monday November 3rd1997 Update


General Hospital Update Monday 11/3/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Felicia's client, Tess, talks about her husband who disappeared...Felicia tells her she thinks she can find him (since the woman's picture looks like Mac). Felicia thinks the woman's joking, so she's bewildered and hurt. Felicia realizes she's serious. Tess tells Felicia that her husband's name is "James Meadows". Felicia asks if he had any other names and starts questioning her, writing details now, not that the woman knows much. Tess says she's wondered if her husband was hiding from something when they were married and his past finally caught up with him. Tess confesses that they didn't know each other or well long before they got married; they lived in Santa Rosa, CA. Felicia is sympathetic when the woman asks how well can you know a person, how long does it take, etc. Felicia says she needs some kind of documents to prove that he exists so she can start somewhere, so Tess gives her wedding photos, marriage license, letters and cards he wrote, bank statements from their joint checking account...Felicia is overwhelmed. When Felicia asks, Tess tells her that Jimmy didn't clean out her bank account but he did cash a large check right before he left. She just wants to know what happened to him, why he left, she doesn't care about the money. Felicia keeps some of the stuff and promises to call her tomorrow after checking out some things. Tess leaves. Felicia looks at the pictures and can't believe her eyes.

Ned demands that Alexis tell him the truth. She won't say anything so he tells the details, that the guy who destroyed ELQ in Jakarta was a Cassadine, etc. She tells him he's wrong about her. She stares stonily at him while he makes sarcastic comments about her. He talks about their relationship, as if she had set the whole thing up. She tells him she didn't ask him about his business or plot against ELQ, but he doesn't believe her. We can tell she's hurt and disappointed as he goes on. He accuses her of giving info to Stefan but she says she doesn't tell Stefan anything about him because their relationship is "private". But he doesn't listen because he's so angry. He wonders if they had gone away together instead of Jakarta, would she have to see her plan through and sleep with him even though it was all a plot. She gets very upset and tells him that she DOES have feelings for him and he should know "fake" when he sees it. He doesn't believe her still. She reminds him that they had rules about how they would deal with each other and their families, and she didn't break them. She tells him she doesn't understand why he's so upset about what happened in Jakarta. He tells her that it mattered to him. It's a hard conversation to describe because there are lots of undertones and double-meanings. She asks him what she can do but he doesn't want anything. He asks her what really happened if she still denies it. She refuses to say anything because he's already made up his mind and also she thinks their relationship is tainted now, he'll always be suspicious. She gets up to leave, telling him that she never betrayed his trust because she never had it. She says some things that should make him feel bad and then leaves, finishing with, "What the Hell, we hardly knew each other. We weren't even friends."

Later, Ned tells Edward that the Cassadines are responsible for what happened in Jakarta, including Alexis' part in it. Edward rages on about the betrayal but Ned calms him and says they have to be subtle. He has a plan, which cheers Edward.

Luke chuckles over the info he finds that Alexis has hidden. Then he hears one of Stefan's henchman tell him that "there's an intruder" on the island. They found Luke's speedboat, with the engine still warm. Stefan tells him to "search the stables, then the house". Stefan leaves the room, too, so Luke comes out of hiding, looking for a way out. He sticks Alexis' papers in his belt while he says, "Now he's got my boat AND my gun". Then he sees a box of cigars. He debates whether he should open it at this risky time, but picks it up anyway, which sets off a loud alarm. Luke lights up a cigar and takes photos of Alexis' paperwork. Then he scatters them all over the stairs, and he goes out the front door. Stefan and all his men come in. They run up stairs, decoyed by the papers, but Stefan points them outside to the boat. He picks up the papers and looks at the box. He sees the envelope that says "Alexis Davis" and wonders what it could mean. He gets his glasses out and he's trying to figure out what they mean when his man comes in to tell him that they searched and it looks like the intruder got out. Stefan sends him to find out why the security system didn't work. He sits down and looks at the papers, then he gets a look on his face as he remembers Alexis thanking Leo for help in an "important project". Just then, she comes in wondering what's happening. He looks at her like he's seeing her for the first time. He tells her about their visitor. He notices that she looks down so he probes her. She tells him her dinner plans fell through. Then she tells him that Ned found out they were behind Jakarta. She is still kind of in shock about what happened with Ned but she lets on that Ned blames her, too. Stefan questions her some more but she breaks down crying. He looks alarmed, then he goes to her and comforts her, letting her literally cry on his shoulder. He asks her why she didn't tell Ned that she didn't know anything about Jakarta. She says that she was protecting Stefan because if she had said that, she'd be implicating him. (I don't quite see that, but whatever...) Stefan kisses her gently on the forehead to thank her, then she leaves to go to bed. He opens the cigar box and sighs. He gets his henchman and tells him he needs "something done quietly, effectively, immediately".

Mac and Maxie search for Georgie's shoes before they leave theGH party. Maxie talks to Bobbie about how much she misses BJ. Mac asks Bobbie back to the Brownstone but she has other plans (to check on Luke). She tells him she might be going back to the Brownstone, depending on what Luke plans. Sarah cleans up and thinks about the condoms she found. Nickolas comes in and chatters about the kids. He can tell things are tense between them but he's not sure why. She says they're fine. He brings up the gift again, so she looks tense again. He gives her the box with the necklace. She is surprised, to say the least. She loves the necklace but thinks it's too extravagant. He thinks her reaction is weird so she tells him it's "sweet", etc. He tells her the necklace is to show her how he feels. He puts it on her and she thanks him. He says that the two of them together after the kids are gone kind of feels homey, like two parents after the kids have gone to bed. She agrees. He confides that Stefan wants to go back to Greece, but he assures her he's staying. She can't believe that he'd live on Windemere by himself. He says he'd have the servants. He says that it could be like their home, she could come over as often as she wants, even stay over. She says Audrey wouldn't approve, but he tells her Audrey could come, too, they have lots of bedrooms. She says they have different families and ways of doing things. It's awkward between them. She thanks him again for the present but says she doesn't know how she'll explain it. He starts to ask her why she'd have to when one of the little girls comes back, so Sarah leaves with her. He gets the bag with his sweater and notices the condoms in there. He looks them over and wonders what's going on.

Mac brings the girls home and Felicia tells them to get ready for bed. Maxie thanks him for such a good time. Mac takes off his coat and then asks for a beer, but all she has is healthy stuff. Felicia tells him he really is a nice guy. He thinks she's saying he's boring, so he jokes that he does have "secrets" and asks how much does she really know about his life. Then he accuses her of not really having a client, just not wanting to take the girls to the party. She tells him her client has been there and left. She hands him an envelope with some of the stuff in it. She watches his face while he looks it over. She is about to show him the photo when the phone rings. He answers it but doesn't tell her who it is, then he hangs up and leaves abruptly. She pushes star 69 and finds out it's the Outback who called to tell Mac that the Ladie's Room was flooded. She laughs and says, "Everybody acts a little weird on Halloween".

Luke comes home soaking wet. Bobbie helps him dry off and he tells her he had to swim home. He is angry because Stefan lured him into a trap with a box of cigars. She asks him about the gun so he tells her he didn't get it. But, he tells her what he found. They speculate as to what the financial records he found could mean. Luke is also happy that he left the papers for Stefan to find, since he figures Alexis doesn't want Stefan to know about them.